Affair and Cheating

What to do when you fall for a married man

Love cannot always be controlled, so how do you limit the damage if you get involved with a married man?
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The very nature of human life is defined by its precariousness, its uncertainty. Yet, all of us desire stability, sustenance and safety. And that’s why we plan, we strategise, we aim – with little knowledge that when it comes to ‘falling in love’, all such controlling measures can evaporate in one single moment. And that’s why it’s a fall, a free fall! Not without its consequences though. Some survive and some perish. But sometimes, some of us choose the way to suffer and perish with full knowledge. And that’s definitely emotional suicide. One of the ways to do is to simply fall for a married man in India!

If falling is inevitable, let’s at least fasten our seatbelts and hope to prevent it from being a bumpy ride.

What to look for

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I suspected my husband was having an affair because he asked for paneer

She became obsessed and wouldn’t take no for an answer

I had an affair with a married man

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