8 Most Compatible Zodiac Sign Pairs According To Astrology

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Sometimes, simply falling in love is not enough. If you want to set couple goals, you will have to factor in compatibility. To do that, you could check if your and your crush’s zodiacs are among the most compatible signs. If we were to believe in this astrological phenomenon, people of certain Zodiac signs pair well together. Thus, it could be used as a measuring scale, with caution, to check compatibility with the person you would like to date.

The list of most compatible signs includes a myriad of combinations. Some of the most compatible signs have similar traits whereas others are different and yet complement each other well. Let’s understand this phenomenon better, with insights from Kreena, a practicing astrologer and Vastu consultant.

Which Are The Most Compatible Signs According To Astrology?

Every Zodiac sign represents an environmental element and is ruled by a planet. The mélange of these entities determines the compatibility factor. “When we check the compatibility of these two elements, we realize that they work well in balancing each other out. For example, Pisces (water sign) works great in managing the exuberance and temper of Aries (fire sign). 

“But Pisces could also be a little too sensitive and emotional for Aries, who is very straightforward in word and action. Aries could also be a little too impulsive for the well-meaning and indecisive Pisces,” says Kreena. All zodiac signs show love differently. Based on these permutations, some combinations perhaps shine above others. We have listed eight such pairs, which we think are ideal matches or a match made in heaven. Take a look:

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1. Aries and Aquarius make an exciting couple

Relationship compatibility: The bond shared by Aries and Aquarius is devoid of any dull moments. Their relationship is quite exciting. People from both signs are very adventurous – they are always game for something. An Aries-Aquarius couple enjoys trying out new things. The fact that they ensure that they have the best time while doing so makes them count among the most compatible signs. Here are some qualities that make Aries one of the most compatible signs with Aquarius.

  • Spontaneity
  • Intelligence
  • Passion

Sexual compatibility: Sex between Aries and Aquarius can be either very exciting or stressful. In most cases, it will be a mix of both. Aries is a fire sign and thus, filled with passion, creativity, and emotion. It is ruled by Mars, which is often equated with a desirable god of war. It can be a fulfilling experience for both.

Love compatibility: The wonderful thing about these couples is that they live and grow in each other’s company and go on to develop a solid bond. That said, they are not so glued together that they become too dependent on each other for emotional needs. They understand the importance of solo time and also value their respective social circles. Moreover, there are some sure-shot signs when an Aries man is in love. The same goes for the women of this Zodiac – hard to miss.

most compatible signs
Aries and Aquarius couples ensure they have the best time together

Aries is also among the most compatible signs with Libra. Aries and Libra are best at balancing each other in terms of managing the serious and fun elements of a relationship. “Aries can help Libra be more focused and Libra can help Aries be more grounded and real,” says Kreena.

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2. Taurus and Cancer have a strong emotional base

Relationship compatibility: The most compatible signs with Taurus are the ones that are grounded and simple. Taurians need a strong emotional base. Thus, Cancer is considered among the most compatible signs for this earth element. Taurus and Cancer people form zodiac couples that just get one another – they guard a tight connection, both physically and mentally. They understand each other inside out, which helps them be in tune with each other’s needs. They are very nurturing toward one another. The traits that makes Taurus one of the most compatible signs for Cancer:

  • Compassionate
  • Likes being in a steady relationship
  • Great sexual chemistry

Sexual compatibility: Taurus and Cancer are among the most compatible signs since they’re governed by Mars – which is equated with an instinctive sex drive. Taurus is a sign of physical pleasure. Ruled by Venus, the planet of feminine sexuality, the Taurus approaches sex with a lot of sincerity. People born under this sign enjoy exploring their partners’ bodies and work toward fostering different types of intimacy in their relationships. Given Cancer’s need for closeness, Taurus seems to be the perfect sexual partner for them. These signs build a sexual connection on trust and comfort.

Love compatibility: The Taurus-Cancer couple also has a great appreciation for one another and they value who the other is as an individual and what they have to offer. This factor also makes them a power couple.

3. Gemini and Aquarius build harmonious relationships 

Relationship compatibility: Most compatible signs are those that strike a long-lasting chord. Gemini and Aquarius are harmonious like that – even though they are considered one of the coldest and most unemotional zodiac signs, they still share a definite mental and emotional connection. A new Gemini and Aquarius couple gives the impression of having known each other for years. Moreover, these signs are big on creativity and ideas – they can range from weird, like trying absurd cuisines, to adventurous, like scaling rocky mountains. Here are some reasons the Gemini and Aquarius combo works so well:

  • They keep their relationship mentally stimulating
  • They have vast variety of interests
  • They give each other a lot of space

Sexual compatibility: Gemini and Aquarius are so comfortable with each other that they could have sex anywhere. A Gemini could be shy in some situations but as soon as Aquarius takes charge, they understand that there is no limit to sexual expression. That is what makes them count among the most compatible signs. They will try everything and communicate sincerely to learn quickly about each other’s bodies.

Love compatibility: When they spend time apart in their own social circles, it does not bother them much. In fact, these boundaries make their relationship stronger. As they say, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

Aquarius is also among the most compatible signs with Libra. They are a great match in terms of intellect. “Libra can help Aquarius be freely quirky and find meaning in it, and Aquarius can add fuel to a Libra person’s ideas and give them the freedom they love,” says Kreena.

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4. Leo and Sagittarius, high on passion

Relationship compatibility: Leo is one of the zodiac signs that are born leaders. They are hands down among the most compatible signs with Sagittarius and vice versa. A Leo and Sagittarius couple is high on passion as both partners have high regard for life. They are driven by what they want out of this world. They encourage one another to achieve their goals. Leo and Sagittarius are fire signs, which helps them get along a tad easier. The following are the reasons that Leo and Sagittarius are compatible signs:

  • Leo, the fire sign is extremely passionate and loving
  • Their relationship is full of adventures
  • Both prefer the direct approach so arguments are few and fleeting

Sexual compatibility: These fire signs are just red-hot when it comes to sex. High on energy and not at all inhibited, there is no limit to their pleasure. They understand the dynamics of sex in a relationship.

Love compatibility: Leo’s fun factor is what makes it one of the most compatible signs with Sagittarius. They make for a magnetic couple and everybody likes to be around them. Their energy is infectious – which others could be slightly envious of. The passion these two signs have for life, love, and each other is incredibly intoxicating. One could say that they are the epitome of most compatible signs.

Leo is also among the most compatible signs with Libra. “Leos and Libras make a perfect power couple in terms of fame, handling people, being social, and keeping their lives lively and motivated,” says Kreena.

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5. Pisces and Scorpio, the intuitive couple

Relationship compatibility: Pisces and Scorpio are among the most compatible signs, owing to their need for instinct-driven relationships, which these water signs can provide to one another. Thus Pisces and Scorpio make for an intuitive couple. These two zodiac signs have a soulmate connection that is almost telepathic, which makes them count among the most compatible signs.  

“Pisces and Scorpios are water signs that are highly charged up on emotions and sensitivity. The dreamy Pisces requires the intense Scorpio to get life in order while a Scorpio could take Pisces’ help in letting go and moving on. They are both great at giving and receiving love and can be very committed,” says Kreena. What makes them good together?

  • They are both emotional and sensitive
  • Scorpios are fiercely protective
  • Their connection is almost telepathic

Sexual compatibility: For Scorpio and Pisces – both water signs – emotions are a crucial part of their sexual experiences. Sex between Scorpios and Pisces is a sign of pleasure. There is a depth between these two signs and from that depth stems a strong bond. However, a Scorpio lover can exhibit sabotaging clingy behavior, while a Pisces may want to set boundaries.

Love compatibility: Their bond isn’t just restricted to the minds. They strive to understand each other’s bodies and souls. They want to know everything about their partner as they hold them in high regard. This couple is not afraid to display romance or affection. Their love language is expression.

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6. Virgo and Taurus, driven by security and stability

Relationship compatibility: Most compatible signs with Virgo are those that are simple and practical with their emotions and goals. They like someone like themselves. Thus, the most compatible signs with Virgo are earth signs, and Taurus fits the bill perfectly. Owing to their similarities, Virgo and Taurus really hit it off. Virgos are calm and collected, making them one of the most compatible signs with Taurus people, who are peace-loving.

“Taurus and Virgo, being earth signs, thrive on a lot of stability and security. They are also very loyal and committed to their better halves. They both are family-oriented and will love their space after a particular amount of socializing,” says Kreena. Reasons that Virgo and Taurus get along so well:

  • Both are extremely practical and grounded
  • Both are driven and ambitious
  • Sexually most compatible zodiac signs as couples

Sexual compatibility: A Virgo partner can be shy about their sexuality. The Taurus – with their uber physical confidence – can set the Virgo free. A Taurus is gifted when it comes to intimacy and this is what also makes them among the most compatible signs with Virgo. Besides, Virgo is a sign of virginity and Taurus is ruled by Venus. One could say that Taurus and Virgo are very comfortable with one another and thus could be considered among the signs with the most explosive sexual compatibility.

Love compatibility: Also, Virgo and Taurus are counted among the most compatible signs as they are dedicated to one another. They not only have a lot of integrity but also have the same values. This allows them to truly understand one another to the fullest. 

“The dedicated Virgo is great at pampering the attention-needing Taurus while the responsible and fun-loving Taurus is great at helping Virgo loosen up and relax while they can,” adds Kreena.

Most Compatible Sign

7. Libra and Aquarius, the power couple

Relationship compatibility: These air signs are considered the most gifted zodiac sign, intellectually. And if you think that being air elements, these highly compatible zodiac signs will be similar in nature, then you couldn’t be further from the truth. Regardless, Aquarius are humanitarians and the Libras are very particular about being fair and just. These traits complement each other well, and combined with their intellect, make them a couple who do their best to make the world a better place. They are very understanding of each other’s needs and aspirations and help each other grow. Some things that make this a compatible zodiac sign are:

  • Deep interesting conversations
  • Supportive of each other
  • Driven by the urge to make the world a better place

Sexual compatibility: The zodiac compatibility of these signs is not just restricted to the outside world, they are equally good inside the bedroom. Libras love to make people happy and will bend over backwards to please their partner in bed. Aquarians have eccentric taste and are sure to make the novelty last long with all their kinkiness.

Love compatibility: These zodiac signs are truly compatible. They have a mental connection and enjoy talking about various topics like philosophy, science, art, etc. Even though Libra men and women are romantic and Aquarians are aloof, they are both good communicators. As a result, these air signs are able to strike and maintain a balance, making them a good team. This fun, supportive, mentally stimulating, and fulfilling relationship is the reason that Libras are one of the most compatible signs with Aquarius.

8. Cancer and Virgo, filled with compassion

Relationship compatibility: Cancer is a water sign, a very sensitive, caring, and emotional zodiac sign. They have a lot of love to give and their families are their greatest priority. While Virgo is an earth sign, practical and grounded, and is not easily swayed by emotions. But Virgos are extremely caring and empathetic toward their partners. They think with both their hearts and their mind, making them the most compatible sign with Cancer. Why are Cancer and Virgo compatible? Here are some reasons.

  • Both the signs are very empathetic
  • Virgo keeps Cancer practical
  • Cancer helps Virgo to open up

Sexual Compatibility: Being a cardinal sign, Cancer loves to take the lead in the bedroom. They shower their partner with lots of love and attention. Though considered one of the most manipulative zodiac signs, Virgos are generally a little shy and need someone to make them feel the tenderness. The love shown by the Cancers offers exactly that. After getting past the initial hesitation, things heat up in the bedroom exponentially, helping build a strong bond between them.

Love compatibility: The reason Virgos are compatible signs for Cancer is that they will never let their partners feel uncared for or unheard, which appeals to the sensitive nature of a Cancer. A Virgo finds it hard to resist Cancer’s loyalty and sweet and caring nature. You would think the emotional nature of the crab and the practicality of the virgin might make the people of these sun signs wary of one another. But in fact, Cancers need someone to ground them when emotions run high. And their Virgo partners need to be reminded to use their hearts.

This article has been updated in December 2022.

Key Pointers

  • Each element is most compatible with members of the same element
  • Outside their own elements, a fire sign is more compatible with an air sign and an earth sign is more compatible with a water sign
  • Even the signs with the best zodiac compatibility need to work on their relationships 

The most compatible signs are determined based on their virtues. It is handy to have this knowledge as it can help you check the compatibility factor when you are trying to assess the suitability of a new romantic prospect. But also keep in mind that there may exist exceptions to these well-paired zodiac combinations. So, always prioritize your feelings and instincts when it comes to love.

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