Am I Selfish In My Relationship Quiz

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Updated On: February 7, 2024
am i selfish in my relationship quiz

“Am I a selfish boyfriend/girlfriend? Or am I just looking out for myself? How do I know the difference?” The answer to this question is not simple. Maybe you are just vocal about your needs. That does not make you selfish – it just makes you a person with self respect. 

“It is either my way or highway.” Sometimes, you may believe that you’re looking out for yourself. But in reality, you’re just a selfish boyfriend/girlfriend.  When you’re disagreeing with your partner and you insist things go your way, you might be coming off as dismissive about their opinion. Small things like this can start to plant seeds of resentment in your partner. 

This easy quiz, consisting of just seven questions, will help you figure it out. Maybe, your partner is right about their accusations. Maybe, you’re the reason why a balance is lacking in physical and emotional intimacy. Take this accurate ‘selfish relationship quiz’ and find out!

Before taking the ‘Am I selfish in my relationship’ quiz, here are some examples of selfishness in relationships:

  • Losing your mind when you don’t get immediate replies
  • Threatening to leave your partner
  • Trying to win arguments like it’s the Olympics
  • Guilt tripping your partner to get what you want
  • Competing with your partner

Finally, if the results of the quiz say that you’re selfish, don’t worry. You can take accountability in relationships by starting small. Once you start experiencing the ‘giver’s high’, there is no going back. Always look out for yourself. But also your partner. If you find yourself struggling at any point, don’t shy away from seeking professional help. Our counselors from Bonobology’s panel are just a click away.

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