11 Signs She Has Someone Else In Her Life

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Updated On: February 14, 2024
Signs She Has Someone Else
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Relationships aren’t meant to be smooth sailing all the time. And if you are reading this article, then you must have noticed signs she has someone else in her life. Or if your relationship has been rocky for a while, then you might even have noticed signs she has moved on to someone else. Whatever it may be, it’s not your fault.

Or you might be someone who thinks, “My girlfriend might like someone else, but she still loves me.” While this mindset can work for some couples who either want to compromise or want to explore an open relationship. But if you fall in neither category, then this mindset will be damaging for you. The key is to have sufficient evidence to support your suspicions and then talk to her about it. We’re here to help you with that. Here is a list of signs she has someone else in her life.

11 Signs She Has Someone Else In Her Life

If you suspect that your girlfriend has feelings for someone else, but are not sure, then this list will be able to help you out. Even if you want to talk to your girlfriend about whether she has fallen for another person, you will need some proof. Without some measure of evidence, she might get defensive and angry. But with sufficient proof, she will be forced to come clean to you about her possible infidelity.

Her affair can be emotional or physical. Whatever it may be, there will be regret and hurt on both sides. But it is important to not take the blame on yourself. Find the courage to get out of this situation in a calm and graceful manner. In Silver Linings Playbook, Bradley Cooper plays a character called Pat. Pat catches his wife cheating on him. And after a long period of grief and turmoil, he wins a dance competition and opens his dream restaurant with the new love of his life!

While we’re not suggesting that your story will end with the launching of a new business alongside a new partner, what we mean is – to remember that your partner’s infidelity is not about you. So, try and keep your sanity about yourself, and prioritize your mental health and life goals. The following list will also come in handy if you and your girlfriend broke up recently and you want to know more about her present love life. Here are the 11 signs she has someone else in her life.

1. She spends a little too much time on her phone

Technology may have brought people closer together and opened up networking opportunities like never before, but it’s also made it very easy for people to cheat on their partners.

Take the case of Alan who never had reasons to be suspicious of his wife’s increasing phone time and frequency of going outside. He chalked it up to an increase in work hours that happened due to a promotion. Even though there were all the signs of a dead-end relationship in his marriage, he always just thought she was a busy woman. However, one night, her wife fell asleep after a long day. He decided to go through her phone while she was sleeping. He found out that she had been cheating on him with multiple people.

We usually overlook a partner’s change in behavior because, by nature, we trust the people we love. However, if you find your partner spending more time on her phone, or if she smiles and giggles when texting someone but then hides it from you, these could be signs that she has someone else in her life. These signs aren’t conclusive proof of signs that she has moved on to someone else, but they could be pretty solid foundations to help draw your conclusions.

2. She is acting differently

Usually, your girlfriend will start displaying differences in her behavior if she has feelings for someone else. You might catch her daydreaming at random times, or getting fidgety around you. You might also find her getting increasingly irritated when spending time with you.

It is important to note that there could be a lot of reasons for her acting this way. She could be nervous about an upcoming exam, or that presentation at work. However, it is always important to listen to your gut in these matters. Otherwise, you might just miss out on the important signs that she has met someone else.

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3. One of the strange signs she has feelings for someone else – She is doing more favors for you

Guilt is a very powerful emotion. It can make a person act very nice toward you to help ease their guilt. If you suspect that your girlfriend has cheated on you, then you might want to look at how she is treating you. Is she being extra nice to you these days? Is she going out of her way to do favors for you? Maybe she bought you a nice gift, even when there is no occasion for it. You might be thinking, “This isn’t so bad, I don’t think she is cheating on me, maybe my girlfriend likes someone else, but she loves me.” The problem with this line of thinking is that you think that her being nice to you or showing affection is a definite sign that she will soon forget the other person and come back to you for good. But that is almost never the case.

Therefore, if you find your girlfriend doing favors for you out of the blue, they could be signs she has met someone else recently, or signs that she has moved on to someone else entirely, and her guilty conscience is making her do nice things for you.

4. She smiles at random moments

Have you caught your girlfriend smiling at random moments? It might look harmless and innocent at first, but it could be some of the first signs that your partner is falling in love too fast with someone else. You remember the over-talking stage of your relationship, right? When things looked rosy and everything felt nice and warm and giggly. She is experiencing the same things, but for another person this time.

Therefore, if you find your girlfriend smiling to herself at the weirdest of times, then it could be a sign that your partner is falling for someone else. Remember this could also mean a plethora of other things. Maybe she is remembering a moment with the two of you in it, or maybe she is thinking about her celebrity crush or even an Instagram reel she saw. But it never hurts to playfully ask, “Hey, what are you smiling about there?”

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5. She doesn’t want to get physical anymore

An important sign that she has someone in her life is if she doesn’t want to get intimate with you anymore. Note how she responds to you initiating physical intimacy. Does she shrug away? Does she reply with “I’m too tired?” Or “I’m not in the mood right now?” These are valid reasons as to why she doesn’t want to be intimate with you, but make a point to note her changes in attitude to physical intimacy with you.

Do you also see marks on her body that weren’t there before? Try bringing it up casually in a conversation and see what she says. If she fumbles and isn’t clear about where she got her marks, then they might be physical signs she having one-night stands or hooking up with someone else.

6. She suddenly has a lot more outdoor errands to run

Usually, people who start cheating won’t stop at one encounter. They will keep up with the affair as long as they are not in danger of getting caught. If you find your girlfriend making a lot more excuses to stay out, or she has started running errands at strange times of the day, then these might be the signs she has met someone else.

Also, take note of the patterns of her errands. Do they line up with the staying home time of anyone you suspect? You could also ask one of your friends to tail her. Though this should be the absolute last resort since this is technically considered stalking, and could get you or your friend in serious trouble.

if she has feelings for someone else
She is out all the time

7. She is talking a lot about the person she told you not to worry about

Have you always had a bad feeling about someone in her friend group, but she always insisted that you have nothing to worry about since they are ‘just’ friends? Maybe that person and your girlfriend have had a history in the past, and they still hang out with each other. If she has feelings for someone else other than you, then she will start talking about this person a lot in the initial stages of her intense attraction to them. This realization could hurt you more than your girlfriend cheating on someone random. Because she’d always tried calming your fears about them.

Just think of Jada Pinkett Smith and Will Smith. Will reportedly went through a period of insecurity when Jada kept bringing up how close she and Tupac were. In their talk show, Will asked if anything happened between her and Tupac, but Jada maintained they were just good friends. Imagine if they actually did have an affair, Will would have been crushed.

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8. She has a work spouse and insists it’s nothing

Work spouses are usually very close friends that some people have. And though there is nothing wrong with having intimate friendships outside of a romantic relationship, it is always smart to keep an open eye. This dynamic might make you defend your relationship by thinking, “My girlfriend likes someone else but loves me.” But believe us, they might be more than just work spouses.

Think of it this way, your partner and her work spouse have to spend much of their work time together. They will also have a lot of things in common. They might also hold some similar interests on account of working in the same field. They might also be required to work in close quarters a lot of the time. It is very hard not to develop some semblance of a relationship in such a situation. Office romances are all too common these days. So, if you find her talking about this person non-stop, then it might be a sign your partner is falling for someone else.

Think of any actor who has played Spider-Man. Tobey Maguire, Tom Holland, and Andrew Garfield have all gone on to date their co-stars who played MJ. Workplace romances are common occurrences. And you need to be diligent about whether or not your girlfriend is taking the term ‘workplace spouse’ a bit too literally.

9. She has stopped putting effort into the relationship

They say, “You should never stop dating your partner.” The first few months of a relationship are usually fun and exciting. This is when you are getting to know this person, and every day feels like you are learning something new about them. However, beyond the first few months or years of a relationship, both of you will fall into some sort of routine. There are fewer and fewer surprises, and you might fall into comfortable silences once in a while. However, both parties have to work and put the effort into the relationship beyond the first few months or years.

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If she has feelings for someone else, she will stop paying attention to the relationship you are in. You might also notice that she is paying a lot of attention to her physical appearance when she is going out to meet someone but has basically given up on impressing you. This could be a physical sign that she is sleeping with someone else. She already has one foot out of the door at this point. This might be a good time to have a talk with her.

10. She has mentally checked out of the relationship if she has feelings for someone else

When a relationship feels like it’s at a breaking point, the people who want it to work out will fight for it. If your girlfriend seems like she doesn’t care about what happens to the relationship, then it could be a sign that she has moved on to someone else. At this point, she is basically waiting for you to break up with her, thus making her job easier. Forcing someone to stay in a loveless relationship or loveless marriage because the cheater is too weak to break up is very harmful, but quite common.

For example, you might come to her with some problem that you think your relationship needs to address. And instead of validating your queries, she shuts off and stops talking. She might even get defensive and say things like “If you have such an issue with this, why don’t you just break up with me?” or “If I am such a bad person, you should just be with someone else.” If your partner has said something along these lines to you, then it could be a sign that your partner is falling for someone else. At this point, it is up to you to decide whether or not it is worth fighting for this relationship.

11. She is talking about the future but in the short term

A thing most couples will do is talk about their long-term and short-term goals. These future plans will most likely include both of you in it. You could have the same long-term goals like marriage, children, or the purchase of a house. You might also have the same career goals. These plans will usually involve the words ‘us’ and ‘we’.

If she has feelings for someone else, you will start seeing a shift in her goal-setting patterns. Suddenly “We will move in together” will become “I will come to visit you on the weekends.” Or
“We will buy a house together” will turn into “I will rent a studio apartment in the city.” It is a sign that she is entertaining the thought of being with someone else. You might have no place in her vision of the future.

Key Pointers

  • She might have somebody else in her life if she is always smiling at her phone or acting differently than usual
  • Is she talking a lot these days about a new person to you?
  • If you notice that she has stopped putting time and effort into the relationship, it might mean that she has feelings for somebody else

Like we said, before you go and confront your girlfriend, it is important to have a talk with her. Lay out your concerns and let her explain herself. Good communication is foremost in any relationship. If you have doubts about whether or not she has feelings for you or not, this guide should help you out. But ultimately, only your girlfriend can tell you the whole truth.


1. How can you tell if your girlfriend is hiding something from you?

A strange change in behavior will usually indicate that your girlfriend is hiding something from you. Maybe her work timings have shifted, or she is paying less and less attention to the relationship you both are in. A sudden increase in the time she spends on her phone could also be a cause for alarm. We would suggest that you talk to her about these changes. If she starts getting defensive, calls you names, and turns the blame on you, then she is most definitely hiding something from you.

2.  What to do if your girlfriend has feelings for someone else?

If you’re worried that your girlfriend has feelings for someone else, the best thing to do is talk to her. Communication is key, and if you want to make the relationship work, it’s important to be honest about how you feel. You can also try talking with a friend or family member who knows both of you well. They may have some advice on how to deal with this situation, or they might be able to mediate between the two of you in an attempt to make things easier on everyone. But if she’s decided to leave you, then there’s nothing to do but accept this painful decision, take space, and focus on your own healing.

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