Technology And Relationships: Is Love Getting Better With Tech?

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impact of technology on relationships

Technology and relationships are inseparable these days. One really cannot and simply refuses to exist without the other. Love is only getting better because of technology, making it easier to communicate, convey and express what with Facetime calls and constant Snapchats. There is no doubt that there are positive effects of technology on relationships.

In 1995 when Google CEO Sundar Pichai went to study at Stanford University from India he couldn’t call his girlfriend, now wife, Anjali for months because a long-distance call cost him a bomb that he couldn’t afford.

Fast forward to 2021. Can you imagine a student in such dire straits in the age of WhatsApp? No way! Human relationships and technology have got completely redefined in the modern world. Love is just a text away.

The Impact Of Technology On Relationships

Face-to-face interactions are the best form of communication. Now you do not have to sleep on your problems and let relationship arguments brew because you are unable to discuss them in person. One Facetime call and things can be better again.

The impact of technology on relationships cannot be denied. It is like the two are now in a symbiotic relationship themselves. It has helped people in love to be in touch more often and express themselves better. How? We tell you in detail:

1. Technology slows down fights

impact of technology on relationships
Easy way of saying sorry

Researchers suggest that technology has helped partners to slow down their conversation during a fight. When dealing with an angry partner, technology serves as the perfect distraction, giving both partners time and space to reflect and cool down.

Also, sometimes partners can express themselves better if they write things down instead of getting into an agitated spat. Many couples say that they iron out their differences through messaging. Saying sorry on WhatsApp is easier than in person.

And when they finally meet they are in a far better state of mind and it is all love and no fight. So technology and love do go hand-in-hand.

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2. No chances of a forgotten date

How technology has affected relationships shines through in the ways it helps you become a better partner. Now, you will never forget important dates and occasions. You can set reminders for those special days and never have to worry about missing an anniversary or an important relationship milestone.

Let’s face it we have no time to mark dates on the calendars as our grandmas did. On the other hand, we just need to mark a date on the calendar on the mobile and forget it. The notification will come right on time.

Some even set it a few days beforehand so that they can pick up the best gift cards for a spouse or plan a romantic evening. Thanks to technology there is no chance of an embarrassing situation when you forget a birthday or anniversary. So the impact of technology on love remains a good one.

3. The older generation is re-inventing love

Older people are thoroughly enjoying technology. My mom follows my dad on Instagram and dad follows her too, and they keep posting couple pictures like love-struck teenagers. They are always interacting with friends on Facebook and are super active in WhatsApp groups.

When discussing the advantages and disadvantages of technology and relationships, the fact that it has given new confidence to the older generation is definitely a big check in the pros section. They feel great to be with the times. Technology has helped them greatly in old age. They can overcome loneliness by staying in touch with the world. This is one of the greatest benefits of technology.

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4. Technology for long-distance relationships

Long-distance relationships were always there but it’s the technology that has made it better and far easier. Video calls and apps for LDR partners ensure that you don’t spend your days longing and pining for your SO.

To be able to see and talk has a positive effect on the well-being of a person. This is one of the positive effects of technology on relationships. Technology and love shine together.

Technology relationships love getting better
Technology has made long-distance love better

5. Less stress with technology

Technology and relationships have together made one’s personal stresses easier too. After a hard day at work if friends are dropping in there are no arguments about who is going out to get the food, you just order it online.

In fact, technology has made life so much easier. You shop for clothes, groceries, furniture online and you pay bills online. Without all these errands to run, you have more time and energy to do more fulfilling things together.

Love blooms over candlelit dinners as the rest is taken care of. Technology does affect love positively. You can find your love through online dating also. That’s another plus.

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6. The best form of entertainment

Technology and its effect on relationships can be fun too! Whether you want your voyeuristic pleasures out of stalking a friend on Facebook and laughing together about the atrocious photographs or you want to catch the latest romantic flick or you have a thing for watching food channels together, it’s all right there on your mobile.

You just have to curl up on your couch and choose the kind of entertainment you want – together. Technology is good for relationships.

7. The emojis make things mushy

In reality how many times do you say “I love you” or blow a flying kiss to your partner?  But on text, thanks to the emojis, you are spewing mush all day and that’s lovely for your relationship. Emojis have the power to turn around relationships for the better and that’s one of the benefits of technology in a relationship.

Technology and relationships go hand in hand and it has done everything to make things better for couples in love. So go ahead and be the quintessential technophile and embrace technology with as much warmth that you embrace your partner.


1. How are relationships affected by technology?

Technology and relationships are a tryst that truly make relationships better. By using technology, one can constantly keep in touch with their partner and also find creative ways to show them that they love them.

2. What impact has technology had on intimate relationships?

With technology, you can literally watch movies together with your boyfriend even if you are countries apart. To put it simply, it has brought people closer than ever. You can always know what is going on with the other person and keep in touch with them.

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