30 Easy Ways To Make Your Wife Feel Special

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Updated On: May 15, 2024
make your wife feel special

How to make your wife feel special? There’s a million-dollar question. Husbands who want to make their wives feel loved and appreciated keep looking for small and big ways to make them feel special. They say that a happy wife makes a happy life.

And a spouse plays a major part in making your home feel like one. Keeping the spark alive is far more important than you might think. As Mignon McLaughlin said, “A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person.”

Expressing love is as important as experiencing it. The beauty of a marriage lies in the details; the little things that partners do for each other to keep it romantic. So, let’s explore the many ways with which you can sweep your wife off her feet!

How To Make Your Wife Feel Loved And Appreciated?

After marriage, the romance between a husband and wife slowly begins to diminish and things go back to being routine again. You both start adjusting to your new roles and after some time, these roles feel normal. All that your wife does for you on a daily basis doesn’t seem to be a big deal. Getting habituated with your partner and their actions can make you a little oblivious to their thoughtfulness.

You start to take your wife for granted and don’t appreciate her enough for the little things that she does for you. And this is quite unfortunate because gratitude is a very important relationship quality. Acknowledging each other’s efforts goes a very long way in a marriage, and being thankful is a mark of respect too. Grand gestures aren’t always the way to go…

There are small things you can keep doing to make your wife feel loved and appreciated without going overboard. Massaging her tired back or making her a morning cuppa can make your wife feel cared for. It doesn’t take a lot to make a woman feel loved and secure. She believes in doing the small things for you every single day to make your life easy. You also need to do the small things to make her feel cared for. And this right here, gentlemen, is the best relationship advice you’ll get.

The very fact that you’re making an effort will fill her heart with joy, but you have to do a creative and sweet job of it. Remember how Chandler tries to clean the house to make Monica happy? It’s the thought that counts for sure, but a successful attempt would be the cherry on top of the cake.

Flowers and chocolates are a boyfriend’s gift. You need to go for something a little more mature and sophisticated. But don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with these 30 ways to make your wife feel loved and appreciated.

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30 Ways To Make Your Wife Feel Special

Play your entire day in your head and remember all the different roles she plays for you. Shocking, right? She is a multi-tasking genius and you have to applaud her for that. It is important to make a woman feel loved and secure and give her the assurance that her efforts are being acknowledged.

Take some time and make some efforts to make your wife happy. Here is a long list of unique and sweet ways that explain how to make your wife feel loved and appreciated. You’ll melt her heart with these awwww-some methods! They are all diverse answers to how to make your wife feel important.

1. Stick short notes

Stick short notes with cute messages on the mirror for her. They will make her day when she gets up in the morning to brush her teeth. It’s a small gesture but she will look forward to these notes every day. This is a great communication exercise in a marriage too. Write a few sweet lines like, ‘you make my world go roundor ‘don’t know where I’d be without you‘. There is no dearth of romantic things to say to your wife.

2. The three magical words are sweet things to say to your wife

These words are used less frequently after marriage. Make it a point to say ‘I love you’ after you say bye to her. Say ‘I love you’ as many times as you can. It may sound cliché but it will get her heart pounding. It’s always wonderful to be reminded how loved you are. The most stressful day will become lighter when she hears you say you love her.

3. Call her from work 

Tell her how much you miss her, and that you can’t wait to get back home and see her. It will instantly make her feel special. You can have a calling routine too. Maybe a quick 5-minute chat just before lunch hour? This is great to keep the communication going with a ritual. And also, your answer to ‘how to make your wife feel important?’

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4. Ask her how her day was

This is a small gesture but it means a lot to wives. They feel happy that their husband shows interest in their day. This is definitely the easiest way to make a wife feel special. She could be a career woman or a homemaker, but her battle through the day has been as tough as yours. Talk to her about the ins and outs of the daily hassles, and ask a few thoughtful questions. Basically, stay in the loop with what’s going on in her life.

5. What can I do for my wife to make her feel special? Say “Thank You”

To make your wife feel special, acknowledge the efforts she puts into the house and family. A simple ‘thank you’ when she irons your shirt or just gets you a glass of water when you are too tired to get up from the couch, goes a long way to show her you care. You can never be grateful enough for her role in your life; be sure to express it too by treating her right.

make your wife feel special
Helping her with chores is the best thing to do to make her feel special

6. Ask her if you can help her out

While she’s doing her chores, ask her if she needs help. Even if she says no, go ahead and help her. She might not say it, but deep inside she will feel happy. While there is a division of responsibilities in most households, taking on some of her load is a lovely thing to do. After a long day at work, who wouldn’t appreciate someone doing the dishes instead? This is a great way to show affection too.

7. Wish her “Good Morning” in bed

A simple way to tell her how much she means to you. This will be a very romantic start to her day indeed. You can take it a step ahead and make her breakfast in bed as you wish her good morning on a Sunday. Stay in bed on the weekend morning and cuddle up with her. These are all things to do for your wife to make her feel special.

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8. Wrap your arms around her

While she is getting ready for work or cooking in the kitchen, wrap your arms around her waist and hug her from behind. Hold her close to you very tightly, and nuzzle your face into her neck. This is a very sensuous thing to do. Things might escalate too! Whoever said long-term relationships and sexiness don’t go together.

9. Write her a small love letter

What can I do for my wife to make her feel special, you ask? Tell her how much she means to you. Jot down all the things that you like about her and maybe add a memory or a moment and make the letter special. People are forgetting the art of writing letters. Nothing like a handwritten letter on an ornate paper that you can even post. She would receive it when you are at work. Good idea? I sure think so.

10. Compliments are nice things to say to your wife

After marriage, husbands tend to compliment their wives less which makes them conscious about their looks. Compliment her often and notice changes in her looks and hairstyles. Appreciate her when she dresses up and don’t body shame her for that extra weight she has put on. Tell her you love her just the way she is. This is the solution to your dilemma of ‘what can I do to make my wife feel special‘.

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11. Give her a massage

After she has had a long and tiring day give her a massage. This will help her relax and she will feel lucky to have someone who thinks about her comfort. You can take her to the bathtub, use aroma candles and bath salts, and make it a sensuous massage followed by some great sex. There is no better answer to how to make your wife feel loved and appreciated.

12. Cooking a meal is one of the ways to make your wife feel special

Surprise her by cooking a meal for her. Cooking together is a great bonding activity for couples, and a romantic dinner at home might be just the thing your wife needs. Get the ambiance right with a few fairy lights and candles, and put a rose in a vase. Preparing a fancy meal is one of the best things to do for your wife to make her feel special.

make your wife feel loved
Toss up her favorite dish and surprise her

13. Gift her a spa package

She deserves to be pampered. And she likes nothing better than a spa to relax her tired shoulders and feet. Women absolutely love a spa day out – it makes them feel like queens. If you want to know how to make your wife feel loved and appreciated, book her a spa at an authentic place as a romantic gift. She’ll come back home feeling completely relaxed.

14. Respect her parents

Her parents are precious to her, and by respecting them you win bonus points. Her parents might have disapproved of you at one time, all girl’s parents actually do, but that doesn’t mean you will not take them out for dinner. You have to be courteous to them for your wife’s sake. She treats your parents with the utmost respect, right?

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15. Tuck her into your arms

When she is sitting alone, tuck her into your arms and rub her side lightly. This is a great way to show your wife she is loved and appreciated. It’s a loving gesture to show deep affection. And intimacy plays a key role in each relationship. It’s very important to be physically expressive of the affection you have for her.

16. Shower her with kisses

Cuddles, kisses, playful tickling, and embracing. Kiss your wife often, and with passion. A quick reminder that she’s your number one girl – that you love her the most in the world. There are romantic things to say to your wife which you can whisper in her ear. You’ll rewind to the honeymoon phase of your relationship very soon.

17. Dinner dates – Things to do for your wife to make her feel special

To make your wife feel special, take her out on dinner dates, preferably to her favorite restaurant. Think back to the time when you were dating; didn’t you do fun things together? Maybe a little boredom has crept into the relationship with time. Well, shake things up with a sumptuous meal and a walk in the park.

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18. Help her out with the kids

Make them do their homework so that your wife doesn’t stress about it. Sharing parental duties shows the involvement you have with your family. And she really shouldn’t be doing all the work by herself. Give her a breather or a day off from mommy duties – take the kids to the park, or a gaming arcade.

19. Appreciate her

Tell her how much you appreciate her and how well she looks after the kids. You don’t have to make her sit for an “appreciation session”.Just saying, “Gosh! how do you manage to do so much?” or “Let me put the kids to bed tonight you must catch up on your reading,” will convey it all. All these are nice things to say to your wife and leave a lasting imprint.

Relationship Advice

20. What are simple ways to make your wife feel special? Do groceries together

Go with her to buy groceries and help her carry the bags home. And shopping for home essentials is a good routine activity to bond over. Household chores aren’t a bore when done together. This is one of the best things to do for your wife because it’ll make her realize that you want to spend time with her; even if it’s just running errands.

21. Pick her up from work

Surprise her by picking her up from the office. You may go for a long drive before going home. If you want to make your wife feel special, drop in at her favorite café and order the pizza she loves. See her chomp away happily after that. This is a perfect rainy-date idea for the two of you. Still asking, “What can I do for my wife to make her feel special?” I think not.

22. Order food for her

Order her favorite pastry or ice cream once in a while. She will realize how attuned you are to her needs. Some good dessert and a binge-watching session can work wonders. Food is often the way to a person’s heart; it is also the answer to your much-asked ‘how can I make my wife feel loved and appreciated’ question.

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23. Take care of her when she is menstruating

Tell her to rest in bed while you take care of things. Get her a hot water bottle or a box of brownies. This is the time she has severe mood swings; just understand that her PMS is making her body go haywire. Be patient and attentive. Make a run to the medical store if she needs you to get tampons or pads.

24. Feed her in bed

Want to make your wife feel special? How about a waffles-in-bed kind of a weekend? She deserves to sleep in for a few extra hours on holidays. After all, she needs a break too. Once you have fed her with your hands, and she gets into the mood for something else…don’t tell us we didn’t warn you.

25. How to make your wife feel important? Tell your kids she is Superwoman

Make your kids realize that their mother is Superwoman and tell them to thank her for being one. Never tell her off in front of the kids, and avoid an argument if it’s about to happen in front of them (it is a rookie parenting mistake you should avoid). Give her the respect she deserves as your wife and their mother. Hyping her up is a sure-shot way to make your wife feel special.

26. Hold her hand

Hold her hand when you both are going for those evening walks. Also, hold her hand when you go for social gatherings. It will make her feel that it’s just like the old times. Something as simple as holding hands can lend a sense of safety and security to an individual.

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27. Avoid criticizing her

Instead, appreciate her for the things she does. Criticism is the most horrible thing you could do to a person. If you have a different opinion, express it without placing blame or using personal attacks. Resolve conflicts peacefully, and develop respect in the relationship.

28. Text her naughty messages

A saucy text can keep things fiery and fun. Drop into her DMs with a racy pick-up line, or an explicit description of what you’d like to do later that night. When you’re back home, things are bound to get hot, hot, and hotter. Sexting is also a great option to have some dirty fun.

29. How can I make my wife feel loved and appreciated? Keep her needs in mind

Ask her if she is craving to eat anything or wants anything when you return from the office. This will make her feel that you keep her needs in mind. If she told you about the dress she saw at the shop window you could also surprise her by buying that. She isn’t looking for expensive gifts but she loves a surprise every now and then. It’s definitely a great way to make your wife feel special.

30. Respect her opinions and decisions

Support her in whatever decision she makes and include her in your personal decisions as well. You should put your heads together when you need to make decisions about the shared expenses or about the kids, the mortgage or ailing parents.

Making your wife feel special doesn’t require a grand gesture or something that makes a hole in your pocket. You can make your wife special by the little things that make a big impact. Buying expensive gifts is a great thing but imagine writing a love letter about how much she means to you.

Which one do you think will win? It’s the little things that matter. Now that you’ve got the key to make your wife feel special, what are you waiting for? Go on and take care of her emotional needs and be her support system, like she is yours.

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