“Am I Over My Ex?” Take This Easy Quiz To Find Out!

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am i over my ex quiz
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You are listening to a Bazzi song and are reminiscing about the good parts of your relationship. You’re a little tipsy, nostalgic, and horny. You start missing your ex. You miss the connection you shared before it all went downhill. You just want to hear the sound of their voice…

Do you find the above situation relatable? If yes, then are you really over your ex? Are they always running on your mind? Do you miss them every time you watch a mushy romantic movie? Or have you burnt all their love letters and erased their existence in your heart?

Does your ex keep coming back into your life like that pop-up notification you can’t get rid of? Is it selective amnesia that’s making you forget about all the times you went through boxes of tissues to dry your tears? This short and easy quiz is just the right reality check for you!

Moving on from your ex can be a tricky situation to be in and figure out alone. This is when an expert can help you in navigating your emotions with better clarity. Our counselors from Bonobology’s panel are just a click away.

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