10 Flirty Emojis To Send To Your Partner – Flirting Emojis For Him And Her

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Updated On: July 22, 2022

Flirting is fun. The initial part of a relationship when you are trying to woo the object of your affection and draw their attention toward you is wildly exciting. How well you play your love game during this stage might determine how successful your love life is. And guess what one of your best bets is in this endeavor? Flirty emojis! 

Social media influencer Avantii M laughs when she narrates how emojis enhanced her dating experience. “I once met this really cute guy who started showing an interest in me. I was attracted to him but obviously wanted to take it slow. So, I would only respond to his long texts with emojis and a few words. This kept him wondering whether I was reciprocating his feelings or not.

“A simple smile when I was impressed, a wide-eyed expression to convey shock, a meh look when I was bored. Thankfully, all the emoticons and flirty emojis kept the conversation going,” she chuckles. “It added the right amount of spice during our dating period.”

According to Avantii, the use of flirty text symbols should not be random. Rather, it should be well-thought-out and smart for the appropriate effect. “Moreover, it’s great when you want to put an end to the conversation without being rude!” she laughs. 

Admittedly, flirting can sometimes become a rather tedious exercise, especially if you don’t know how to find love. While apps and websites have made it easier to meet (seemingly) like-minded people, striking up a conversation, taking it in the right direction, and establishing a deeper connection can be tiresome – especially if the sparks don’t fly immediately. 

However, when you learn the art of sending flirty emojis for him or her, the task becomes easier. Needless to say, one of the biggest advantages of employing flirty text symbols is that you can be bolder in your response. The symbolisms and layered meanings behind these emojis not only make texting fun but can also convey a lot without having to be explicit. Plus, it shows you are digitally savvy and know exactly how to use technology to conduct your affairs (of the heart and otherwise!). Instead of sending a trashy pick-up line or an unoriginal Whatsapp joke, flirty emojis can do the trick in a classier way.

Flirty Emojis For Her 

Depending on who you are chatting with, in the world of emoji communication, less is more. Flirting while texting has become an important part of our online conversations. Flirty emojis and icons too have evolved, giving the user a lot of options – be it on iPhones or Androids. 

So, if you are smitten by this hot girl you met, sending the appropriate flirty emojis for her can increase the chances of her responding to you. We give you a list of 5 emojis guys use to flirt when they want to be fun, charming, and affectionate with the woman of their dreams:

1. Smiling face 

flirty emojis for her
This is one of the safest flirty emojis for her

When it comes to sending flirty emojis, begin your quest with the classic smiley. Anuj Pandya, a software engineer, advises us that this is the safest bet when you want to flirt for the first time. “We live in times when we shouldn’t start on a wrong note with women. Dealing with sexist men and navigating a sea of unwanted messages – women have it rough already.

“Whenever I start chatting with a woman I like, I use smiley emojis, especially when she says something cute. There is something warm about this yellow face and the wide smile that reaches its eye – I feel it makes you more accessible emotionally

“Besides, it gives the impression that you are easy-going and friendly. Flirtation starts with establishing friendship. Nothing better than this emoji to get closer without coming across too strongly!”

2. The (not-so-subtle) hug emoji 

flirty text symbols
Send her a not so subtle hug

Once you establish a connection with the smiley face flirty emojis, don’t take too long to get to the hug emoji. If she consents to be hugged virtually, then this is one of the safest flirty emojis for her, especially if she prefers to take it slow and steady.

“I love the hug,” says Anuj. “It is one of the best flirting emojis – it is platonic, yet denotes an interest in taking it to the next level. I use it when the chats have gone beyond the introductory stuff, and when we are beginning to talk more intimately. It’s a great way to end a conversation, and the perfect emoji to add to your good night text to her.”

When accompanied by flirtatious banter, a hug can work wonders. It can tell your crush that you care for her, thus adding to the excitement. It can either indicate that more intimate stuff is in store, or it can keep your date wondering if you were trying to flirt or not. The anticipation ups the thrill of the dating experience. 

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3. The kiss emoji 

best flirting emojis
One of the best flirting emojis out there

Okay, when things heat up between the two of you, it’s time to bring out this trump card. The kiss is a rather sneaky character. Not only is it one of the best flirting emojis that can convey your interest in her unabashedly, but the yellow face and pouty lips also look naughty enough without making you come across as a sleaze.

Be careful when you use it though! If you have just started chatting or it’s a new relationship and you directly go in for a kiss emoji, it will make you look desperate. And it can be a huge turn-off when used indiscriminately in your chats.  

“A guy I was once seeing really annoyed me when he’d end practically every sentence with a kiss emoji,” recalls Avantii. “A random hello, a joke, a ‘take care’ message at the end of a date, those irritating morning wishes – everything came with a kiss. It seemed so silly!” 

4. The eggplant emoji 

emojis guys use to flirt
This is one of the emojis guys use to flirt when they have a purpose in mind

Gosh, who would have thought that vegetables can be flirty text symbols and often even serve as the best flirting emojis when you’re dating someone? The eggplant emoji has an interesting history. One of the most suggestive symbols in the emoji universe (because of its resemblance to a penis), there was a crackdown on it by Instagram. 

It is one of the emojis guys use to flirt and showcase blatant sexual interest and sexual tension. It can be used to denote anything – from sexual attraction to a boast. Anuj advises, “Use it when you are deeper into the relationship, and when there is an established comfort level. It is a lot of fun to chat using vegetable symbols.

“You can get very creative during a chat and let her imagination run riot. This emoji is sexual and open without being offensive. The peach is also one of the coolest flirty emojis. It stands for an ass and ahem…it can be used in multiple ways!” he says. 

5. Tongue and droplet emoji 

tongue emoji
droplet emoji
Send these two back to back, and fun will unfold

When the flirting has clearly and mutually veered into the sexual side, a combination of flirty emojis is useful to get your point across. It doesn’t get more creative or direct than mixing up emojis. While the droplet emoji, shorn of the sexual context, actually refers to sweat or water (say, if you want to tell your partner how you feel after your gym session), there is another meaning to it too. 

The droplet emoji also refers to sex. So, when you combine it with the tongue emoji, it has a hot, hot connotation. This is taking flirting to another level and is even more direct than the booty (peach) or the kiss emoji. So, take a call whether it’s appropriate or not before hitting send. Because if she’s not ready for it, then this can be one of the major turn-offs for women.

Sexual conversations through flirty emojis can backfire rather quickly when used in the wrong context. But when you build up the momentum with progressively suggestive flirty emojis, it can up your dating game by many notches.

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Flirty Emojis For Him 

When you want to act mysterious, flirty emojis should be your go-to weapon! Many men like to play the guessing game and what better way to evoke his interest than to send these funny, witty, and sensual images that convey so much with so little effort?

But here is an important tip: Don’t overdo it. Using too many flirty emojis for him while writing a text can make you look immature. Here is a list of 5 flirty emojis to send him that is sure to ignite that spark in your budding relationship. These will amp up your flirting game and leave him wanting more. 

6. The wink emoji

flirty emojis for him
This is one of the flirty emojis for him which cannot go wrong

Have you, like millions of women around the world, been told that winking is not a ‘ladylike’ thing to do? Sigh. If only they knew the important role a wink plays in the world of flirting. A wink might come across as odd in the real world, but in the faceless world of texting, it can have the opposite impact. 

This is a classic emoji that can add a fun element to even a regular conversation. Moreover, it gives you the freedom to push the boundaries of a chat. Avantii gives an example. “If he asks you a simple question like “What are you up to?”, answer with a “Thinking of you. I hope I am allowed to.” Write something to that effect, and add this flirty emoji to send him. You have immediately turned a regular answer into serious flirting.”

The wink emoji is something that anyone can use in their texts. It has the same impact – it lightens up a conversation, and it also indicates you are up for naughty stuff. What more is needed to get closer to your crush?

7. Sassy girl emoji 

sassy girl emoji
Send this to him to give him a few hints

The objective of texts and chats before you get into full-fledged dating is all about testing the waters and giving him hints here and there. The sassy girl emoji and its many variations are a lot of fun to use. 

It shows certain confidence and spunk, especially when you want to give off a ‘couldn’t care less’ or ‘hard to get’ vibe. Sample this. If the guy asks you, “Would you like me to treat you to dinner?”, and you say, “I need to consult my diary” with this emoji, it will definitely leave him guessing. 

Though there are different explanations for the sassy girl emoji, it can mostly be construed as sarcasm and sass – and you have oodles of both when you flirt and climb up the dating charts. 

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8. Three-hearts emoji 

three hearts emoji
A great way to end a conversation

The three-hearts emoji lies somewhere between the spectrum of the smiley and the kiss emoji. When your date texts something really sweet before leaving, this can be a great conversation-ender. What is cute about the three-hearts emoji is that it is one of those flirty emojis that you can send to him when you are not ready to take your flirting to the next level yet.

It shows a bit of a blush, the eyes are smiling, and there are three hearts – one strategically placed next to the lips. Yet, the lips are not pouting as if in a kiss. “If you select this flirty emoji to send him, it means you are giving a rather direct message – that you are positively inclined to take the relationship further,” says Avantii. 

It helps when you are shy about accepting sexy compliments. If your date says, “You looked super hot tonight”, replying with the three-hearts emoji says a lot about responding to the compliment without revealing too much of what’s on your mind. 

9. Lips and champagne emoji 

lips emoji
champagne emoji
Send this combination of emojis

When it comes to flirty text symbols, as we mentioned before, there is nothing more effective than a creative combination. Yes, less is more in this universe but when you have a sprinkling of flirty text symbols strategically placed in a message, the result can be dynamite. 

The lips and champagne emojis are fabulous examples. These two images convey so much. Direct, sexy, and bold. Bright red lips are a turn-on for anyone, and when paired with a celebratory beverage like champagne, you are denoting dating interest and a lot more!

When using such combos, don’t waste too many words on text. Maybe just a quick one-liner like “What’s your plan for the weekend? I am in the mood for (insert emojis)” sets the tone for a hot date. What follows next depends entirely on how you take the conversation forward. 

10. Lipstick, high heels, and dancing emojis

lipstick emoji
heels emoji
dancing emoji
This trio is absolute fire

Here is another combination that you can try out. Basically, the idea is to tease him during the initial phase of dating. Each of the above is self-explanatory and beautifully feminine.

You can explain your entire persona with these three symbols. It shows make-up and evokes the image of a woman ravishing her lips with lipstick, which can be suggestive and hot. The stilettos ooze sexiness and are something you might wear on a special date or on a first date to dazzle him! And the dancing shows your fun side.

So when you are asked out by your crush, just send him these three emojis once in a while – he will get the hint. The dancing emoji, especially, is one of the best flirty emojis that denotes a fun yet sexy persona. Simply put, if you are upping your flirting game, flirty emojis can come in very handy to let your crush know what’s on your mind. They can be subtle or suggestive, fun or flirtatious, but there is no doubt that they work really well. Try them the next time when you start texting someone special. Our guess is that it will add a whole new level of spice to your love life.

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