10 Best Ways To Propose A Boy [He Will Say Yes For Sure]

January 18, 2023 |
Updated On | January 18, 2023
what to say to propose a boy

what to say to propose a boy

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Every day, you wake up in the morning, and you just know. This is it, he is the one. And it is time. You need to quickly learn how to propose a boy of your dreams, and we’re here to guide you. You could go down on your knees, a rose in your hand, wearing your favorite LBD, and make it as dramatic as it you want. Or you could read this article for some effective tips on how to propose a boy.

Sheena says she was best friends with Nick (name changed) and they were dating other people. Being best buddies since childhood, they shared a comfort level and all their secrets. “I was going through a painful breakup and I was crying on his shoulders. He was single then and he said in jest, “I will not date until you start dating again. You will need my shoulders more often right now, and I am sure my girlfriend wouldn’t like that.””

“Then make me your date,” I told Nick. He nodded and said, “Yes, that’s a good idea.” At that point, Sheena realized she had just proposed to a boy without even thinking about what she was doing. Fortunately, the couple has been together for 6 years now. While this might seem a rather direct way to propose a boy, read on for other ideas on how to propose a boy in a unique way. 

10 Tips For The Perfect Proposal

To help you plan and execute the best proposal and give you tips on how to propose to a boy, this article includes a range of innovative ways to propose to your partner that will help you sweep him right off his feet.

Deciding to commit to a relationship is not easy. It takes two parties to be equally involved and interested. So, knowing the right time and space for both of you is important before you decide to propose a boy. Choose a day that’s special to you both to pop the question that is going to change your life for good. Or you can do it on Valentine’s Day gifts. No matter what day you choose, try and propose a boy in a unique way to make sure it remains etched in both your memories.

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1. How to propose a boy who is also your best friend

The guy’s been your best friend for some time and you have fallen in love with him. You have been hanging out for a long time and you have made a lot of memories together. If you are in such a situation and wondering, “How should I propose a boy?”, I would suggest that you first pick a spot that holds sentimental value for both of you or take him to a place you know he loves. Ideally, you should avoid taking him to crowded places like coffee shops, malls, and theaters.

Next, be precise, because it’s his day and it’s your job to make it all about him. For instance, focus on his favorite hobby and develop your plan around it. Say, your guy is a thalassophile. You can take him to a nearby aquarium and ask the divers to put on a surprise proposal inside their biggest fish tank. They can hold a waterproof sign that says, Will you marry me?” Then get ready to witness his reaction!

2. Great food will do the trick

Food is the way to a man’s heart. If you want to propose a boy, cook his favorite meal. If you cannot, order in from his favorite restaurant. He will know something is up. He can probably read you like an open book by now. What’s important is that he will appreciate the effort.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, Google a good restaurant near his office or home and have his favorite food delivered to him. These little things can do the trick and make him more willing to say “I do”.

If you are uncertain about his feelings for you and would like to propose to a boy indirectly, then send flowers with the food, along with a card that indicates you have special feelings for him. He would love the fact that you gave the food some thought too while planning the proposal. Check out his reaction and then decide your next step forward.

How do you propose a boy who is a foodie? Well, you could toss up a storm in the kitchen. Add some wine, candle light, and his favorite music, and leave him mighty impressed by the end of it.

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3. How to propose a boy on phone

Sometimes, the situation fails us and we can’t be physically present to propose a boy. Maybe it is due to distance or a hectic schedule, or the weather that keeps you from proposing on a romantic, rainy day. Or maybe you just feel it’s the right time and you can’t wait any longer, because the timing is just so perfect. Sometimes, you just can’t let pesky things like distance, time difference, and work issues stop you. In times like these, if you are wondering how to propose a boy, then we have some interesting ideas below.

For moments like these, when your partner is not nearby and you want to scream your love for him from the rooftops, your phone may be the only answer. But how to propose a boy on the phone and make it meaningful? In order to do that, you need to find a unique way to propose a boy on chat. Luckily for you, we have some great tips.

Though girls expect guys to make the first move and admit their love, this is 2022 and, as feminists, we are working to break free of all the irrational, old stereotypes. So, proposing a boy on chat is not unusual today. Just remember that if you are looking for a unique way to propose a boy, then you need to gather your courage and prepare what you want to say to him well in advance. You definitely want the proposal to be special. If you are the anxious type, note down the main points of your speech beforehand. This could include stories about how you met, the times you spent together, the fights and the romance, and the moment you just knew he was the one for you.

Make sure that you choose your words carefully so you can let him know the depth of your love. Remember that he can’t see you, so it is very important to let your words and your voice reflect your emotions.

4. Propose a boy over text

Texting can be vibrant and quirky and one of the best ways to propose to a boy cutely. Think of the possibilities! You could propose a boy on text indirectly. For instance, you could add a quote that reflects how your feelings for him have evolved to make him feel valued and wanted. Or you can send him a morning text with a proposal poem dedicated to him.

Say “I Do”

You’re the sun in my shine
The spark in my plug
The heart to my beat
The day to my night
The twinkle in my eye
The hot to my spicy
The yin to my yang
The soul to my mate
Need I say more?
Now all I want to hear from you
Is to say, “I do”

But don’t just text him a proposal poem out of the blue. He might get too surprised to process what happened. When you want to propose a boy on chat, begin by subtly adding hints about your feelings and intentions toward him in your messages. Then work on writing the most romantic textual proposal you can whip up and hit send. Remember to not double text before he has a chance to reply. When you propose to a boy in a unique way like this, you have to give him time to think and reply.

5. Ask your guy with a gift

If you are a straightforward person wondering how to propose to a boy, presents are the kind of souvenirs that would remain a tangible proof of your big day. Gift him things that will take him on a nostalgic trip even years later and allow him to relive his favorite parts of the day. 

If none of the ideas above suit your personality and you are still wondering, “How should I propose a boy?”, try gifting him something that will get him really excited. Maybe the latest 60-inch Smart TV delivered to his home with the message: “I want to watch this TV forever with you” stuck on it. Guys dote on gadgets. So, gift him some cool gadget that has been on his wish list forever. Get it delivered, or wrap it in a fancy box and give it to him at a fancy restaurant. He would remember your proposal for life. Do you see now how you can propose to a boy in different ways?

6. Do it on a vacation

If you’re still looking for ways to propose to him, take him on a weekend getaway. It’ll provide him with a break from the world and give you both a place from where to start your journey together, a place decked with candles, an open sky full of stars, endless conversations, and the promise to never give up on one another. How’s that for an idea on how to propose to a boy? It would be very difficult for him to refuse your proposal.

To propose to a boy in a unique way, opt for a fancy resort or a place up in the hills or a beach cottage that he absolutely loves. This will make it a memory for you both to cherish. If he loves to scuba dive, you can make an adventurous sport out of it and propose to him underwater. 

Underwater proposals are grand enough to speak for themselves. But when the sound of the rushing ocean is not blocking out what you are saying, it is important to know what to say to propose to a boy in a way that your message is clear and coherent. You are the one who knows him best so you will know what to say when the time comes. But that doesn’t mean you should just wing it! 

We would suggest you to take your time with the speech. Take a trip down memory lane with him while proposing. Note all the hardships and all the best parts. Make a personal joke or two — ones only he and you can understand. And then end with a flourish. Declare your love for him and watch him fall in love with you all over again. These are just a few ideas on how you can propose to a boy in different ways.

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7. Propose a boy in a funny way

Looking for something funny? Thinking of how to propose to a boy with a sense of humor? Then doing a funny happily-ever-after proposal could be a good idea. You can make a funny flip book and give it to him, hide a card in a shoebox, tape a funny message on the headboard of the bed, or click a quirky picture, add a few words to it, and share on SM! 

If you want to truly shock him, jump off the building only to land on an inflated bed that says, “Will you be my life partner?” on it in huge letters. Or you can pretend you are leaving town forever and be all dramatic about it, before saying, “I will only stay if you stay with me!” If you are an outdoor kind of couple then you have to try a creative outdoor proposal. Let us know what he thought about your proposal, how he reacted, and how it turned into the most cherished memory for the both of you. You just knew how to do a proposal right, didn’t you?

8. Tell him with a love letter

propose a boy in different ways
Propose to him with a love letter

For an old-fashioned way on how to propose to a boy, pour your heart out on that piece of paper. Begin from where it all started and conclude with where you see him and you, ten years down the line. Tell him things you couldn’t say out loud, things that ink and parchment can explain better.

A love letter may seem usual, but you can propose to a boy in different ways by making your love letter a great one. Get some fancy paper or DIY some handmade ones and write a long letter telling him about your feelings. Or write him a short story with him as the protagonist.

If you are the romantic kind and want to propose a boy on text indirectly, drop him a few lines every day for a month, and on the final day, bare it all in the form of a long, passionate proposal letter. While emails and texts have taken over the written word, be different and bring back the lost art of writing love letters and watch your man fall in love all over again. 

9. Plan the perfect date

The idea of a perfect date is subjective for every couple. Some couples like to keep it low-key while some like it fancy. And some just want to sit on a bench in a park and talk. The idea is to feel closer and comfortable in each other’s presence irrespective of the surroundings or the location.

If you want to propose a boy, take him to your favorite spot, be it a restaurant or your dingy little dungeon, bend the knee or don’t, roses in hand, maintain eye contact, and then BOOM, propose to him.

To propose a boy in a unique way, you can try some romantic indoor date ideas and plan a beautiful date where you could propose to him. How about arranging some musicians to play some great music, let the champagne flow, and hide a pair of fabulous twin rings in the dessert. 

10. Propose a boy indirectly on chat

If you are too shaky to propose directly, then you can take the indirect route. When you are on a chat with a guy, tell him indirectly that you like him and gauge his reaction. If you fear rejection, take it slow to gauge the situation. Knowing how to propose a boy on text indirectly, in this case, may be very important. If I was in such a situation and wondering, “How can I propose to a boy?”, I would start by dropping hints that I like him a lot, have fallen head over heels for him, and want to have a future together.

But before that, I would make sure I am on his radar first and that I am not just staring at him intensely from a distance while he has no idea I exist. Do cute little things for him now and then. Ask him how his day is. Laugh at his jokes. Once you know that he is aware of your existence, you can start dropping hints about your feelings. 

If he asks you what you want, be direct. Proposing a boy on chat is a good idea when you are not too sure about his feelings for you. Who knows, he might be deeply in love with you but didn’t know how to tell you. Or if he replies with shock, you can always say you were just kidding.


1. What is the best way to propose a boy?

You can propose to a boy over a phone call, over text, on a date, through a letter, or on a holiday. Or you can be more adventurous and propose to him underwater while scuba-diving. Or arrange for a funny yet shocking proposal that leaves his heart thumping in more ways than one.

2. How do you propose a boy in simple words?

Just be honest and say or write down how you feel. Write how you want to be together with him and how he makes you happy. That would do it. 

3. What if I propose my boyfriend and he says no?

This is a fear most people have, irrespective of gender. I think you need to be sure about what the guy’s feelings are toward you before you make a proposal. If you go wrong and he says no, then just take it in your stride and move on.

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