23 Signs A Girl Likes You More Than A Friend

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Updated On: December 27, 2023
how to know if a girl likes you more than a friend

This piece is for all the boys out there who have a female friend and are asking themselves the most tormenting question ever: How to know if a girl likes you more than a friend? There is no gender boundary to friendship. We all have at least one friend from the opposite gender. Quite honestly, it’s the best kind of friend to have. But if you’re straight, the one thing that you do have to look out for is the possibility of catching feelings.

23 Signs A Girl Likes You More Than A Friend

Let’s face it, when you have a girl as a friend, it’s incredible! She gives you the kind of perspective and advice none of your guy friends could ever give. It’s different and it’s good, but there could come a point where things start to change. You get closer and closer and suddenly you’ve hit a glass wall. Your friendship has reached a limit where any more growth will change your dynamic completely. It happens and it’s perfectly normal.

Whether you have feelings for her or you think she has feelings for you, you’re going to be staring at her texts wondering whether she likes you but is hiding it. If you want a relationship, making any move requires you to have some proof of her feelings. And that is never easy. Don’t worry, we’re here to help you out.

Here is a list of 23 signs on how to know if a girl likes you more than a friend:

1.  Her compliments become flirty

Compliments are sweet and their point is to lift someone’s spirits. They make you feel good about yourself even if you aren’t down. They also make you feel closer to the one giving them. So, when she gives you a compliment, it is definitely one of the signs a female friend likes you more than a friend. The difference will be that when she compliments you now, it’ll be a lot more flirty than before. She’ll use words like “sexy”, “hot”, or “cute” to describe you. Regular compliments are usually about the things you wear or do but these compliments will be about your appearance directly. 

2.  She takes an interest in your life

Conversing with a female friend can be very different from talking to your guy friends. Girls can give a different kind of perspective. If she likes you but is hiding it, the conversations will be entirely different though. She will take an interest in your life and health, and ask you questions like: How are you feeling about getting a blood test? Are you okay with what happened just now? Do you want to share your feelings? And above all, she will listen intently to whatever issues you are having.

3.  She tends to smile more around you

No one likes to admit it but when we like someone, just the thought of them makes us smile. It’s a bit of a cliche but simply picturing them in our heads makes our cheeks go red. Just imagine what will happen if that person is actually standing in front of you. If you are wondering how to know if a girl likes you more than a friend, then all you have to do is see her face when you’re around her. You’ll see she definitely smiles more around you.

4.  She innocently touches you

Physical contact is the most intimate way to express your feelings. If she likes you but is hiding it, you’ll know it by the way she touches you. We’re not saying the touching will be inappropriate. No, it will be something sweet and innocent like grazing her fingers over your hand or lightly squeezing your shoulder while laughing, or even casually touching your arm as she lingers.

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5.  She takes an interest in your family

When she wants more than just friendship with you, she will not just want to know more about you, but she will also be interested in your family life. Your family shapes you into the kind of person you are. So, if a girl likes you, she will want to know about them. You’ll get questions like: Is everything okay with your sibling now? How’s your mom’s health now? How did that conversation with your father go?

6.  She is always updated on your social media activity

Let’s face it, our social media has become a part of our relationships these days. Our Instagram has become like a modern-day diary. It is a road map of your personality. That’s why, if she follows your social media closely and always knows what you’ve posted, it means that she is trying to get to know you better and is curious about you. It’s definitely one of the signs your friend likes you more than a friend.

7.  She’s always there when you need to talk to someone

How to know if a girl likes you more than a friend? The answer lies in her availability for you. The logic is simple: If she likes you, she’s going to want to be there for you, especially when you need someone to talk to. When my friend Elle liked a guy, she’d always pick his call up within 3 rings, no matter when he called. When someone likes you, they like feeling needed by you and being able to help you.

She likes you but is hiding it
You’ll never be alone because she’ll always be there for you if she likes you.

8.  She’s always got your back

This is a continuation of the previous point. If she wants more than just friendship and genuinely has feelings for you, then you’ve become someone special to her. This means that any time you need someone in your corner, she’s got your back. In fact, there’s even a chance that she defends you even when you’re not around.

9.  She dresses up more than usual when she comes to meet you

People dress to impress. It’s a universal fact. If you’re wondering if a girl likes you or if she is just friendly, observe the way she dresses up when she comes to meet you. Chances are that she wears clothes that she wouldn’t normally wear. For example, she may wear a dress when she usually wears shorts or jeans. Then there is the makeup, it won’t be too fancy or over the top. It will be just enough to show that she’s put in some effort to look better than usual.

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10. She gets jealous when you talk about other girls

Jealousy is a weird emotion. It doesn’t follow a logical track. If she likes you but is hiding it, she’ll get jealous when she sees you talking to or even about other women. Don’t get offended by it. It’s just because she has feelings for you. In fact, it’s surely one of the signs a female friend likes you more than a friend.

11. She texts you a lot more than before

We all know that as people get closer, communication increases. They find more and more topics to talk about, and the amount they text each other goes up as well. This is why if you’re trying to gauge if a girl likes you more than a friend over text, then this sign is something to be on the lookout for. It isn’t complicated to understand, she’ll text you more often than before because she feels closer to you. She likes you and wants to spend more time with you.

12. Even your silliest jokes get a laugh

There’s no clear explanation for this but it still is a definite sign a female friend likes you more than a friend when even your silliest jokes can make her laugh. Maybe it’s because her brain temporarily stops thinking when you’re around or maybe it’s because she’s pre-happy. After all, you’re around her. Whichever it is, if she’s laughing at your jokes, she likes you.

13. She teases you

Sometimes, when a girl likes you and she wants more than just friendship, she may start to tease you. It won’t be insulting or offensive but just a little playful comment here and there to get a rise out of you. It’s probably something along the lines of “Aww it’s adorable that you think you can dance better than me” or “Well we can’t all be terrible singers like you, now, can we?”. Something simple and nothing personal.

14. Her texts are lengthy

How to know if a girl likes you more than a friend? One way to answer this question is by analyzing her. If she wants more than just friendship, her texts will get extra descriptive. There’s a good chance that she’s trying to avoid any kind of misunderstanding which is leading her to over-explain every point that she’s trying to make. She will double text a lot for the same reason. She’s nervous around you now, so remember to cut her some slack.

How to know if a girl likes you? Quiz

15. She avoids giving you dating advice

If you want to know if a girl likes you or if she is just friendly, then this point will give some clarity. Have you noticed that whenever you talk about dating another girl, she gets uncomfortable? Or when you ask her for some dating advice, she tries her best to change the topic? Well, it’s probably because your dating problems are the only problem in your life that she doesn’t want to help you with. Even if she does help you out, it will be after a lot of hesitation. 

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16. Her texts have a lot of emojis

If you want to figure out whether a girl likes you more than a friend over text, then you can take a close look at the emojis she uses. If she likes you, she will want you to know exactly what she’s feeling when she texts you something, and this will make her use more emotions. It isn’t just the amount of emojis she uses but it’s also the types of emojis she uses, like the winky face or the heart eyes, or even the kissing emoji. The mere use of these emojis is an indication that she likes you but is hiding it. But be careful, some people just like using a lot of emojis. Watch out for other signs too.

17. She always picks up your calls

How to know if a girl likes you more than a friend? Well, one way to find out is through her calls. We’ve already mentioned that if she likes you, then she will always be there when you need to talk to someone. This includes calls, so, out of all the times you’ll call her, she’ll pick up 90% of the time. Of course, she’ll miss a few but she’ll always call you back or text you when she does miss your call.

18. She fumbles when she’s around you

Usually, when we like someone, we get very conscious of their presence around us, that’s why we tend to fumble or stammer and become shy when they’re around. We also tend to be extra careful with what we say because we care about what they think of us. If you’ve been friends for a while and lately she’s been acting a little reserved around you, even though she’s confident around other people, then it’s a sign that she has feelings for you. 

19. She remembers every single detail that you’ve told her

Whether a girl likes you or she is just friendly is something that only she can answer. But if she seems to remember the tiniest detail about the conversations that you’ve had, then it’s a pretty good sign. When she likes you, she’s going to pay attention to the things that you say. She’ll end up remembering that silly, weird story about your grandmother’s friend’s daughter’s son’s friend, a story that even you forgot all about.

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20. She’s a busy person but she always seems to have time for you

Are you both meeting more often these days? You find her dropping by your place or texting you to set up a time to meet. Does she always find time for you even if she has had a busy day? Maybe she prioritizes meeting you over spending time with her friends. While friends enjoy catching up now and then, wanting to spend most of the time with one person indicates that she wants more than just friendship.

21. She gets vulnerable around you

Being vulnerable is difficult. Talking about your problems or confessing something embarrassing is something that no one enjoys doing. In fact, you can only be vulnerable around someone that you truly trust. If she is comfortable telling you things like how she’s afraid about her future or upset with her mom, you probably mean something to her. She also wants you to know the kind of person she is. This is why her being vulnerable around you is one of the signs your friend likes you more than a friend

22. It may seem like she’s playing hard to get

Okay, this one may seem a bit confusing. How can her playing hard to get with you help you how to know if a girl likes you more than a friend? Isn’t that actually a sign that she isn’t interested in you? Well, the truth is that sometimes people run from their feelings because they don’t want to be disappointed or heartbroken. 

When we say playing hard to get, we mean a situation in which she’s always available for you but as soon as things get even a little real, she backs off. Making you work for her attention may be a sign that she likes you and she wants more than just friendship. It will seem like she’s blowing hot and cold on you, but that’s probably because she isn’t sure if you feel the same way about her. So, tell her if you do! 

23. She sends you flirty texts

When a girl likes you, she will definitely flirt with you. It’s pretty much textbook, everyone knows this. If you want to know whether a girl likes you more than a friend over text, then this one is the easiest to spot. Flirty texts are her way of letting you know that she finds you attractive and if you like her back, all you have to do is respond in kind. Her response will confirm what you think and if it doesn’t, then you can play it off as some harmless playful texting.

So that brings us to the end of our list of 23 signs your friend likes you more than a friend. Hopefully, by now, you have found the answer to the question of “How to know if a girl likes you more than a friend?” There is one thing that you should keep in mind though, don’t rush in after just a few signs. These indicators can guide you, but remember that a couple of signs aren’t enough. If you’ve known each other for a long time, then your friend probably checked off at least a few of these boxes (and that doesn’t mean she likes you romantically). If you’re looking to make a move or confront her, wait till at least 10 of these signs are visible in her behavior. This will increase your chances and will save you an awkward conversation later. All the best!

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