13 Wonderful Benefits Of Marriage For A Man

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Updated On: December 21, 2023
benefits of marriage for a man

The question of whether there are any benefits of marriage for a man. Ignoring all the horror stories of bad marriages, there are still many people that are simply curious to know if marriage holds any benefit for men at all. Some of the more common questions that get asked are

  •  Is getting married worth it for men?
  •  Are there any important Social Security benefits?
  •  Do married men have better overall health and a greater life expectancy?
  •  Are there any financial benefits for men? 

All these questions and more will be answered in this article, along with a few benefits of marriage that not many people seem to know or talk about.

13 Wonderful Benefits Of Marriage For A Man

So what are the advantages of getting married for a man, with all the horror stories of divorce, alimony, infidelity and men losing custody of their children, it is not surprising that a lot of young men are shying away from marriage as a whole. While such a sentiment cannot be faulted, it is important to remember that marriage has existed as an institution for more than 2000 years because it is beneficial to all parties involved.

As long as you find the correct partner, getting married will only improve your life in ways that you may not have even thought about in the past. Coming up are some of the best reasons a man can have to get married.

1. Path to a healthier life

If you have ever wondered what the benefits of marriage for a man are, you’d be surprised to know that a longer life expectancy is one of them. This might be surprising to hear, but research has found that married men live for 2 years longer on average than unmarried men. 

You might be wondering how being married as a man would lead to a longer life. The simple answer is that married men tend to have lower levels of stress and anxiety than unmarried men. It is no secret that stress and relationship anxiety are silent killers, so it should be no surprise that married men live longer and generally have a better overall health.

2. Better mental health

If you have ever asked yourself is getting married worth it for men, the answer is yes. While we have already talked about married men having lesser negative emotions, we have yet to talk about the positive ones. As it was expected, research has indicated that married men have better mental health than their unmarried counterparts. 

Some of the positive effects that men stand to gain from a marriage are

  • Greater levels of social security
  •  Greater levels of general contentment and happiness
  •  Fulfillment of intimacy and companionship
  • Takes less time to recover from traumatic events
  •  A sense of purpose

As you can see, there are many advantages of marriage for men, and they should have no reason to fear it with the right partner.

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3. An ever-present support system

Another of the wonderful benefits of marriage for a man is the presence of a dependable support system. An unfortunate reality for a lot of men is that they tend not to receive the emotional or mental support that they need while they are growing up. The drawback to this is that a lot of men feel isolated and believe that they can’t share their problems or expect aid from anyone as no one really cares about their problems.

And here is how married men are better off than their unmarried counterparts. Having a spouse means that as a man, you are no longer alone in your struggles. You will always have a person who will willingly and cheerfully volunteer to be your support system, to love and cherish you, and to always be willing to hear you vent or offer advice. What makes this even better is that you can be sure that your spouse will always have your best intention in mind as long as you have married the right person.

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4. Increased stability

If you are debating the pros and cons of marriage for a man, one of the greatest advantages of marriage that you can’t ignore is the stability and tranquility that having a partner to build your life with brings you. Most people confuse marriage with what they see in the movies, that a wedding is the end of the great love story. The truth is, marriage is just the opening act of the story.

Getting married to someone is a commitment. If you have a fear of commitment, it’s best you deal with it first before thinking about getting married because commitment means when the two of you vow to always look out and center each other during periods of turmoil and strife. This means that no matter how confusing things get, you can always have the stability that only a loving and caring partner can provide.

5. Makes having a family possible

Another positive effect of marriage is that it lets you start a family. Now this may not be every man’s goal, as there are some couples out there who do not wish to start a family and raise children. For the men that do find themselves oriented to a family life, getting married is one of the best ways to do that.

In fact, research also seems to indicate that children from a two-parent home tend to fair better than children from single-parent homes in various categories such as mental health, socialization, academics, abiding to the law etc. This should all be plenty of evidence for men who wish to start a family to consider getting married.  

6. Gives a sense of purpose

This might be one of the most surprising benefits of marriage for women and men. Almost everyone thinks of marriage as a declaration of love, some think of it as a great adventure, yet very few seem to talk about their marriage giving them a purpose to keep on living and improving their lives.

Research has shown that some men find marriage as their purpose. These men report that after getting married, they felt a drive and purpose that they did not feel before. They felt like it was their mission to be a good and dutiful husband. This feeling of purpose and drive lead to the husbands in such marriages to feel more fulfilled with their lives, and more at peace with their place in the world.  

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7. Less prone to being distracted

Another thing that men stand to gain from a marriage that isn’t talked about, is that marriage does a great job of settling one’s priorities and getting rid of distractions. Research has found that married men tend to devote more time and focus to any task that they are performing.  

The way this works is simple, once you get married, you automatically understand that your spouse is the most important person in your life, and that it is your duty to provide for them to the best of your ability. This clarity of thought is what drives married men to make the best decisions possible for him and his partner, which in turn helps get rid of unnecessary distractions in a man’s life.

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8. Improved sex life

One of the most obvious benefits of marriage for men is an improved sex life in both frequency and quality. The intimate bond that a man and his spouse share is what allows the couple to experiment with new ideas without feelings of shame or fear of judgment.

Research has found that when it comes to sex, married men are better off than unmarried men. Married men have reported to find their sexual experiences far more thrilling and fulfilling than their unmarried counterparts. This may be due to the love and trust that a married couple shares compared to that of a couple that just started dating.  

9. To create a legacy

This is not a point many people talk about when talking about marriage, yet it would be a disservice not to mention it while talking about the pros and cons of marriage for a man. Every man, to some degree wishes to leave their mark on this world, and strangely enough, marriage is one way to do that. If you look at the pure functionality of marriage, you will understand why.

When you take away the romance and the emotional aspect of it, a marriage serves one important purpose. That is to build a healthy relationship with a partner that future generations can enjoy. If you’re a man who is aware that they wish to create a legacy, then you should know that marriage is one possible way for you to achieve that.

10. You live with your best friend

This is one of the most talked about perks of matrimony for a man. You literally get to hang out with your best friend all day, every day. There are very few things in life that could be more fun than that. Marrying your best friend literally ensures that you rarely get bored, and that you will always have someone to do things with.

What this means is that you will always find a way to have fun and be together no matter how tough life gets. This truly is an underrated benefit of marriage and one that definitely deserves more credit. So make sure to keep that in mind when debating the pros and cons of getting married.

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11. Fiscal and financial alleviation

It should be no surprise that in the modern world, there are many benefits of marriage for a man financially. Gone are the old days of the patriarchy where women were not allowed to work. One of the better advancements of the modern era is the legalization of women’s rights and a rise in female empowerment. While this change is certainly beneficial to women, heterosexual men in marriages also benefit from this. In fact, the effect is the same in both heterosexual and same-sex marriages.

When you get married, and assuming both you and your partner are working, the income you both earn is effectively doubled. Whereas before, each of you had to bear the brunt of your individual expenses, getting married means that you share the expense which lowers the proportion of your income spent for the necessities. Not surprisingly, this leads to a higher standard of living. 

12. Legal benefits

While romance and the law don’t really go hand in hand, research shows that marriage for a man legally has more benefits than a man with a live-in partner. What this means is that the institution of marriage provides certain benefits to men that single or unmarried men would never have. Some of the are listed below

  • Right to acquire joint property
  • Right to joint bank accounts and lockers
  • Right to be an insurance nominee
  • Right to pension in case of death or disability
  • Joint tax benefits
  • Marital tax benefit for taxless transactions to spouses
  • Medical and disability benefits for your partner
  • Right to legal decision-making on spouse’s behalf

While this is definitely not a romantic concept, and no one should get married for the legal reasons alone, it cannot be denied that marriage for a man and cohabitation legally have a lot of benefits that should not be overlooked.  

13. Teaches him to be emotionally mature and responsible

Marriage is not easy. There are hard times, and sometimes, downright horrible times. One of the benefits of marriage for a man is that getting married helps them mature emotionally. A man learns the importance of responsibility and emotional maturity when they realize that there is another person they have to care for.

Key Pointers

  • Marriage has manu fiscal, legal, mental and physical benefits for men
  • Men gain an improved sex life and the ability to start a legacy
  • Marriage has been known to give some men a sense of purpose
  • Married men are significantly happier than unmarried men

Studies have shown that men become more emotionally mature once they get married and have reported feeling more conscientious in general to everyday situations than unmarried men. As such, it is evident that marriage helps men become a better version of themselves. 

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