Affair and Cheating

I had an affair with a married man

He seemed the perfect person to fall in love with, so what if he was already married?
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As told to Shivi Goyal

There was no reason for not loving him, he seemed to be perfect for me from the day we began a relationship. I met Akash at my workplace; he was a nice and gentle guy, very close to all our colleagues in office. I was new to the company. We grew into friendship, shared moments, work, pleasure, pain and a whole lot of travelling together. It was nice to meet him and know him better and closer. AND then I found out that he was married.

I became close to him; we shared a great bond and pulled off into a very close and friendly relationship (maybe a little more than friendship). Till then it was not a committed love, but it was not forgettable either. His witty humour used to make me happy; we both loved gadgets, music, travel and partying. He was 3 years older than me and I felt like cuddling with him all the time.

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