My boyfriend has not deleted his ex girlfriend’s phone number and I am feeling insecure

Boyfriend does not tell me about anything about his ex girlfriend when I ask
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Good afternoon ma’am,

I am a graduate and preparing for civil service. Now I am in a relationship with a person who is 4 years older than me and is working. Everything is fine with us, but the problem is that every time his past comes between us. He had a relationship with a girl before and I know about it. However, I asked her name, he refused to tell me and till now he has her number saved in his phone. I trust him that he is not cheating on me. But the thing is why is he not sharing what I want to know. Am I becoming more insecure by asking these questions if he doesn’t want to tell me about it?

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Neha Anand says:

Dear Lady

I appreciate your concern towards your relationship. I assume the rest

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  1. Stay positive girl!! Think that it is more of his decision and can has many explored aspects or him to have her number still on his contacts list!!

  2. he must not be sharing any details about his ex possibly also because he does not want to revisit that chapter. Also, if his behavior is normal with you, then you shouldn’t probably think and have such fears in mind.

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