15 Changes That Happen In A Woman’s Life After Marriage

Life after marriage is about adjusting to a lot of changes for a womanhow life changes for a woman after marriage

A woman, ever since she is born is socialized into playing certain roles in society. Before marriage, she is a daughter and sister in her family. However, after marriage, her roles change drastically. She has to be a wife, a daughter-in-law and in the future a mother too while being a daughter and a sister. She is the one who has to leave behind her usual routine life and her parent’s home to be with her husband after the wedding. Therefore a woman has to experience a lot of changes after marriage which can be both enriching and daunting at the same time. Life after marriage makes a complete change.

A woman’s life undergoes a complete change after she ties the knot. Though all changes are not bad, but there certain expectations of in-laws that may make it difficult for a woman to adjust and adapt to the new lifestyle. Overnight, your priorities and routine changes, and from a bubbly, carefree girl one day, you become a responsible, caring daughter-in-law the next day. A lot of changes happen in a woman’s life after marriage. Indeed life changes for a girl after marriage.

15 Changes A Woman Experiences After Marriage

We bring up our daughters with ideas of being a caregiver or nurturer as her priority in life. Needless to say that in such a scenario, a woman goes through myriad changes once placed in the set-up of a married life. She is to move in with the man and take care of the man’s family as her own. Add to that the pressure of bearing the progeny and maintaining the pedigree is a responsibility not to be taken lightly. She performs all these duties with professional-calibre as if she has been trained to do this all her life. Here is a list of 15 changes a woman goes through post-marriage that have a major impact on her life and her relationship with others.

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1. She becomes more responsible and reliable

Gone are the days, when she can remain carefree and live her life as she wishes. A woman’s life after marriage changes drastically. A woman after the marriage starts taking care of not only her husband but his family and in the process becomes more and more accountable and reliable. Now she does not have her father to take care of the finances nor her mother to handle the housework. All these responsibilities ultimately become her top priority post marriage. Surprisingly, a woman becomes more responsible after marriage happily without complaining about it. This is a major change that happens in a woman’s life after marriage.

2. Career almost takes a backseat in her life

how life changes for a woman after marriage

Priority changes Image source

This might not be the case for every woman after the wedding. But then it is commonly noticed that a woman gets so preoccupied with life after marriage and juggling all kinds of duties that she does not get enough time to focus on her career. However, if one genuinely wants to go ahead in her career then probably she will get back to it after one or two years of marriage provided the husband and his family are supportive and happy about it.

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3. Her decision-making style changes

Before marriage, a woman will be concerned only with her life and take decisions according to her whims and fancies. But this changes after marriage because now she has to live her life with someone else and has to keep him in mind while taking any decision. Thus a woman will now consult her husband while making a decision as and when required to get his valued opinion and then make a final decision accordingly. Life after marriage does change because now there are two heads taking a decision together. 

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4. Patience and maturity become her number one traits

how life changes for a woman after marriage

She is more patient Image source

Patience and maturity are very essential if a woman wants to have a successful and healthy married life. These traits appear automatically in a married woman and she becomes mature enough to understand how to handle any situation whatsoever. She also learns to be calm and voice her displeasure in a more subtle way. This a major change that happens to a girl after marriage.
married life

5. She rarely gets her personal space and time

This is something that a majority of women complain about after marriage. Her personal life changes a lot after marriage. Personal space and time is very necessary for the overall development of a person’s character. But a married woman hardly gets time and space to be on her own or do the things she likes. Her routine after the wedding is – taking care of the husband, his family members, the household chores, any professional commitments and so on. Personal space and time to spend on her own- she cannot even think about it. Life after marriage does leave a woman with very little me time.

6. A married woman thinks before speaking her mind

A woman could tell anything to her parents and siblings directly without even any second thoughts because they know her inside and out. But once she is married into a new family, she has to be careful of what she says so that she might not hurt them. With time, she learns how to speak her mind after a lot of thought and without hurting anyone. The rule to be followed is think before you speak.

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7. Her dressing style transforms

A married woman has to forget the way she used to dress before marriage and adapt to the dressing style of the family she belongs to after marriage. Along with that, she has to even keep her husband’s preferences in mind. Though some families allow their daughters-in-law to dress the way they want, most of them have reservations about the clothes she should wear after marriage. Life after marriage is also about giving up a few personal freedoms.

8. She gives special attention to her family

how life changes for a woman after marriage

Attention to family comes first Image source

Before marriage, a woman loves spending time with friends. She does not mind hanging out with her friends and going on a trip with them. But after marriage a woman will first think about her family and give special attention to them. If she has to go out then she will make plans with her family. Friends will be a part of her life but family will be more important to her.

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9. A married woman feels secure

A woman will obviously feel secure physically, mentally and financially post marriage because she will have her husband next to her at all times and this a wonderful change to life after marriage. Her husband will be her support system, help her and advice her. Therefore she will be able to live her life comfortably with high level of security and satisfaction.

10. She will be extra careful when spending money

how life changes for a woman after marriage

Housewife saves money Image source

A woman tends to save a lot of money after marriage because she understands the value of money and knows how important it is to save money for future endeavors. Therefore she will spend only the required amount of money on things that are absolutely necessary. As a couple, money management becomes a joint thing for her now.

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11. Her possessive attitude will fade away

Before marriage, a woman is generally more possessive when it comes to her man. She is concerned when another woman tries to hit on her guy and gets jealous. However, the possessive attitude disappears once she is married and she knows the guy is hers forever. Plus she even becomes mature enough to know that all this is a part and parcel of life. A girl after marriage becomes a secure woman.

12. She understands her family members like no one else

If someone is going through a tough time in the family or the husband is having trouble professionally then a married woman will be the first one to catch on. This is because her family has her undivided attention and she knows what is going on in everyone’s life.

after marriage responsibilities towards family becomes more

Supporting her spouse Image source

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13. Her parents value her even more

This is true for every girl who gets married because she is her parent’s princess. So whenever, she will visit her parents she will get all their love and affection. Her parents will value her even more than before because they genuinely miss her and be there for her always. Life after marriage becomes a time for pampering at your parents’ place.

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14. Weight gain is common for a married woman

gaining wait after marriage is common

Gaining Weight after marriage Image source

A woman after marriage might gain weight due to changes in lifestyle and eating habits. Hormonal changes, no time for exercise, no need to look attractive, change in priorities etc. can be other reasons behind the weight gain. Weight gain is a major change that happens in a woman’s life after marriage.

15. She becomes less interested in romance

Most of the married men are complaining that their wives lose interest in romance after marriage. A woman becomes so caught up with the extra responsibilities post marriage that sex and romance hardly have any importance in her everyday agenda. This is something you have to be careful about your life after marriage. Women often let the romance go which does more harm than good to their marriage.

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A woman is surely a force to be reckoned with because despite such drastic changes in her life after marriage she is able to survive, adapt and live a prosperous married life.

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