Which Sign Is The Best (And Worst) Match For An Aquarian Woman – Top 5 And Bottom 5 Ranked

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Relationships are seldom a cakewalk. And for some zodiac signs, being with a partner can be daunting if there is a lack of compatibility. Take an Aquarius, for instance. Finding the best match for an Aquarius woman is akin to searching for golden fleece.

Fiercely independent, the air signs look for a long-term, stable relationship but with a partner who understands their episodes of aloofness. Relatable? In this article, we list the best match for an Aquarius woman and the worst ones too in consultation with astrologer and relationship coach Nishi Ahlawat. Consider this a foolproof compatibility guide to finding the Aquarius soulmate. 

The 5 Best Matches For An Aquarius Woman

Aquarius woman is like the wind; free and wild. You will find her gallivanting in exotic places, dancing at exclusive parties, and adorning the latest fashion. A sign so protective of its freedom requires a companion that can complement its free-spirited personality.

So, who does Aquarius get along with? That is (aqua)riosity for me as well. And so, instead of wondering, I got to work and did a deep dive to find the signs compatible with an Aquarius woman. Mentioned below are the 5 best signs for an Aquarius woman who can offer the stability and love this air sign looks for:

1. Libra & Aquarius

Libra & Aquarius

The zodiac sign Libra is thought to be the most compatible with Aquarius. A native of the sign of Libra is diplomatic and polite, and they are capable of adjusting to any social setting. The personalities of people born under the signs of Libra and Aquarius are very unique. 

These people are not just different; they are polar opposites, particularly in terms of their social behavior. But this is why Aquarius pairs best with a Libra man. When the Aquarian is unable to adapt to the new societal norms, Libra restores equilibrium by rearranging things to suit the needs of the circumstance. 

According to Nishi, “A Libra man is very loving toward an Aquarius woman. Also, both are air signs, so they get along really well. Besides, Libra is ruled by Venus – the planet known for love – and Aquarius is ruled by Saturn, which is a slow-moving planet. Libra is never tired of waiting patiently for an Aquarius woman who takes a lot of time in finding or judging the right partner for her. Overall, it’s a great match.”

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2. Aquarius & Gemini 

Aquarius’s best match for marriage is a Gemini. Things take an unexpected turn when Aquarius and Gemini get together. Being with just one person is difficult for people born under the Gemini zodiac. This is because they’re easily bored. 

But there is an exception to everything and the same is the case with a Gemini as well. If their spouse challenges them intellectually, they feel like they are dating someone new every day. And Aquarians are masters of exploring new things and tangents. Since an Aquarius woman is adventurous and inquisitive, she can keep the Gemini man on his toes.

A Gemini native also appreciates it when their Aquarian partner decides to accept their individuality and refrain from meddling in their private lives. These factors add up over time to offer us a lovely Aquarius and Gemini relationship.

3. Sagittarius & Aquarius 

Contrary to Libra, the fascinating aspect of the compatibility between Aquarians and Sagittarians is their shared mutual interests. They both demonstrate emotional independence.

Ironically, their partner’s disruptions can irritate them. They occasionally exhibit extreme impatience and insecurity. When they do, it’s not a pretty sight! However, because they share the same school of thought, they can communicate effectively. Please understand that I am not claiming they behave in the same way, but rather that they share traits that allow them to empathize with one another.

“They are both fun-loving people and an Aquarius woman is always fond of a Sagittarius man. They both love adventure, travel, food, outings, and a lot more. Besides, Sagittarius is a fire sign and Aquarius an air sign, which means their shared outgoing energy keeps their connection lively,” says Nishi.

The Sagittarius is in charge of making their connection lively and enjoyable. The Aquarian, however, will make sure to hang onto it and that’s what makes a Sagittarius the Aquarius’ soulmate. 

4. Aquarius & Aquarius 

Birds of a feather flock together – an Aquarius’ perfect match is another Aquarius. They have a wide range of mutual interests because of their many shared characteristics. An Aquarian couple will have a lot to talk about and will bond over their love of social justice. This passion for social justice may inspire this couple to work together in activism and other charitable endeavors.

A relationship between an Aquarius woman and an Aquarius man is fueled by passionate debates, exotic travels, and a quest for excitement. It is easier for this pair to be together in a long-term relationship because they understand each other on a deeper level. 

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5. Aries & Aquarius 

One would think that a relationship between fire and air would be explosive. And it is, for all the right reasons. Both Aries and Aquarius share a sense of humor, a talent for clever banter, and an independent spirit. 

The fiery nature of Aries complements Aquarius’ love of humor and debate. Don’t be shocked if every dialogue between these two signs devolves into a passionate back-and-forth because they both love to vehemently defend their positions! 

A relationship between these signs is more like partners-in-crime than a conventional couple. Though the brooding nature of an Aries can be too much for an Aquarius sometimes, their dedication to their partner allows them to look beyond superficial problems, making Aries one of the best matches for an Aquarius woman. 

That was the best of it, the best match for an Aquarius woman. When it comes to the question of who Aquarius should marry, well, there’s a clear list to choose from! 

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The 5 Worst Matches For Aquarius Woman

The unique personality of the Aquarius woman makes her picky in her choice of partners. An Aquarius in love is not fazed by the generic romantic details. She needs a partner who can understand her and be receptive to her quirks. Naturally, an Aquarius would not get along with everyone. But the following signs are the worst matches for an Aquarius: 

1. Virgo & Aquarius 

Natives of Virgo and Aquarius share a social circle, are both intelligent, and have similar hobbies. Shouldn’t a Virgo be the best match for an Aquarius woman then? Well, turns out, not. What matters more than what they want is how they plan to get it. 

The materialistic aspects are a bit too important to Virgos. For those born under the sign of Aquarius, it is more exciting and important to consider the big picture. In a marriage between an Aquarius and a Virgo man, small disagreements escalate into major issues. It is because of this that Virgo is one of the signs not compatible with Aquarius. 

Nishi says, “Virgos are known for their critical nature and Aquarius women do not like to be judged. Besides, being an air sign, an Aquarius woman sometimes feels suffocated in the company of a Virgo man, who may keep a watch on her every movement.”

2. Aquarius & Cancer 

Conflicts arise between Aquarius and Cancer due to their contrasting personalities. The “opposites attract” paradigm does not apply here. This happens because the Aquarius partner can only offer the customary emotional support, not the constant attention that a Cancer requires. 

This goes against Aquarius’ need for independence and solitude, even though it is a good thing to expect in a partnership. It might also be difficult for an Aquarius to express their love in a literal sense; nevertheless, this is something that Cancerians look forward to. Together, these factors make Cancer and Aquarius the least compatible couple for marriage.

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3. Pisces & Aquarius 

In the list of who should an Aquarius woman marry, Pisces ranks at the bottom of the rung. This is a match made in hell. Fighting about small, unimportant things in a relationship takes more work and energy than addressing larger concerns. This is because no real remedies can be found for them.

A connection between a Pisces man and an Aquarius is just like this. The expectations placed on Aquarius are ones they are aware of but choose to ignore. On the other hand, Pisces natives typically live in a higher dimension that is disjointed from reality. 

“As Saturn rules Aquarius, these women love discipline and perfection, which makes a Pisces man a little uncomfortable.  Also, Pisces is a water sign, which loves depth, and Aquarius is an air sign, which loves to explore and be free. This causes conflicts between the two. So, the chances of a happy marriage between these air and water signs are quite low,” explains Nishi.

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4. Taurus & Aquarius 

Taurus and Aquarius are destined to clash because Taurus is known for being traditional, strong-willed, and old-fashioned, and Aquarius is known for being the zodiac’s famed free-thinker.

Aquarius will find Taurus’ concerns about leaving the house boring, and Taurus man will look down on their way of life. As a result, the Taurus will grow more possessive in the relationship and the Aquarius will fight their attempts to settle down more vehemently. These two will ultimately push one another away, and hence, Taurus is not one of the best matches for Aquarius women. 


5. Aquarius & Capricorn 

Who does Aquarius get along with? Not a Capricorn. The well-known opposites of the zodiac are Capricorn and Aquarius: Cap is the traditionalist, and Aqua is the renegade. In contrast to Capricorn, who is focused on the present and keen to forge new paths in life, Aquarius is looking to the future.

Capricorn and Aquarius have very different attitudes regarding morality, physical closeness (Capricorn tends to run hot, while Aquarius tends to run cool), and social interactions, thus they don’t have much in common. This distinct personality and perspective of life make Capricorn the opposite of an Aquarius’ perfect match.

Key Pointers

  • As an air sign, an Aquarius woman cherishes her independence and free-spirited nature
  • Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius men are potential matches for marriage for an Aquarius woman
  • Virgo, Taurus, Pisces, Cancer & Capricorn men are not the ideal partners for an Aquarius woman because of their clashing personalities

I hope this comprehensive list gives you an idea about the zodiacs who are not the best match for an Aquarius woman. If you believe in zodiacs and astrology, this can help you filter out people and find your prince without having to kiss the frogs. 


1. Who is the soulmate of Aquarius?

When an Aquarian meets someone who shares their hunger for knowledge, they can’t help but fall in love. Because of their passion for knowledge, Gemini, therefore, is one of the soulmates of an Aquarius woman 

2. What sign is Aquarius woman attracted to?

An Aquarius woman is most attracted to fellow air signs like Aquarius, Gemini, Libra, and Sagittarius.

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