“Am I In A Toxic Relationship?” This Quiz Will Help You Decide!

am i in a toxic relationship quiz
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Toxic relationships may not be as thrilling as the Britney Spears song makes them sound. They are addictive and feel like a rollercoaster ride. A classic toxic relationship trait – You feel like you’re on the top of the world but then you hit rock bottom. This cycle of ‘pleasure and pain’ makes your brain go numb.

Consisting of just 7 questions, the ‘toxic relationships’ quiz is here to your rescue. For starters, what is a toxic relationship?

  • There are a lot of ‘games’ involved and they’re not fun
  • There is a confusing ‘push and pull’ dynamic
  • You are overstaying in the hopes that your partner will someday change
  • Your gut is constantly telling you that something is wrong

Finally, pat your back on catching the signs of a toxic relationship. Coming out of denial is a great start. Maybe you have been at the receiving end of abuse, without even realizing it. 

Toxic relationships are addictive and it’s difficult to remove yourself from such situations without anyone’s help. If you are constantly trying to justify your partner’s wrong behavior, it could be helpful to consult a licensed therapist. Our counselors from Bonobology’s panel are always here for you. 

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