The Fights With My Husband are Turning Ugly

August 21, 2023 | Expert Author
Updated On | August 21, 2023
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My husband is a very arrogant, egoistic and a short-tempered person and he is becoming more and more intolerant towards me. Our fights are turning ugly and he is constantly picking up fights with me.

Our fights are turning ugly with every passing day 

He picks up on small things and creates issues. I am getting very stressed out nowadays. If I have a different opinion on anything he can’t take that and starts fighting with me to prove his point. Please help me out. I don’t know how to keep my relationship good, it’s becoming very ugly day by day. After a fight, he treats me like a stranger. Recently we are not even on talking terms and he keeps on giving me the silent treatment. He is always misbehaving with me and I can’t take it anymore. Whenever we fight it turns really ugly. What I can do to save our relationship?

Hello dear,

Step back and see the entire situation. Your husband is misbehaving with you and he gets angry. He is all the time interacting with you even if you are silent. It just means that something is wrong in his life that he can’t share and he wants to share it with you but somehow can’t.

Here’s how to save your marriage from ugly fights

There is only one way to deal with this – be nonreactive. He will do all he can to make you react but you must not, under any circumstances. Behave as if nothing has happened and if he irritates you too much tell him categorically these words – you are being negative and I don’t want this at all. Then don’t react.

how to save your marriage from ugly fights
Don’t react when he fight

Stay normal

Talk about normal things. Make his favourite food. Men love to eat. Soon he will soften and one day, whatever is really bothering him will slip out of his lips and both of you together will be able to solve it.


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