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signs of Emotional Manipulation in Relationships

Emotional manipulation in relationships is a cruel way of creating fear and dependency. Manipulating someone requires knowledge of their insecurities and vulnerabilities as well as a tendency to intimidate. A romantic partner already has the former. A conclusive way to tell if you are emotionally manipulated is by checking if your partner uses intimidating language and behaviors. To find out about the other signs you’re being manipulated, take this easy quiz.

Sometimes, partners manipulate a relationship to get sexual favors. In a study conducted on college students, it was found that 30% of men and 14% of women admitted to manipulating their partners to convince them to a sexual liaison.

Dr. Chavi Sharma has a very straightforward view of what emotional manipulation in relationships looks like, “Emotional manipulation is getting the reaction you want rather than the one that comes naturally to a person.” Let’s find out more about manipulation, through this short quiz.

The next time you encounter this behavior in someone you know, or you employ it yourself, keep these tips in mind so that no one gets hurt. The manipulation may be subtle but just as a slight nudge can send an entire row of dominoes toppling over, an emotional manipulator can cause your sense of self-worth to crumble. Once that happens, they can get what they want by pushing the “right” buttons at the right times.

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