15 Sure Fire Conversation Signs She Likes You

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The science of attraction is a tricky one. Whether you’re chatting with your crush on text, or talking face-to-face, it is not easy to understand their signs of attraction for you. The menfolk struggle with this more than the women, so this article is for the straight folks. And to assist our chaps out here, we’ll talk about some conversation signs she likes you back.

It is safe to say that women are better than men at picking up such hints. They’re surprisingly good at sending them too. Whether a guy can pick up on them or not, though, is a different affair altogether.

15 Sure Fire Conversation Signs She Likes You

There have been articles written on how men need to learn to pick up on subtle cues, as well as how women need to be more direct with their intentions. Though that may be true, today, we will talk about the scenarios where a woman’s intent is crystal clear and the signs are too. That’s why we’re here to help you gentlemen spot obvious conversation signs she wants you to be her boyfriend.

With that in mind, let’s plunge ourselves into the science of attraction. So what are some signs that a girl likes you? Let’s find out.

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1. She writes long and expressive texts

No one likes a dry texter. And we’re sure this has never been a problem with her. There is enough research that suggests women are more emotionally expressive than men; it’s not the universal truth but it checks out for the majority of us. Same is true for texting, women are more expressive on texts than men are. This is especially true when she’s romantically interested in you.

All the extra vowels in “cuuuuuuteee”, the all caps in “HOW DARE YOU”, and baby-talk spellings are conversation signs she like you. Don’t miss them! These expressive texts are her way of showing you that she confides in you. All these signs that a woman is attracted to you and you’re still here? Go text her, dude.

2. Takes charge and texts you first

It’s not a secret that if a woman isn’t interested in you, you can double, triple, or even quadruple text her but she won’t reply to you. However, this changes if she’s into you. Since girls typically prefer being texted rather than texting guys first, when she’s making an effort to initiate contact with you, you’re her favourite person to talk to.

So the next time you receive a text from her asking what you are up to, know that this is one of the prominent conversation signs she likes you. Since she’s already made the effort of initiating a conversation with you, we’re sure she’ll appreciate the guy making the first move.

3. Stays up late at night to talk to you

Menfolk, here are other obvious conversation signs she likes you. She keeps her phone on the edge of her bed and wakes up to every beep, even though she knows she’ll be half asleep the next day. She’s literally prioritizing you over her sleep, while you’re here still looking for signs that a woman is attracted to you.

You must know by the way she keeps that special night time allocated for you that she is interested in you. It’s bedtime and she’s curled up in bed thinking about you, that’s why she’s texting you.

4. Conversation signs she likes you – “We’d make a cute couple”

Go back in time and look for instances when she has innocently joked about her being your girlfriend. If she frequently makes jokes about how cute it would be if you two got together, no prizes for guessing — it’s another conversation sign she likes you.

She’s hinting at it because she wants you to imagine what it would be like if the two of you were together. When she frequently uses phrases like “We’d make a cute couple” or “We both spend so much time together, it’s like we are a couple”, she wants you to ask her out.

5. She flirts with you and isn’t shy about using risque emojis

She leans into you, she lingers with her eye contact, she touches you softly or playfully, and displays tons of flirty body language signs when she’s talking to you. It’s easy to notice when a woman likes you romantically by the way she keeps herself physically close to you or ‘toward’ you.

A little heads-up about this next sign, it might not apply to everyone. It depends on the dynamic two people have and whether she’s known you long enough or not. There are two versions of using flirty emojis. Occasionally, some are unmistakably naughty like ? or ? while complimenting your new profile picture. Another version (and a more likely one) is the kissy face emoji ? and the classic ❤. Our suggestion is to not always consider the former version as an invitation for a hookup, she finds you sexy and that’s that.

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6. Conversation signs she likes you over text – Your absence bothers her

This one kinda takes you by surprise when it happens but it’s really cute if you think about it. Has it been pointed out to you by her that you’ve been gone for a while and she was wondering where you were? You were probably just busy working but the bottomline is she expected you to text back but you couldn’t.

When a girl you talk to complains that you haven’t texted her lately, understand that you’ve become an important part of her day. She enjoys talking to you as frequently as she can because she wants to get to know you better. If you’re gone, she’s going to miss you.

7. She’s quick to reply to you

You’re that DM in her phone she is always looking forward to. If I’m being honest, you’re the DM in her phone that other guys wish to be. If fast replies are her thing, then you’ve got yourself a keeper. You don’t need any other conversation signs she likes you if she’s giving you quick replies.

She makes it a priority to respond to you in a timely manner. You probably had girls not text you back for days, it’s because they weren’t into you. However, this one is, and you should reciprocate this effort while getting her a cute first date gift.

8. You’re the Chandler Bing of her life

Maybe you really are that funny, maybe you aren’t, there is no way for us to tell. On the bright side, she finds every little thing you say funny. It’s a reflex. If a woman is attracted to you, she’ll laugh at all your jokes, even your bad ones. 

Every time she replies with a “LOL” with a series of laughing emojis, these are signs that a woman is attracted to you. She finds you hilarious in person too, laughs openly, and is having a great time talking to you. Perhaps you want to try and deliberately tell bad jokes to get a sense of whether she’s attracted to you or not. But, if she doesn’t laugh and rather, teases you for your bad humor, that’s a pretty good sign too!

9. She’s curious about you 

Curiosity is a key component in romantic relationships. Both experiencing the unknown and being known are thrilling and fascinating. A study suggests that relationships that cultivate curiosity are more intimate than the ones that don’t.

Excitement, anxiousness, and curiosity all serve a purpose in the formation of partnerships. This is the primary reason we love the initial phase of a relationship where everything is new. We are driven to get to know one another by curiosity. Intimacy requires sustained curiosity as a fundamental building block. So if she’s always curious to know more about you, it’s the most intimate conversation sign she likes you.

10. She shares details about what goes on in her day

Occasionally, conversation hints she likes you come in the form of a “I had Thai food for lunch” or “Fourth cup of coffee for the day”. This is her way of showing how comfortable she is with you.

When you meet her, she wants you to know what she has been up to, and she doesn’t mind sharing her whereabouts throughout the day. If you both can’t meet some day, she keeps in touch with you through texts. This would be a terrific opportunity to share your personal life with her too. Anything to show her that you’re willing to reciprocate the interest.

11. You get songs, movies, and book recommendations

Don’t we all love sharing our interests with our crushes? We secretly hope that they share the same interest in at least a few things, so this isn’t any different than that. Initially, it can be in a subtle way, like “The new Stranger Things season 4 is amazing, just finished binge-watching it”.

Sometimes it’s more direct, like “This song made me think of you.” Conversation signs she likes you are more often than not subtle and creative. She’s checking for shared interests by getting to know your taste in movies and books. We hope this texting game works out well for you, as she has already assessed your compatibility as partners.

12. She is nervous when she is around you

The truth is, a shy girl could have a crazy crush on you and you’d struggle to tell unless you know just the right signs to look for. When the two of you hang out in person, notice her body language. To find conversation hints she likes you, you’ll need to learn to decode the female body language.

If you find her nervous around you, it is because she is trying to put up her best self to impress you. Despite the nervousness, if you find her body language to be open and comfortable around you, you can assume she is interested in you.

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13. The “Let’s get married if we’re still single after…” conversation

The marriage pact is real and some people do end up marrying their marriage pact partner. If you’ve had her joke about this with you, it could mean several things. We don’t want you to mistake her goofiness for love. However, for some of you out there, it could be one of the conversation signs she likes you.

It depends on the kind of relationship you share with each other. If you’re close friends, then maybe she means it well. At times, people come up with the marriage pact with their close friends because they already know each other well and they’ve seen everything that’s out there. Reflect on your situation before you come to a conclusion.

14. She picks up on your texting style

A study on the mirror neuron system suggests that we subconsciously mirror the traits and styles of the people we look up to. This is even true when we have a crush on someone. You can sense that someone likes you when they mirror your behavior. This applies even when you’re texting someone. One of the last conversation signs she likes you is a shared conversation or texting style.

Is she mirroring your texting style? When you meet, is she using the same slang words as you? If yes, then it’s one of the biggest signs she likes you romantically. If things move forward, and we hope they do, the two of you can come up with internal jokes and texting lingos that are exclusive to you both.1

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15. She is interested in your plan for the future

We’re not talking about icebreaker questions, but these aren’t your regular questions either. When a girl pries around your personal life and wants to know about your plans, it’s because she is trying to find out whether you’re a good fit for her or not. It’s not about your success or degree of ambition, she just wants to know if she’s investing her time into something worthwhile or not.

It goes without saying, but if she’s asking you personal questions about you, it’s because she wants to know what has shaped you into this individual today and what goes on in your mind.

And with that, we have come to the end of this piece. We’ve covered all the important conversation signs she likes you. Chances are you found yourself resonating to more than one sign at a time, it’s because these come as a package and one leads to another.

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