How The Future Of Relationships And Dating Is Expected To Change In The Next 10 Years

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Updated On: July 15, 2022
Future of Relationships

Love and its definition have evolved over time, and with that, the future of relationships has evolved. With the rules of dating and love changing almost instantly, keeping up with them is the task at hand. We have come to rely quite a lot on technology especially after our lives have been altered post-covid outbreak – we now prefer to be in our comfort zones. These external elements have starkly changed the dating game.

What this says about the future of relationships or the future of romantic relationships is a mystery. This doesn’t mean modern relationships are a dead-end, rather, the essence of these relationships is changing. People are breaking old stereotypes and forming new ways of love.

As a collective, our relationships, just like everything else, are bound to be transformed. Whether it is people first learning to love themselves, then selecting partners, or people flourishing in open marriages – the future of relationships is limitless with lots of potentials. Let’s read ahead about the future scope of our romantic dynamics.

The Future Of Romantic Relationships

According to a study, online-based social relations and connectivity are thriving, with more people embracing technology each day. But what will this lead to eventually? What will entail the future of relationships? Is virtual dating here to stay?

The future of romantic relationships all comes down to the external elements influencing them. Though our love and willingness to share that love define relationships, the ways in which we communicate and share our belongingness keep changing over time.

6 Ways Dating And Relationships Could Change In The Next Decade

The future of relationships is a mystery. So for now, we can only jot down the plausible realities and see where it takes us from there. We are surely in for major technological breakthroughs that will change the foundation of our romantic bonds. The way we communicate is already evolving, from letters of love to an Instagram reel of your loving moments, our displays of affection have transformed. All that’s left to alter is our relationships themselves. Some people worry, are relationships becoming extinct? Social sites have become the very essence of life. Let’s find out the 6 ways dating and relationships could change in the next decade.

1. Fewer marriages

What has happened to the institution of marriage? With more and more people taking their time, waiting it out to decide on the right person to spend their life with, or choosing not to marry, there are bound to be fewer marriages. Marriages aren’t as important as they were 10 years ago. After 10 more years, the scenario will drastically change. All that marriage gives is a piece of paper. All the emotions, love, and care are plausible without the court making it official on paper. The definition and scope of commitment will change over time.

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2. More long-distance relationships

future of romantic relationships
Love from afar will thrive with the help of technology

LDRs are tough to handle but do long-distance relationships last? With better forms of communication over the internet with people across the world, long-distance relationships – with all their insecurities, trials, and tribulations – will only increase in number. The forms of communication are still transforming day to day, making connectivity easier, quicker, and more intimate. LDRs ultimately last if both partners are willing to put their best efforts into the relationship. The future of relationships especially long-distance is likely to soar.

3. Polyamorous relationships

Is polyamory the future of modern love? With society becoming more accepting, tolerant, and inclusive, people will find it easier and safer to come out and live as their authentic selves. Polyamory literally means many loves or being romantically involved with multiple partners. Many people may prefer multiple partners rather than fixating on one to get all their needs met. Polyamory will make friendships more intimate and meaningful as well. The concept of throuples is also going to become the norm wherein three people date each other. The future is fluid!

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4. Ghosting isn’t going anywhere

When it comes to avoiding and running away from people, our human nature may have come a long way but not in this regard. People will still be selective and choose to ghost someone rather than give them a meaningful answer as to why they wouldn’t like to continue chatting, whether over something trivial or a big deal-breaker. Ghosting is a dead-end that cancels out the future of relationships, and also showcases that the one who ghosts is usually in denial.

5. Consent will rule

Why is consent important in relationships? People are finally noticing how society has left the conversation about sex education to a halt. Whether ruled by shame, guilt, or plain apathy, young minds aren’t as educated on the topic which has led to poor decision-making or the orchestration of rape culture. While so many are still unaware of how they contribute to rape culture, people are finally beginning to notice the underlying issues. Consent has been the talk of the town, especially among Gen Z, many of whom are young crusaders and strong believers in consent, and never shy away from bringing the topic out in the open.

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6. Virtual reality will bring people closer

Picture this: You have a date with your partner but you both live halfway across the world from each other. Yet, date night is a fun experience thanks to a night of delight at the 7 wonders of the world, all from the couch of your respective living rooms. Yes, this could be a reality in the near future. The future of relationships is virtual!

The Future Of Dating – Are Dating Apps The Future Of Dating?

Apps are changing their traditional strategy of throwing in a couple of pictures, adding a bio, and calling it a profile. They’re coming up with new interactive features like Bumble’s ‘Night in’ and Tinder’s ‘Swipe night’ to set up virtual dates and create storylines that can be followed through on dates. The future of relationships is almost visible from here.

Needless to say, dating apps are going to be the future of dating and will surpass more conventional forms of meeting people. With technology progressing at its speed, several avenues like virtual dating using virtual reality and simulations will open up. Tinder states that almost all users had a video call with a match during the pandemic, while 40% planned to continue using video calls even when the pandemic is through.

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Relationships post-pandemic has been hit hard! But people have learned what they like and dislike in the person they’d want to be with, and are assertive about these needs. With accessible options available at the swipe of a key, dating apps are a popular option and result in weeding out the ones who are incompatible. Here’s a glimpse of the future of relationships in India. Currently, around 31 million Indians use and actively engage in dating apps, 67% of whom are men. It’s no surprise that women are barraged with at least a million matches!

New Ways Of Building Relationships And The Future Of Dating

A distinct manner of building and communicating relationships in the future will involve virtual reality dates and simulations of date spots, devices that will let you feel your partner’s touch from afar, etc. People will always prefer the in-person route if given a choice, but in our busy world, we love our comfort zone and the convenience of the internet. People have already started normalizing internet dating over meeting people in person, especially after the pandemic. Love is getting better with tech!

Whether in future relationships or the future of dating, it is interesting to learn about growing trends and how people are extensively learning and unlearning with changing times. New ways of love arise, yet the old ways will always overpower. There can be nothing better than holding your partner’s hand and being able to look into their eyes when you want to. New ways may build, but cannot be better than the ones set for ages. The future of relationships may not be as distancing as we thought. In fact, it might just be for the best!


1. How do you know if a relationship has a future?

You both trust each other completely, share equivalent goals, have a strong physical, mental, and spiritual connection, respect each other’s boundaries and space, have an identity outside the relationship, help each other become better people, and prioritize each other. You feel safe, comfortable, and secure around each other. You can authentically be yourself around your partner.

2. How do you plan your future in a relationship?

Learning how to plan your future in a relationship can look different for different people. Everyone has diverse needs, the more we communicate with our partners and try to come to a middle ground, the more we have a chance of a successful relationship. 
These pointers should be discussed between partners if they want to plan a future together: career, occupational plans, traumas, triggers, love languages, money, financial spending, family, close friends, and 5-year plans.

3. What is the future of online dating?

Online dating is here to stay. With changing times and people preferring technology over meeting people in person, online dating has extensively increased especially among the younger generations who are more adept at it. 
The future of online dating is golden. There are major advantages to online dating like comfort, safety, security, cost, and dating people from different cities or countries, among others. With so many apps and dating services on the market, this industry is only ever-growing. 

4. How does Gen Z view dating?

Generation Z has broken traditional norms and redefined dating just like every generation in their time. How Gen Z is even more distinct from their predecessors comes down to digital dating; open communication; anyone can shoot their shot regardless of gender, sexuality, and norms; open relationships with multiple partners/the rise of polyamory; loving yourself first before loving someone else; honest conversations about mental, emotional well-being; and mindful, consensual relationships.

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