8 people share what ruined their marriage

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What destroys a marriage?

A marriage is generally considered to be a union that lasts a lifetime. However, marriages these days fall apart almost daily. One might argue that relationships have become flaky and people are typically more selfish than they used to be. While the sense of community might have dwindled over the ages, people’s self worth has finally taken a step forward. It is no more about compromises by just one partner (read: mostly the home maker) while the other partner remains in the union. No, it is now more about understanding each other and performing equally so that both can be satiated to maintain the relationship. Duties are manifold and merely earning money and putting food to the table does not cater to the demands of an institution called marriage. Let us find out what these 8 people have to say about it.

1. Communication is the key

Reason for divorce

2. Love yourself

Reason for divorce

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3. Talk often

Divorced because of lack of communication

4. There is always two sides of a story

Divorced because of mother

5. Cheating can destroy lives

Lady sad because of separation

6. Fighting is never the solution

Divorced because of fighting

7. It’s all about space

Divorced because of mother in law

8. Respect each other’s choices

Respect each other's choices

How to protect your marriage against internet infidelity

“Having another woman in one’s life is part of success,” her husband reasoned

I can’t accept my husband’s friendship with his female ex-colleague. What should I do?

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