Every guy has these 4 types of friends

Sourish Samanta

We are what we are because of our friends

Friends are mostly annoying but definitely keep your bloat afloat whenever everything else around you is trying to drag you down. The essence of any friendship is built on trust and mutual respect.

Likewise, every guy has friends who would probably take a bullet for him. They are perhaps his chosen family. And like in any family, these friends come with unique traits. Your guy probably won’t notice this, but you being the person outside of the circle, can deduce their traits to the point where you can put them under categories. It might seem like an oversimplification of their character traits, but

I am sure that these four types of friends are part of every guy’s group.

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1) The one with the bad judgment

The man-child who is always over-enthusiastic! This one’s too obvious to be in any friend’s group. Your guy is probably the one taking care of this man-child, who is always making things difficult for himself. Usually, you’d like your guy to be away from this kind, but once you see the strong bond they have, you’ll almost feel sad for them.

In spite of being the man-child they are, they are more sensitive when it comes to being your guy’s mental support. You will always find your guy having a heart to heart with him on several occasions. Also, this very kind likes all the attention they can and always is the first one to get drunk in a house party. No wonder then that they make a huge mess while drinking. He might be a borderline alcoholic too.

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2) That guy who comes up with the worst puns

They are so highly functional that they see puns in almost everything. This guy will make you cringe, and you won’t be able to see it coming, neither will your guy. They are smart and always the brain behind all last-minute plans. Drinks occasionally but spends money on buying wine glasses. Some of their puns are so bad that it will make your guy walk away from them. But when it comes to friendship and support, they are always there. They are mostly a bit depressed but like to cope up with their lousy humour. Your guy might hate their jokes but probably won’t function without this type.

3) The cynical kind

They hate the world but wouldn’t mind wasting money on a book explaining global warming and climate change. Their cynicism is on point, but ironically enough they care a lot about their friends. They are not a huge fan of spending money and probably are the ones feeding financial advice to your guy. They are usually sorted and are the rock of the entire group. Without them, the group would end up going broke at the end of each month.

They are good at planning parties and might even suffer from borderline OCD. You guys find them reliable to the point where you might end up sharing bank details with them. To be very specific, they are the adult and responsible kind in the group with an extremely sharp sense of humor. They can talk almost about everything and is probably a huge Pokémon nerd.

4) The silent kind

They add that extra edge to the group. They are the ones who would silently pay more money than others while being low-key ignored. This kind is not there for attention but genuinely cares about the group. They can get offended easily but would act like they are ignoring everything. They are low-key narcissists but like to talk about general knowledge when drunk. They are also very politically correct.

Drawing the lines

One can never draw lines on the type of friends one might have, because most importantly they are your friends.

While these four types tend to stand out amongst the crowd as the primary archetype of friends in any guy’s group, there are more. Your guy will be happy to have them in his life which makes this whole unit work as a family, diversified and beautiful.

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