100 Best Wedding Hashtag Ideas To Take Inspiration From

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Updated On: June 5, 2024
Find your happily ever after wedding hashtag

Wedding bells ringing soon? Capture every laugh, twirl, and cake-splattering moment with our wedding hashtag ideas! Imagine your big day exploding online: Friends tagging themselves in hilarious cake-feeding selfies and romantic first dance moves. Every candid picture, every joy, shared with so many more people — all thanks to your great idea of a wedding hashtag.

A wedding hashtag is a fun way to create excitement around your big day, both online and offline. It helps organize and personalize your wedding photos. Years down the line, searching this hashtag will instantly transport you back to that special day, the laughter, the tears, and the pure joy of being surrounded by your loved ones.

So, whether you are looking for unique wedding hashtag ideas or some witty wedding hashtags to impress your loved ones, we’ve got you covered. Check out our 100 best personalized wedding hashtags and find the one that is made just for your engagement day. Let’s make your wedding the most talked-about event in the city!

How To Create A Catchy Wedding Hashtag

So, your “I dos” are just around the corner, and you’re knee-deep in wedding planning. From picking the perfect dress to deciding between buttercream or fondant, there’s a million things to tick off your list. But hey, don’t forget — You need to pick some phrases for wedding hashtags to make the happy news spread like fire. After all, it is one of the most special days of your entire life.

Getting married in December? Then Christmas wedding hashtags can help you infuse wholesome vibes to the beloved season. Or maybe you’d want to go with a selection of Halloween wedding hashtags to make ‘em laugh or … fear you? As you can see by now, a personalized wedding hashtag is just what you need and here is how you can create one:

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1. Brainstorm by asking questions

Keep thinking of questions and answer them. Take the help of your entire wedding gang: What makes your wedding unique? What are some inside jokes, common interests or passions, or details that define your relationship? Start throwing ideas around. Bonus points for using a whiteboard or funky sticky notes — Great hashtags for weddings are all about the vibes!

2. Use a little wordplay

“I want cute hashtags for wedding day. And I need them by tomorrow!” declared a friend two years ago as she set us to work. “I don’t want to hold back at all. I want drama, I want emotions.”

I’ve learnt since then that while creating hashtags for wedding couples, especially someone as demanding as my friend, one should go for puns and rhymes. Get cheesy, get punny, just make sure it fits your style. You can also go with catchy alliterations like “MrAndMrsMillerMakeItOfficial.” Acronyms and abbreviations are great too. Brainstorming is key when it comes to choosing wedding hashtags for Instagram.

3. Keep it short and sweet

Phrases for wedding hashtags should be 3–5 words long, easy to spell, and pronounceable. The goal is to make it easier for people to remember and spread the buzz. And, of course, add a personal touch that reflects your love story.

Before you set your heart on a few unique wedding hashtags, do a quick social media search to see if they’ve already been taken. Your personalized hashtag is a way to celebrate your love, share your joy, and create lasting memories with the people who matter most. Happy wedding planning!

witty wedding hashtags
Keep your hashtag short and cute so people start catching on faster

Should Use a Wedding Hashtag Generator

Now, coming up with witty wedding hashtags for your big day can be just as tricky as writing your wedding vows. That is exactly what a wedding hashtag generator is for. Something as small as a hashtag can make a big impact and you need to find the perfect one for your event.

Want something sweet and romantic? No problem. Maybe you are looking for something funny with puns? You got it.

Here are some awesome online tools you can use to generate wedding hashtags for Instagram, especially if you are planning a themed wedding. These tools can instantly generate what you need: Christmas wedding hashtags that make your family go “awww” to horror-themed Halloween wedding hashtags that make your friends laugh.

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1. Wedding Hashers

They have a team of professional writers to craft personalized and witty hashtags for weddings. This service is fee-based, and it typically takes one business day for them to create wedding hashtags and for you to receive the results.

2. Shutterfly

Shutterfly provides a quick and easy-to-use free wedding hashtag service. Simply input your wedding details, and the website generates a great idea tailored to you and your partner’s preferences. You can also check if your desired hashtag has already been claimed by another couple. If you are getting married in February, leap year wedding hashtags can overlap with each other, for example, due to the rarity of the day. So, be careful.

3. Happily Ever Hashtagged

Despite being a paid service, it enjoys high popularity, leading to a waitlist for couples interested in a wide selection of cute hashtags for weddings. The appeal lies in their commitment to personal touch and unique wedding hashtag ideas, setting them apart from online generators.

4. EWedding

For more people leaning toward a free service, eWedding is a convenient option for themed wedding hashtags. With minimal information required, this website promptly supplies you with numerous hashtag ideas tailored to your preferences.

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5. WeddingWire

WeddingWire, another free service, is both simple and fast to use. While its wedding hashtag examples may not be as customized as paid options, it provides a diverse range of excellent and catchy wedding hashtags for you to choose from.

Generating your own personalized hashtag with a free online tool can be a great idea. It’s a simple way to add a fun, personal touch to your big day. Remember, your friends and family will be using it to engage with each other on social media, capturing all those candid moments from the ceremony to the dance floor. This is why hiring a professional is always a better choice. Plus, they’ll handle the pesky task of ensuring your catchy wedding hashtags are truly available on the big day.

100 Best Wedding Hashtag Ideas

With your big day close by, it’s time to start brainstorming and create cute wedding hashtags and catchy wedding captions for your Instagram to capture all the love and wedding details in a single hashtag.

Here is a list of our 100 hashtag ideas to make weddings shine online! Feel free to get inspired, replace the hashtags with your and your partner’s initials, and personalize them in every other way. Remember, the best phrases are personal, fun, and easy to remember. Check out these versatile wedding hashtag ideas:

Cute hashtags for newlyweds

Wedding hashtags are all about embracing the sweetness and warmth of your love. They’re perfect for couples who want to showcase their affection in a heartwarming and adorable way. Let’s tell the world your love story in just a few words. Check out these wedding hashtag examples:

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  • #EverAndAlwaysA&D
  • #A&DHappilyEverAftering
  • #mADlyInLove
  • #ADorableTogether
  • #TheMillersAreBetterTogether
  • #OurFairytaleStartsNow
  • #HeadOverHeelsForTheHendersons
  • #ForeverYoungWithTheYoungs
  • #PizzaLoversForever
  • #TwoScoopsOfLove
  • #HappilyEverKelly
  • #CantStopTheFeeling
  • #TwoPeasInAPodd
  • #LoveYouToTheMooneAndBack
unique wedding hashtag ideas

Funny hashtags for the wedding joy

If you and your partner share a playful sense of humor, then these funny wedding hashtags are for you. They bring a touch of laughter and lightheartedness to the celebration, showing the world that you know how to have fun and don’t take yourselves too seriously. Keeping all of that in mind, you can create wedding hashtags like these:

  • #TheBattleOfMrAndMrsGomes
  • #ItOnlyTookSevenYears
  • #HitchedAndDitchedTheSingleLife
  • #DrunkInLoveAndChampagne
  • #GaryPutARingOnIt
  • #KnotSoSingleTheMoores
  • #OfficiallyOffTheMarket
  • #StewartsSquared
  • #ReedingDownTheAisle
  • #LoveLockeDown
  • #BrooksNoLookingBack
  • #HappilyEverHarpers
  • #HereComeTheMorgans
  • #ForTheLoveOfSelfies

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Personalized hashtags for the married couple

These hashtags are tailor-made to reflect your unique love story. They often incorporate your names, special days, or inside jokes that only you and your closest friends and family will understand. These wedding tags for Instagram are a way to make your partner feel truly special on your big day.

  • #KrisSaidYes
  • #GreensTieTheKnot
  • #RoyWedsMary
  • #Jeff&CarolGetMarried
  • #TheSmithsGetHitched
  • #AnnouncingMrAndMrsDavis
  • #OurBookOfLoveChapterOne
  • #ThePerezsSayIDo
  • #MrAndMrsMillerMakeItOfficial
  • #ForeverAndAlwaysAnderson
  • #HitchedWithHopeTheHopes
  • #MrAndMrsMorganMadeItOfficial
  • #LoveLaughterLancasters
  • #JourneyToJames
  • #FromMissToMrs
  • #BettyAndKarlSealTheDeal
  • #KatysMatchMadeInJohn
  • #HereComesTheLees
  • #AnIslandLoveStory
  • #SheFoundMrMiller
  • #SoulmatesForeverAndEver
  • #ThompsonWedding2024
  • #DavisTyingTheKnot
  • #WhereForeverBegins

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Unique hashtags for the lovebirds

These wedding hashtag examples are the trailblazers, the ones that stand out from the crowd and make a statement. You can incorporate pop culture references or choose a theme that’s close to your hearts.

So, make your love for the series Young Royals a permanent fact online or talk about how a common crush brought you together. It’s your story. In your words. Let’s showcase your creativity and individuality with this great selection of trending wedding hashtags:


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This is just the beginning of trending wedding hashtags! Let your love story inspire your choice, and watch your friends mark their laughter and memories with the cute wedding hashtags you create.

P.S. Don’t be afraid to get silly with inside jokes while creating funny wedding hashtags, and don’t hesitate to incorporate common interests. They add a unique touch to your ‘save the dates’ and make your wedding planning process even more special.

Marriage Stories

Why Do You Need A Wedding Hashtag?

Your dress is ready, picked up a chic, modern wedding suit for your guy, the cake has been finalized, but there’s a detail that you completely overlooked or rather did not pay attention to at all: You forgot to create wedding hashtags. Sure, it might seem like a frivolous thing compared to the wedding venue but trust me, a creative wedding hashtag is going to make your memories even more perfect.

We all crave connection. Social media thrives on that. And this is exactly why a moving or a funny wedding hashtag is the perfect way to capture the magic of your big day. It’s about creating a shared experience.

Here are three reasons that you need wedding tags for Instagram and other social media platforms:

From strangers to family

This day is all about celebrating with loved ones. And a wedding hashtag can bridge the gap between both sets of families. Sharing photos and experiences under common yet unique wedding hashtags creates a sense of community and encourages conversation

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Memories that last a lifetime

Wedding photos are wonderful, but the best wedding hashtags capture the essence of your day. Years later, you can revisit those funny social media posts and relive the joy, laughter, and heartfelt moments in a way static photos just can’t replicate

Breaking the ice

Weddings can sometimes feel a bit formal, especially for those who are less familiar with each other on the guest list. A fun and lighthearted hashtag can be a conversation starter, helping guests mingle and create new connections

Bonus Tip: Feeling extra fancy? Print your wedding tags for Instagram on cocktail napkins or tissue papers

Key Pointers

  • Great hashtags for weddings can keep the weddings alive in the online world, spark excitement, and help guests relive the magic even after the day is over
  • Tell your love story in a few words with a unique hashtag that reflects your inside jokes, passions, or moving details. This connects you and your guests through shared memories
  • Innocent flirty texts for him, risky texts to send him and witty text messages to send to a guy can be great ways to let someone know you like them
  • Consider free online generators for inspiration, but remember that a professional touch can create truly unforgettable and unique hashtags for wedding couples

Inspiration and ideas can come from the most unexpected places. Depending on the festivity and the wedding season, you can come up with anything — from Christmas wedding hashtags to the once-in-a-four-year phenomenon of leap year wedding hashtags. Any day-to-day activity can help you come up with the perfect hashtag for your big day. It could be that unforgettable first kiss, a quirky habit that defines your relationship, a favorite song lyric, or even the name of your favorite place. So, grab your partner, pop the cork, and start brainstorming! 

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