Chhoo lene do: Marry someone who touches you

Ananyaa Bhowmik

They touch you physically, not just your heart

Our mothers always tell us something of this sort, that we should always marry someone who has touched our hearts. However, I mean something else entirely. I’m talking about the touch that gives you the fuzzies, the butterflies, an electric chill or something to that effect, however you choose to describe it.

Physical intimacy is very important in a relationship; it can be the very basis of a relationship, because if a touch is not compatible, the relationship wouldn’t last too long. Touch expresses emotion after all.

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Holding hands

Suppose you two are sitting beside each other, and he suddenly just holds your hand, but very gently. He looks at you and smiles; this says that he likes your companionship. It is something that makes everything peaceful. You must embrace this feeling.

Marry a guy who touches you because he reminds you, when times are bad he is there to hold you in his arms. He will face your problems with you, he will jump into the fray along with you. You can be sure of his commitment when you see something like this happen.

Someone who teases you

He traces his finger down your spine, and it gives you chills or goosebumps. He circles the dimples on the bottom of your back and plants a kiss on your neck and murmurs something softly. You understand he accepts you the way your body is. Nothing is sexier than that.

He puts his head on your shoulder and plays with your hair, running his fingers through it. He’s comfortable around you, he feels comfortable to be the one feeling vulnerable around you. He has no hesitation.

The touch that says “I care”

He gives you a head massage when you are ill or feverish, he changes the wet cloth regularly, says words of encouragement. He applies balm on your body parts that are aching. There is no lust there, but strength and reliability. He wants to say that he will be around whenever you need him or are in pain.

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It is all in the mouth

Marry a guy who touches you, because when he slowly traces your lips with his, he does not force you. He waits, he takes his time, you are important to him. You matter. He goes on to kiss your face, the bridge of your nose, that pimple on your face or your uneven eyebrows. He doesn’t mind it.

The encouraging hand on your shoulder

Does he pat you on your back or shoulder when you are about to embark on an adventure? Or when you have some important presentation in the office? He treats you equally; he wants you to do well, he is wishing you the best and knows you will nail it. This shows he isn’t envious of your accomplishments.

A touch that understands that a no is a no

Marry a man who slides his hand along your thigh only after you consent. He looks at you, bites your ear and stops the moment you get reluctant or hesitant. He understands and realises the strength in your “no, not further”. Marry a guy who is, thus, caring.

When he slides his hand down to between your thighs, he is not vigorous. He wants you to feel the happiness in the passion of it, he wants to arouse you. He’s not the sort to just get it over with. He knows pleasure is important too.

When he enters you, he does not just think of how much aroused he is, he thinks of you as well. He gently enters; again, he is no hurry. And he begins moving forward and backward, slowly at first and when he has aroused you enough he increases the energy of it. Pleasure, he thinks, is important for both of you.

He kisses you on the forehead before walking out to work, he wants to let you know that he will miss you there. He wants to make his affection known, nothing is cuter than that.

Marry a man or woman someone who touches you like they mean it. Like they have nothing else in their mind when they are with you, feeling your presence physically. Who want to tell you, even hurriedly sometimes, how much love they bear for you. For them the songs talking about physical intimacy don’t seem cheesy, because they can relate. They touch you, they feel you and they want to be comforting for you. This is not public display of affection; this is different, but affectionate gestures. Ones you should try to recognise and appreciate, bring them into your life maybe.

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