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Relationships are not like a bed of roses. As we get accustomed with our partner many disagreements on many aspects of life creep in. Do we ask for it? Of course not. Can we avoid it? Probably not. But can we resolve disagreements? Sure we can. Couples love each other despite fights. So it’s important to not let negativity damage your relationship after a fight. Here are a few simple ways to do it.

1.  Make-up sex

It tops the list, hands down. If you two had a nasty fight the night before, give yourselves the time to calm down and follow up with some steamy make-up sex. Sure you wouldn’t feel as passionate as you would on any other morning, but getting intimate with your partner after a fight will help you move past the disagreements from earlier. It will bring two of you close together after playing opponents.

2. Find a mid way

If the clash is about you two wanting different things then negotiating with your partner is the most effective way to resolve the tension. If he wants to see a Cricket test match on a Sunday while you want to watch the latest movie release, meet your partner halfway. When you think your partner spends more time in his social circle than with you, you two need to sit down to find a mid way to resolve the issue by arriving on a decision you both are okay with. Make a deal that both of you are comfortable with.

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3. The magical three words

‘I am sorry’ goes a long way to settle a couple’s dispute. You might not be comfortable saying this often, but saying you’re sorry and really meaning it is not just brave, but also the best way to deplete the negativity after a tussle. Since none of you can be right at all scenarios, owning up to your mistakes is the first and most effective step towards building a healthy relationship.

4. Let him cool off

But there are times when no make-up sex, negotiation or apologies makes sense if one of you is playing stuck-up on the issue. In such a situation giving your partner some cooling off period is the best way to go. Give him some time to process his thoughts and clear his head before he comes with a peace offering.

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In short, don’t focus on the fights and arguments more than the love that you two share. Anger is momentary, love is forever.

What are your tricks to solve an issue with your partner? Tell us in the comments section below.

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