18 Things To Know When Dating A Scorpio Woman

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Updated On: February 20, 2024
what makes scorpio woman attractive
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Scorpios are considered a highly dramatic sign associated with power, energy and immense strength. With their intense drive in life and a go-getter attitude, they are the kind of women who go after what they want without any inhibitions. Dating a Scorpio woman can be challenging but her mystery will keep you yearning for more.

Scorpio women are not shy and quiet in most situations. Their persona has a valiant aura to it that palpitates in every room that they enter. When dating a Scorpio woman, your relationship is not riddled with issues like fear and insecurity. Scorpio women stay far away from these feelings and prefer a more headstrong approach. 

If you’ve got yourself a Scorpio girlfriend or are just here doing some recon on what dating a Scorpio woman will potentially look like, we’ve got you covered. Let’s take a look at the 18 things you need to know, so you don’t end up expecting the dreaminess of a Piscean from the headstrong Scorpion.

18 Things To Know When Dating A Scorpio Woman 

Dating a Scorpio woman means experiencing her dynamic and prodigious personality up close and feeling its ripples in your relationship too. Want to know how a Scorpio woman tests in love or what are Scorpio women attracted to? We will help you set your expectations realistically when dating this enigmatic personality. 

Domineering, enterprising and determined, these power-packed women are sexy and alluring and they demand to be seen that way. But what does a Scorpio woman need in a relationship? Here are 18 things to know when dating a Scorpio woman

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1. Go-getter attitude

When a Scorpio woman is focused and working hard, try not to meddle with her work or disturb her zone. Their goals mean the world to them and everything else simply comes second. Ambition drives their everyday activities and they appreciate people who are equally driven and passionate. 

A Scorpio woman cannot date a couch potato drifting along aimlessly in life, letting the stream guide them. She is attracted to hard-working personalities who carve well-thought-out paths for themselves. Take it as one of the benefits of dating a Scorpio woman or something that puts you off, but know this for a fact: she’s not changing for anyone.

2. What’s it like dating a Scorpio woman? Expect a lot of thrill-seeking

Brace yourself for excitement when dating a Scorpio woman. Scorpio women are not very laid-back. Whether it’s work or other activities, these women crave a certain thrill in life. Needless to say, you’re not going to have to deal with boredom in your relationship.

If you’re going on vacation to Brazil, your Scorpio date would rather go bungee jumping than sip cocktails at a beach. If you’re in Mykonos, she’s already booking flights for Ibiza. A Scorpio woman as a girlfriend promises a lot of excitement, so if you’re the kind who likes to spend Saturday night at home eating your favorite ice cream, you might need to look elsewhere.

3. They are highly self-sufficient

Often in life, a Scorpio woman will not ask you for many favors or will drown you in expectations in your relationship. These women teach themselves to be self-sustaining and eventually enjoy doing things for themselves on their own. That does not mean she does not like a little pampering. No matter what their zodiac sign, every woman deserves to feel special. However, Scorpio women are just a little low maintenance on that spectrum. 

They are highly self-sufficient
Scorpio women retain a strong sense of independence

4. They pay attention to the little things

Scorpio women are not ones that brush off tiny, offensive remarks or forget that you forgot important dates. Even though they are more resistant than most, their keen observation skills will keep you walking on eggshells. They’re extremely skilled at noticing little details in the crevices of your relationships.

Not only will they remember important little things that make your relationship stronger but also be highly aware of your actions. They are also sharp and can read a room very well. If you’re dating a Scorpio woman, she’s going to pick up on things like your body language and the words you don’t say. In other words, you’re not going to be able to hide much from her.

5. A Scorpio girlfriend has a ravishing sex appeal

When dating a Scorpio woman, your sex life will certainly be far from boring. Their energy in bed is not very different from their zest for life in general. Just like their domineering personality in life, these women also love to take the lead in bed. They are even known as the sex goddesses of the zodiac. Lucky you! 

She will not expect her sexual partner to meet very high standards and can do with simple pleasure. She herself enjoys some adventure and action and would love to try some sex games. Passion and spontaneity are her primal instincts while lovemaking. 

6. When dating a Scorpio woman, don’t expect her to be an open book

She’s a layered woman, getting to know her can be like uncovering and peeling off the layers of an onion. It is a gradual process and you might constantly keep learning something new about her. If you are dating a Scorpio woman, it can take some time to truly get to know the deeper, darker parts of her. 

A Scorpio woman is circumspect in nature and can be shy and reserved when expressing things about herself. On a first date, do not expect her to give into revealing her life history or start yapping about her childhood sweethearts. One of the psychological facts about Scorpio girl is that she takes a while to trust you and that you shouldn’t feel bad if she takes a while to present her true self to you.

That’s partly because a Scorpio woman in relationships doesn’t mess around. She’s in it to establish a deeper bond, and she makes sure she can trust you enough before presenting new aspects of her personality to you.

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7. A sense of control makes them happy

A Scorpio woman might show tendencies of acting like a control freak. Anything unexpected or out of blue shatters their inner peace and can make them anxious. Power-play in relationships is also her forte. When dating a Scorpio woman, remember that she might try to run things her own way. 

She does have a considerate side to her and will often accommodate your needs. She’s capable of empathy but her haste to make decisions and appear to be in a position of power may not make it seem that way. Though a Scorpio woman as a girlfriend likes being the main decision-maker, do not worry because she will not just throw you in the deep end of the pool. 

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8. A Scorpio woman in relationships can be stubborn

Owing to their strong-willed attitude, a weakness that might stem from it is that they are a little set in their own ways and thought processes. If she wants to watch a Sci-Fi movie one night but you want to see a RomCom, she will do everything to make sure she gets her way. She may seem like a selfish girlfriend, but that’s probably not the case.

This can be one of the cons of dating a Scorpio woman. They find it difficult to compromise and often expect life to fall into place like highly-organized dominos. One of the things to know about a Scorpio woman is that she’s not being stubborn to hurt you, it’s just an innate part of her personality.

9. They can be dark and nasty

A Scorpio woman is not one to enjoy mainstream humor, music or movies. They are curious individuals and fear is a very distant concept to them. Their choices and preferences are not always ordinary and simplistic. Buying a Valentine’s Day gift for her is going to be a hassle. She might love outlandish movies, heavy metal music and super dark humor.

Women born under this sign also enjoy the larger meanings in things and dissect them on their own too. Haunted houses and Halloween movies are probably her top fun things to do, and she’s always looking for the next adventure. One of the psychological facts about a Scorpio girl is that she doesn’t just do this to stand apart but that she’s effortlessly attracted to things that seem different.

10. Don’t expect her to be dragged along

A Scorpio woman will love fiercely and put her heart into what she does. She has no fear of commitment, and in fact, is more loyal than most people. She prizes loyalty very much and will expect the same from you. They know how to be treated as a woman. 

However, when things go awry she is not one to cry and beg on her knees. The moment a situation is becoming negative for her, a Scorpio woman will walk right out and never turn back. She likes to gravitate toward things that uplift her and ignores anything that is not fulfilling her in the long term. 

If you’ve been wondering, “What’s it like dating a Scorpio woman?”, know that she’s not someone who will stand for any disrespect. She commands an equal footing in the relationship, and may even look a bit controlling while doing so. At the end of the day, you have to remember that she appears a bit stern, but her empathetic nature eventually shines through too.

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11. Things to know about Scorpio woman: She needs her independence

A Scorpio woman prizes her own independence and autonomy above everything else. They often dismiss things that other people tell them to do and prefer to go about their own way. A Scorpio woman ignores you when she feels like you are bombarding her. One of the cons of dating a Scorpio woman is that she will often find it hard to consider your choices because she has such strong faith in her own.

While her faith in herself is attractive, it can become messy for she might never let you question her. On the other hand, one of the benefits of dating a Scorpio woman can be that she’s going to give you a lot of personal space in the relationship. Since she values her independence so much, don’t expect her to be a clingy girlfriend or one that calls you once every two hours.

12. Scorpios are very thick-skinned

What makes these Scorpio women special? Hurt does not come to them very easily. Scorpio women are not ones that are easily bothered by negative remarks or criticism. They can move past the unpleasantness of body shaming or social media shaming without much effort and won’t give much thought to them. 

They are not insecure women and will do everything to continue loving themselves. When dating a Scorpio woman, know that she does not take the opinions of others very seriously and will hardly ever worry about how others perceive her.  

13. Avoid ambiguity when dating a Scorpio woman

Precision and clarity are things that these women completely revel in. They feel their best when their surroundings and the people in them are straightforward and honest. They don’t like to beat about the bush and sit around uncovering how other people might be feeling. 

Be clear in your intentions and thoughts and do not play games with your Scorpio woman. Don’t make her sniff out the skeletons in your closet. If you present yourself for who you truly are, she’s going to know that you’re someone she can trust. So if you’re dating a Scorpio woman, try not to say things like “we’ll see” or “let’s go with the flow” when talking about the future of your relationship.

15. Her love is very clear

Her love is very clear

You might often find yourself wondering, “How do you know when a Scorpio woman is in love?” Will she tell you or hope that you make the move? A Scorpio woman is not one who needs you to run after her like she is an elusive butterfly. She will never tease you if she doesn’t want you or lead you on for the sake of it. 

How does a Scorpio woman act when in love? Her intentions are often clear, and in most situations, she will own up to them. Her love is usually deep and she craves a healthy emotional connection. When dating a Scorpio woman, do not expect her to hide her feelings for you. She is always ready to chase and go after who she wants. 

16. They have a retributive nature 

When messed with or hurt terribly, a Scorpio woman is not going to easily forgive the one that causes her pain. A Scorpio woman secretly in love has a Machiavellian side to her – one that she will not often reveal but is something to be wary of. They can be very vengeful and do not like it when life is unfair to them.

They can certainly lift themselves up from any mishap but will make sure to strike back as soon as they dust their knees. She’s not going to be depressed after a breakup. One of the benefits of dating a Scorpio woman is that she will help instill the same qualities in you since she won’t be able to see you suffer over things she finds trivial.

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17. They have a small close-knit circle

While these women are confident in any social situation, they do not have a mammoth-sized group of friends that keep hovering around them. They can be super private in their social ways and prefer a smaller circle of friends. They truly sift through the people they choose to be close to and can be a bit selective that way. Not everyone can get a taste of who she is and will only let you close once she and you have built trust in the relationship

18. They can be egomaniacal

Scorpio women love themselves, almost too much sometimes. They don’t let any opportunity make them doubt themselves. However, this can get to a point where they consider everyone else beneath themselves. 

When dating a Scorpio woman, you may feel that she often needs to be kept in check and told to tone down her egoistic tendencies. Their sturdy attitude can soon make them feel like they tower over everyone else. They need to be reminded that not everything is about them and that perfection is not everything. 

You can see that Scorpio women’s personalities are fierce. Whether it is love, adventure, activity, or getting hurt – these women do not just sit back and let destiny play its role. They like to grab things and act spontaneously on their judgments. You will not be bored with this one, but be careful because she certainly knows how to take you for a spin! 

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