20 Unique And Interesting Facts About Aquarian Women

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20 Unique And Interesting Facts About Aquarian Women

Shakira, Natalie Dormer and Jennifer Anniston, I’ve always loved their strength of character, independence and intellect. I never knew things about them till I dug facts about an Aquarius woman’s personality. Did you know how creative, sarcastic, independent and adventurous Aquarian women were? There are so many things you can assess about a person just by their zodiac sign. Here are Interesting facts about Aquarian women that will blow your mind.

20 Unique And Interesting Facts About An Aquarian Woman

An Aquarian’s zodiac sign tells a lot about their Aquarius nature. You can understand how they feel, why they feel so and even get to know the unsaid things that they want you to understand. These facts about an Aquarius woman can help you understand her in ways nobody else does. If you want a more meaningful connection with an Aquarius woman, here are 20 interesting facts that will guide you.

1. Aquarian women love deeply

If you are with an Aquarian woman, you should consider yourself lucky. Aquarian women love their man deeply. Their love for you will always be pure and deep. This is because they always feel these strong and intense emotions for the people they love and will always remain loyal to those emotions.

Aquarian women love deeply

Aquarian women love deeply Image source

2. You’ll get the best of both worlds

Aquarius women enjoy two types of personalities. They are either quiet and introverted or highly energetic and talkative. It’s like two extremes in both cases. There’s no middle path. What’s common in both personalities is that they are deep thinkers. No matter how their personality is, they think deeply in situations.

3. They are creative people

Aquarius women are creative people. They like to think outside the box. They don’t do well in traditional atmospheres with too many restrictions. Aquarius women prefer jobs where they can apply their creativity rather than doing the same routine, mundane work each day. They are risk takers and think beyond the present.

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4. They are sarcastic

Aquarius is one of the most sarcastic zodiac signs. Aquarius women use sarcasm as their most favourite weapon. They are like the lady Chandler Bing. Their humour is also derived from their sarcastic nature and no one wants to be at the other end when she starts shooting sarcastic fireworks.

They are sarcastic

Aquarian women can be sarcastic Image source

5. They aren’t always an open book

An Aquarius woman doesn’t like showing her feelings in front of others. They prefer suppressing their feelings or go into denial rather than accepting how they really feel. They build a wall around themselves when it comes to emotions. Eventually, they start accepting their feelings but that’s after a long time.

6. They are hungry for knowledge

They are hungry for knowledge

Aquarian women are driven by knowledge Image source

Such people always like to acquire knowledge from different sources. They never stop learning. You’ll see an Aquarius woman either with a book or watching a documentary online to satisfy their hunger for knowledge. For them, knowledge has no boundaries and they like intellectual and well-learned men too. They prefer interactions that have some substance and do not like to waste their time.

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7. They aren’t good liars

If there’s one thing Aquarius women are not good at, it’s lying. They often tend to get themselves in complicated situations which they can’t get out of. Lying their way out of situations is not their thing at all. An Aquarius woman will always find herself in situations she hates to be in.

8. They over think a lot

Aquarius women have the habit to analyse every situation and weigh the pros and cons. This is because they are deep thinkers. This habit of theirs often makes them over think situations that don’t need a lot of thinking too. They start stressing out on small things, only to realize that they were over thinking.

9. They are independent

One of the main reasons why Aquarius women are such strong personalities is that they are independent people. They want to carve their own paths. Aquarius women love their independence which is one of the reasons why they are so strong and confident about themselves. They hate asking for help or charity from others.

They are independent

Aquarian women are independent Image source

10. Aquarian women are spontaneous

Aquarius women hate doing the same routine work every time. They prefer to live in the moment. What drives them is this sense of adventure. Their spontaneity is what makes them so unpredictable. This makes them fun people too and their friends get a great kick out of their adventures.

11. They don’t make the same mistakes again

We all make mistakes but few of us actually learn from them. We are prone to repeat our mistakes again. However, this isn’t the case with Aquarius women. Aquarius women learn from their mistakes and don’t allow themselves to be in the same situation again, especially when they are linked to life changing decisions.

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12. They are great listeners

Aquarius women are one of the best people to talk to when you feel down or sad. They hate to see their friends in emotionally draining situations. They will patiently listen to every bit of your story and will give you some great advice too. Here’s where their worldly knowledge and that deep thinking helps you.

They are great listeners

Aquarian women are great listeners Image source

13. They could have a temper

Aquarius women have a tendency of bottling up their emotions in order to hide their feelings from other people. This usually makes them explode when they can’t take the frustration anymore. They don’t lose their cool that often, but when they do, there’s no saving you. The However, if you know to push the right buttons, you can easily cool them down.

14. They look for the best in people

Aquarius women look for the best in people and also for the best in situations. When things turn south, Aquarius women focus on the positives. This nature of theirs makes them forgive people no matter how badly they screw her over. Sometimes, they forgive people who don’t even deserve it.

15. Aquarian women can be weird

Aquarian women can be weird

Aquarian women can be weird Image source

Do not always fall for an Aquarius woman’s appearance. They could be pretty weird too. Their spontaneous nature makes them do crazy and unthinkable things that will leave everyone around them bewildered. Do you have those people in your life that are fun to be around but their nature also makes you think that they don’t belong on this planet? That’s what an Aquarius woman could be like.

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16. Aquarian women are big dreamers

Another interesting fact about an Aquarius woman’s personality is that they are big dreamers. Being highly intellectual and innovative, Aquarius women love to dream big. They have the ability to achieve their goals no matter how big they are. Their dreams drive them towards achieving their goals. They work hard to turn those dreams into reality.

17. When they are in love

When an Aquarius woman is in love, she will love her man deeply as long as it doesn’t compromise her personality. They hate restrictions in a relationship and hate being in relationships where they can’t be themselves. This often makes them vulnerable to the expectations of their partner.

They are great and loyal lovers, but the only thing that they expect in return is to allow them to be themselves in the relationship.

18. Sexual preferences of an Aquarian woman

Aquarius women prefer partners who are more open minded and embrace their strong personality. They do not care about things like their society and will be confident about their sexuality without caring about anyone else’s opinion. One thing Aquarius women like is sexual experiments. They do not refrain from trying new things. They will also use their innovative skills in their sexuality. Sometimes, they could display their sexuality in the most unimaginable places and situations.

19. Being in a a relationship with them

Aquarius women are spontaneous, weird, unpredictable but also strong-minded and intellectual. Being with them is like being on a rollercoaster, without knowing when that rollercoaster ride drops you off. They don’t have any set expectations from their partner. Their expectations come along depending on the direction the relationship is headed for. One thing you can surely expect from an Aquarius woman is the surprise element in the relationship which will always keep the spark alive.

Being in a relationship with an Aquarian woman

Aquarian women are spontaneous Image source

20. Giving gifts to an Aquarius woman

While picking out gifts for an Aquarius woman, make sure that you don’t gift her something a typical woman likes. All Aquarius do not dig for roses and candlelight dinners. If you want to gift an Aquarius woman something she will remember forever, gift her something unusual that represents her personality. Think creatively and out of the box when you are picking out a gift for an Aquarius woman.

Talking about compatibility of one sign with another, Aquarian woman are mostly compatible with Aries, Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius. The least compatible signs are Taurus and Scorpio. If you aren’t in the most compatible signs or are one of the least compatible signs, remember that someone’s zodiac sign isn’t the prime determinant of a relationship’s success. Zodiac Signs will guide you to know your partner’s personality better. Your relationship’s success or failure depends on which way you go with it.


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