5 Best Ways To Propose A Boy

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Every day when you wake up in the morning and just know this it, it is him and it’s time.

Don’t wait! Go ahead and propose the boy of your dreams. Girl on her knees with a rose in her hand, wearing her favourite LBD. Wow!

The boy’s the luckiest. You will always know what the boy wants no matter the distance, the communication gap, the busy life of the city or despite the differences, all you have got to do is make this one special day all about him and let him know how glad you are that he exists!

5 Tips for the perfect proposal

To help you plan and execute the best way to propose a boy, I have the perfect crash course for you. Read on to take him by surprise!

1. Plan the big day before jumping right into it

Wait for the right day: A relationship is not an easy decision to be made, it takes two significant humans to be involved on an equal pace and interest. Just know when it’s the right time when both of you are in the right space of mind to make a decision so important. It could be the day of your anniversary when you can recall all the cherished memories together and pop the question which is going to change your life for good. Or it can be on Valentine’s Day. No matter the day you choose, just make sure that it develops into a day which forever remains etched in your memories with beautiful connotations.

Make arrangements a day prior: Leave no scope of mistakes for your mental satisfaction, because this day, you are for sure not forgetting ever. I would suggest that you pick a spot which holds a sentimental value for both of you as a couple or just take him to the place you know he loves. Ideally, you should avoid taking him to crowded places like coffee shops, malls, theatres.

Gather information before settling on the plan: Be precise, because it’s his day and it’s your job to make it all about him, maintain a silver lining, make sure you know what goes over the top and where to hit the right side of the barn, as if ‘HE’S YOUR PRIZE!’. Find more about his favourite hobby and develop your plan around it. Say your guy is a Thalassophile, you can take him to the nearby aquarium, ask the divers to put on a proposal show inside their biggest fish tank. They can hold on to a waterproof sign that says, Will you marry me? and position yourself for it – on your knee!

2. Way to a man’s heart is really through his stomach

Try to cook food for him

Cooking his favourite food Image source

Cook your man his favourite cuisine if you cannot, fake it like you’re a pro and get it packed from his favourite restaurant, easy peasy! (the boy will anyway know the truth). If you’re kilometres or miles away, Google a good restaurant near his office or house and parcel, these little efforts do the work.

3. How to propose a boy on call or chat

Sometimes, consequences or subjective reasons fail us to be physically present for such important actions, be it because of long distance, a hectic schedule or maybe you feel it’s the right time and you shouldn’t be waiting anymore because the timing is just so perfect. Situations like these leave us with no other choice but virtual reality i.e. the internet, technology. So, how to propose a boy on chat or call? I’m here to tell you just that.

Proposing on-call: Though we girls do expect guys to make the first call and admit their love, this is 2019 and we as feminists are working to break free of all the stereotypes. Next on the list is proposing a guy on call. I would suggest that you gather the courage, prepare well in advance as to what all you want to say to him. Make sure that you choose your words carefully so you can let him know the depth of your love.

Proposing on chat: Texting can be vibrant and quirky, writing him down a beautiful poem or adding a quote on how feelings for him have evolved will make him feel valued and wanted. For example, you can send him a morning text with a proposal poem dedicated to him…

Say “I Do”
You’re the sun in my shine,
The spark in my plug,
The heart to my beat,
The day to my night,
The twinkle in my eye,
The hot to my spicy,
The yin to my yang,
The soul to my mate.
Need I say more?
Now all I want to hear from you,
Is to say, “I do.”

4. What to gift the boy?

Presents are the only souvenir that’s more than just a memory of your big day. Gift him things that will take him back to the past three years down the line and help him relive his favourite parts of the day. A few gifting ideas are…

Girl gives gift to boy Image source

A vacation: Gift him a weekend getaway, it’ll provide him with a break from the world and you both a sacred space to start your journey together with candles, an open sky full of stars, endless conversations and a promise to never give up on one another.

A love letter: Pour your heart out on that piece of paper, begin from where it all started and conclude with where you see him and you, ten years down the line. Tell him things you couldn’t say out loud, things the ink can explain better.

5. The perfect date

A perfect date will always be subjective for every couple because some couples are low-key and some are fancy or maybe some would want to sit on a bench in a park and just talk; the idea is to feel closer, comfortable in each other’s space irrespective of the surrounding or the location.

Take him to your hotspot, be it a restaurant or your dingy little dungeon, bend the knee or don’t, roses up, eye contact and then BOOM, tell him!

Then let us know what he thought about your proposal, how he reacted and how it became the most cherishable memory. The girl just gets the proposal right.


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