30 Easy Ways To Make Your Wife Feel Special

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make your wife feel special

They say that a Happy Wife makes a Happy Life. Though it is the 21st Century with more wives going out and working and husbands helping out with the house work, it can still be said that wives play a major part in making your home feel like one. They aren’t loved and appreciated enough for the role they play in your lives. While juggling work and managing the house, they are real multi-taskers. It is important to make your wife feel special, loved and appreciated.

30 Easy Ways To Make Your Wife Feel Special

After marriage, the spark between a husband and wife slowly begins to diminish and things go back to being routine again. You both start adjusting into your new roles and after some time, these roles feel normal. All that your wife does for you on a daily basis doesn’t seem to be a big deal. You start to take your wife for granted and don’t appreciate her enough for the little things that she does for you.

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30 Ways To Make Your Wife Feel Special

Play your entire day in your head and remember all the different roles she plays for you. Shocking, right? It is important to make a woman feel loved and secure and give her the assurance that her efforts are being acknowledged. Take some time and make some efforts to make your wife happy. Make your wife feel cared for. Here are 30 ways to do that.

1. Stick short notes

Stick short notes with cute messages on the mirror. It will make her day when she gets up in the morning to brush her teeth.

Write your wife a love letter

Write your wife a love letter Image source

2. The three magical words

These words are used less frequently after marriage. Make it a point to say “I Love You” after you say bye to her. Say “I Love You” as many times as you can. It may sound cliché but she will love it.

3. Call her from work

Tell her how much you miss her and can’t wait to get back to home and see her. It will instantly make her feel special.

Call her often

Call her often Image source

4. Ask her how her day was

This is a small gesture but means a lot to wives. They feel happy that their husband shows interest in their day. Easiest way to make a wife feel special.

5. Say “Thank You”

To make your wife feel special, acknowledge the efforts she puts in the house and family. For the things that she does for you and the family. This shows how much you acknowledge her gestures.

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6. Ask her if you can help her out

Offer help to her

Offer help to her Image source

While she’s doing her chores as her if she needs help. Even if she says no, go ahead and help her. She might not say it, but deep inside she will feel happy.

7. Wish her “Good Morning” in bed

Also say “I Love You” to her with a smile. Tell her how much she means to you. It will make her day.

8. Wrap your arms around her

While she is getting ready for work or cooking in the kitchen, wrap your arms around her waist and give her a back hug.

9. Write her a small love letter

Stick short notes

Stick short notes for her Image source

Tell her how much she means to you. Jot down all the things that you like about her and maybe add a memory or a moment and make the letter special.

10. Compliment often

After marriage husbands tend to compliment their wives less which makes them conscious about their looks. Compliment her often and notice changes in her looks and hairstyles.

11. Give her a massage

After she has had a long and tiring day give her a massage. This will help her relax and she will feel lucky to have someone who thinks about her comfort.

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12. Cook a meal

Surprise her by cooking a meal for her. Wives hardly get a break from cooking. They might be homemakers or professionals but cook they must. They will love you more if you can give them a break from cooking and toss up something yourself.

Make your wife feel special by cooking

Cook for her Image source

13. Gift her a spa package

She deserves to be pampered. And she likes nothing better than a spa to relax her tired shoulders and feet.

14. Respect her parents

Her parents are precious to her, and by respecting them you win bonus points.

15. Tuck her into your arms

When she is sitting alone, tuck her into your arms and rub her side lightly.

16. Dinner dates

Girlfriends are special because men spulrge on them. To make your wife feel special as well, take her out on dinner dates, preferably to her favourite restaurant.

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17. Shower her with kisses

Cuddle her in bed in the morning. Press your body against hers and give her light kisses.

18. Help her out with the kids

Help with the kids

Help with the kids Image source

Make them do their homework so that your wife doesn’t stress about it.

19. Appreciate her

Tell her how much you appreciate how well she looks after the kids.

20. Do groceries together

Go with her to buy groceries. Help her carry the bags home. If you see that she is very tired, do some of her chores for her. She will feel happy to have such a caring husband.

21. Pick her up from work

Surprise her by picking her from office. You may go for a long drive before going home.

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22. Order food for her

Give her a break from cooking

Give her a break from cooking Image source

Order her favourite pastry or ice cream once in a while. She will realize how much you take care of the little things.

23. Take care of her more when she is menstruating

Tell her to rest in bed while you take care of things. Rub her stomach and make her feel relaxed.

24. Make Sunday breakfast

Want to make your wife feel special? How about a breakfast in bed kind of Sunday this week? She deserves to sleep for a few extra hours on holidays. After all, she needs a break too.

25. Tell your kids she is a Superwoman

Make your kids realize that their mother is a Superwoman and tell them to thank her for being one.

26. Hold her hand

Wife feel special by holding hands

Hold her hand Image source

Hold her hand when you both are going for those evening walks. Also, hold her hand when you go for social gatherings. It will make her feel that it’s just like old times.

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27. Avoid criticizing her

Instead, appreciate her for the things she does.

28. Text or call during the day

No matter how busy you are, make it a point to keep a check on her during the day.

29. Keep her needs in mind

Ask her if she is craving to eat anything or wants anything when you return from office. This will make her feel that you keep in mind her needs,

30. Respect her opinions and decisions

Respect her opinions

Respect her opinions Image source

Support her in whatever decision she makes and include her in your personal decisions as well.

Making your wife feel special doesn’t require a grand gesture or something that makes a hole in your pocket. You can make your wife special by the little things that make a big impact. Buying expensive gifts is a great thing but imagine writing a love letter about how much she means to you. Which one do you think will win? It’s the little things that matter. Now that you got the key to make your wife feel special, what are you waiting for? Go on and take care of her emotional needs and be her support system, like she is yours.

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