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Aquarius compatibility with Cancer

If you are an Aquarius dating a Cancer, I am sure you are here checking for Aquarius compatibility with Cancer. Especially since the compatibility ratio of this duo isn’t known to be as high as you might be hoping for. Whereas being distant and challenging are major Aquarius personality traits, Cancerians are needy and clingy.

Cancer is the fourth zodiac sign. The Moon being their ruling planet, Cancerians take an emotional approach to life. On the contrary, Aquarius, the last on the list with Uranus as its ruling planet, has an offbeat and unconventional approach toward life. The Cancer symbol is a crab and it’s a water sign, while the Aquarius symbol is a water bearer but is actually an air sign.

Water signs are known to be the zodiac’s most sensitive signs. Air signs are great communicators and are pretty sociable. Despite their differences, the chances of a Cancer-Aquarius relationship will double, given the right state of mind and positive attitude. When it comes to love, anything is possible, right?

In this piece, Shivanya Yogamaya, who is an astrology consultant as well as a relationship and intimacy coach, says, “On the surface, they are not compatible. I personally wouldn’t suggest such a match, as sooner or later, they will have differences. Be it physical, intellectual, or emotional. Cancerians are nurturing people who demand consistency and a sense of belonging which is hard for Aquarians to provide. Aquarians are off-beat. They are revolutionary and adventurous.”

“However, these two can have fun despite their difference in energies, once they learn how to balance each other’s personalities. Cancer and Aquarius soulmates are not quite common but they aren’t impossible either.”

Aquarius And Cancer Sexual Compatibility

Cancer and Aquarius in bed share powerful chemistry. Aquarius compatibility with Cancer, when it comes to sexual relations, is very strong right from the beginning. If the relationship is based purely on raw animal sex, then one of the zodiac signs will soon realize they need a relationship with much more emotional connection than just being each other’s sex buddies.

“After a period of time, their sexual compatibility won’t be as fiery as before. A Cancerian will, inevitably, ask for more than just casual sex whereas an Aquarian wouldn’t be up to getting tied down in a relationship. They like kinky things and won’t go from physical to emotional so quickly.

“Cancerians need the assurance that they belong somewhere and if they don’t get that, they might want to walk out of the relationship. Aquarians don’t have the ability to cheat; they can be loyal even if the relationship is casual. It’s just that they enjoy their freedom and space,” says Shivanya.

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Conflict points

  • Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and Saturn which makes them progressive and free-spirited. Most often, sex is all about pleasure for them. They don’t mind having friends with benefits or entering into no-strings-attached relationships. But Cancerians need something deeper than sex to hold onto. They cannot engage in sex for long when there are no emotions involved
  • Even though they are a fixed sign, Aquarians like to explore new things under the sheets. They like to dance to their own rhythm. On the contrary, Cancerians are known to have strict boundaries when it comes to experimenting with sexual activities. They soon come to the realization that skin and flesh don’t satisfy the needs of the soul

Where they connect

  • Cancer and Aquarius relationship in bed is a strange combination. One is confused about surprises, the other is unconventional and needs freedom. But as long as Cancer and Aquarius soulmates come together with an open mind, their sex life will be on fire!
  • As Cancer is ruled by the Moon, they have a soft side. Naturally, the Cancer partner keeps the affection, romance, and gentle touches alive during love-making, whereas the Aquarius takes the physical activity behind closed doors to another level. They do this through kinks and a penchant for exciting positions and intimate gadgets
cancer and aquarius soulmates
Cancer and Aquarius share a strong sexual chemistry

Aquarius And Cancer Emotional Compatibility

According to Shivanya, “Aquarius and Cancer compatibility is one of a kind. Aquarians are extroverts. They are always the life of the party. Cancerians keep their social circle small and find comfort in the monotonous routine of everyday life. But when they learn how to seamlessly combine each other’s interests without sabotaging their own identities, they can create a dreamy fairytale for themselves.”

Cancer-Aquarius zodiac compatibility can grow stronger over time owing to the fact that they are both extremely caring and committed toward the people they love. Relationship compatibility takes time to develop. But if you look at any famous Cancer and Aquarius couples, Charles Lindbergh and Anne Morrow, for instance, you would understand that an emotionally enriched love match is very much feasible between these two signs.

Made from two very different types of stardust, the Aquarius woman compatibility with Cancer man, tends to be quite detached and at a surface level most of the time. On the other hand, the Cancer woman and Aquarius man compatibility is a little different. A Cancer woman’s social circle comprises people of all genders and walks of life, and this might make the Aquarius man insecure and jealous. 

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Conflict points

  • Aquarius compatibility with Cancer with regard to the emotional aspects of their lives requires a lot of work. It’s an oil-and-water kind of relationship
  • An Aquarius values their own independence and space way too much whereas their Cancer partner would need assurance, security, and a meaningful emotional connection to feel protected in the relationship
  • Cancerians believe in being vulnerable. Being a cardinal sign, they believe that sharing each other’s innermost thoughts and feelings will help sustain the relationship for a long time. Meanwhile, Aquarians are famous for being cold and unemotional
  • So, can an Aquarius love a Cancer? Yes, it’s not that Aquarians are unemotional toward everyone. They need to trust the individual completely before opening up to them and being vulnerable with them

Where they connect

  • Aquarius-Cancer zodiac and relationships may not be an instant hit. Their compatibility may be in the lower range, but their differences will give them a chance to learn and get to know each other on a deeper level
  • Aquarians are extroverted, open to new ideas, and unconventional — the very traits that make a Cancer fall for them. Cancer has a high value in an Aquarian’s life. They bring emotional depth, commitment, compassion, and so on
  • All that is required for a strong Cancer and Aquarius compatibility development is a lot of communication and effort to understand one another in order to build a healthy relationship
  • Aquarius and Cancer marriage compatibility can get stronger when they both organically agree to cater to one another’s emotional requirements and needs

Aquarius And Cancer Marriage Compatibility

The Moon in Cancer’s astrology sign is known to make them act like a parent to their significant other. When an Aquarius man is in love, he will make it clear that he is in love and will be strongly committed to his woman.

Everybody likes to be nurtured, appreciated, and valued by their loved ones. But coddling someone constantly and treating them as if they are your babies can get on anyone’s nerves. This is why the Aquarius woman compatibility with Cancer man might be a little difficult as they are polar opposites.

Shivanya reminds us that for an Aquarian, “Marriage is a big no-no. Their wavelength is certainly not attuned to commit to a lifelong relationship. There needs to be a lot of awareness of each other’s temperaments and needs in order to have a healthy marriage between this zodiac pair. Aquarians love to serve others more than those at home. That’s where the problem will begin. It’s a poor match for marriage.”

Conflict points

  • When Cancerians tend to become too demanding, there are chances their Aquarian partner might pull away from them
  • Cancer-Aquarius compatibility in bed may be high but it’s quite the opposite when it comes to Aquarius and Cancer marriage compatibility

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Where they connect

  • Can an Aquarius love a Cancer? Yes. Aquarius and Cancer friendship is a good prospect too. But when it comes to marriage, Cancer and Aquarius soulmates may have a hard time sustaining a healthy family life unless they become more accepting of each other’s lifestyle
  • They mend their own ways in order to become more accommodating of their partner’s needs
  • Things work out when critical emotional needs in the relationship are understood and accepted
  • A little bit of give and take will help the relationship thrive despite difficult circumstances arising from their different ways of living and being
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Aquarius And Cancer Love Compatibility

“For a Cancerian, their love will fade and die when they feel their love is not met as per their expectations. They like to be supported and nurtured. Aquarians, on the other hand, will tell them to find their own answers and support themselves on their own. Cancerians like to be dependent, which is a trait Aquarians do not have and kind of dislike as they like to flow freely. The whole idea of love will fizzle out in such an equation,” says Shivanya.

Aquarians are non-judgmental people who can teach their Cancerian partner how to let loose and live without demanding much from anyone else. They can teach them how to be happy on their own and have realistic expectations from others. Cancerians can help Aquarians open their hearts a little more and rely on their loved ones.

Conflict points

  • The Aquarius compatibility with Cancer becomes a bit shaky when they both isolate themselves and avoid sharing their feelings
  • It is difficult for both of them to trust and build a love relationship, but once it is beyond that ‘getting to know each other’ phase, they become an indomitable force

Where they connect

  • Beautiful things happen when a man is vulnerable with a woman. Cancer-Aquarius love compatibility might be a hit if a Cancer man can find a way to teach their Aquarius partner how to express their feelings and how to be vulnerable when they are in love
  • The upside to the rare Cancer and Aquarius soulmate pairing is that they become compassionate toward one another
  • They value commitment and loyalty. They have a lot of social conscience and love spending time with their friends and family

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Aquarius And Cancer Friendship Compatibility

“There may not be much of an Aquarius love match with Cancer folks. But their friendship is way better. They will be great as friends once they understand each other. Each has a lot to offer from which the other can learn. If Cancerians can share how to have a more grounded nature, then Aquarians can teach them how to feel free and not be so serious about life all the time. They can bring a freshness into each other’s perspectives,” Shivanya says.

Conflict points

  • Cancer zodiac and relationships are majorly known for the emotional availability aspect, and it’s no exception for the friendship bit as well. There will be times when Cancer won’t like how Aquarius can be so detached from people
  • Likewise, Aquarians won’t understand why Cancerians are so needy and clingy. Sometimes opposites attract, and sometimes they fail miserably. And all these signs have to do to form a strong bond is manage their differences

Where they connect

  • Two star signs from opposite ends of the zodiac may find it difficult to understand each other, but they both strongly value ambition and resoluteness
  • When they admire each other’s sentiments as friends, the Aquarius compatibility with Cancer goes smoothly
  • One great thing about these two star signs is their drive when they work together. This proves that Aquarius and Cancer friendship can be strong. They manage to bring the best out of each other’s skill sets in such a situation
  • In social settings, their acquaintances from different star signs may perceive them to be great thinkers

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Aquarius Woman Compatibility With Cancer Man

“A Cancer man and Aquarius woman pairing can be a better bet than a Cancer woman and Aquarius man compatibility. A Cancer man will be needy and clingy which will be abhorred by an Aquarian woman. A Cancer man wants someone to rely on as they see their mothers in their partners. Likewise, a Cancer woman tries to find a husband in every partner she meets,” says Shivanya.

The majority of famous Cancer and Aquarius couples, like Tracy Letts and Carrie Coon, had a successful relationship when the male partner happened to be a Cancerian. A Cancer man will seek depth which can be difficult for an Aquarian woman to provide. So make sure you learn how to manage expectations in relationships before approaching a Cancer man. Let’s see the areas in which Aquarius compatibility with Cancer might fall short of expectations from both sides.

can an aquarius love a cancer
A Cancer man and Aquarius woman pairing can be a better prospect than a Cancer woman and Aquarius man

Conflict points

  • An Aquarian woman expects her man to be intellectual, one with whom she can have unending conversations. A Cancerian man wants a woman who will love, appreciate, and understand him.
  • His constant begging for attention might cause an Aquarian partner to feel as if she is tending to the needs of a toddler
  • When a Cancer man is looking for commitment, he will cling to the air sign with all his might
  • This, in turn, can make the Aquarian woman annoyed if she doesn’t want to commit and wants to enjoy her life with full freedom. This will make the Cancer man question her affection and transparency toward the relationship 

Where they connect

  • The great similarity in Aquarius compatibility with Cancer: Neither of the signs looks for flattery
  • They don’t need constant assurances
  • They both believe in focusing on more important and deeper things

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Cancer Woman And Aquarius Man Compatibility

This has always been known as an unusual match. If, on the rare occasion, a Cancerian woman and an Aquarian man have made it past the “just friends” stage, then she might demand a lot of things that he may not be up for. Aquarians need their space. They want to maintain their freedom. They will run away if they feel suffocated in a relationship. But they do say “opposites attract.” And this might come as a bonus in the Aquarius and Cancer compatibility factor.

Shivanya signs off with this, “Given a choice, they shouldn’t choose each other for marital purposes. An Aquarian will feel pulled down by a Cancerian’s constant neediness, they won’t understand it. Alternatively, a Cancerian will feel a vacuum inside because of the lack of affection and love from the other end.

“Cancerians will let go of many things that they won’t like about Aquarians. But at the end of the day, the kind of love they get from Aquarians will make them feel less about themselves because it will never match up to the Cancer’s needs and expectations. This is why they can be nothing more than good friends.”

Conflict points

Aquarians like to have a free approach to dating and relationships. They like to experiment. Cancerians dislike being alone for long and might get too clingy. This will definitely drive away their Aquarian partner who likes to be independent more than anything else.

Where they connect

One of the things that this duo is known to share is their flexibility and openness. Both these signs are capable of accepting change and adapting to it. This heightens their chances of making a relationship work.

Key Pointers

  • Aquarius and Cancer sexual chemistry may start off really strong and slowly fade due to a lack of genuine feelings from one or both side
  • The independent, aloof nature of an Aquarius may not connect instantly with the emotional depth of a Cancer and they might need time to develop emotional compatibility
  • Aquarius-Cancer marriage won’t be a good idea unless both partners are ready to work on their differences
  • If the Aquarius partner can be more open about their feelings, and the Cancer knows how to keep their clinginess in check, there can be solid love compatibility between these two signs 
  • When Aquarius and Cancer work together, they turn into a strong force which can make their friendship a genuine bond

If both signs share an extremely intimate and strong bond after going through all the sacrifices and adjustments that they are willing to make on their own, then this combination is likely to be a long-lasting one. They will stand by one another through thick and thin, and will find support in each other.

As long as both of the signs are willing to work it out, it will be rainbows and butterflies with the exception of some cloudy days every now and then. But then again, who doesn’t need to weather a little storm in life and in relationships — it’s true for all couples. So, good luck. May everything work out for the best!

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