How to date on Tinder?

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A Tinder date is a smart and advanced version of a ‘blind date’. Just a right swipe and if this online-dating app matches you with someone, then bingo! You actually have a potential match near your location. Whoa! That sounds easy. But the dating game on Tinder is certainly not. Of late, many users have complained that this mobile application is obsessively addictive in nature. Some users, particularly women, feel that the app is not safe for them. Bad and bitter Tinder dating encounters are also a reality, affecting many of its users with awkward disasters. To avoid that, how can we make sure that bad Tinder dates don’t happen to us? Before thinking of dating on Tinder, the best way is to know the application inside out with our ‘How-To Guide’. Before we begin, let us find out how the app brings a user closer to a Tinder Match.

What are Tinder matches?

How to date guys on Tinder might be a tricky question, especially when you are picky about swiping a profile right or giving it a Super Like. Unlike men, who casually like most profiles, 93% of women agreed to swipe right on profiles they were actually attracted to. This speaks about the temperament difference both the genders exhibit while dating online. Therefore, if you are looking to date a guy via Tinder match, make sure your profile looks classy. Choose the right profile photo to get the right kind of match. Usually, a user can post up to six photos that can be easily synced with Instagram, another popular photo-sharing platform. If you are a frequent Instagram user, then your Tinder profile will also stay relevant and interesting with real-time updates.

Tips for creating profile on the Tinder dating app

Girls, when you are setting your profile on this globally popular platform, do follow some Tinder hygiene tips while posting pictures to get aligned with the right matches. Don’t just follow the ‘pout’ trend while posing for your profile pic if you don’t want to come across as a wannabe girl ready for hook-ups.

Instead, wear your natural smile to find the desirable match. Photo filters are the latest fad, and many women think it enhances their profile, but don’t fall for them. If user dynamics are to be believed, jazzy filtered photos don’t give a clear picture of who you are. Instead, try and use photos that give a glimpse of your everyday life to the opposite sex.

The bio part of this photo-based application is restricted to a 500 character limit, so through pictures only you can feature your lifestyle, interests and passions in a tasteful manner. Remember, these could be interesting talk-points while you interact with your potential date on this platform.

Evaluating the date on Tinder

With Facebook profile syncing feature available, you can easily check Tinder Common Connections. If he is among your 1st or 2nd-degree connections, then he is potentially safe for you. Many women give this step a miss in the game of swiping left or right. But time and again, our experts have reiterated its importance to avoid any dating horrors. This is important when we talk about how to be safe on a tinder date rule and every lady must check this. A check on his social media profiles is also an important step for evaluation on Tinder.

When somebody swipes your profile right, analyse their profile, before you follow the green tick. Look at their photos and scrutinise their Tinder bio. If it is not interesting and is creepy in nature, just ignore them. That’s the best part of it. You are not answerable for rejecting any guy you don’t like. Finding a Tinder match is easy, but if you are looking to get a like-minded date, invest some time in knowing that person, which can happen easily through conversations.

How to get a date on Tinder?

The steps on how to get a date on Tinder are as easy as 1, 2, 3… But don’t just confuse them with swipe right, left and matching. Conversations are key to Tinder courtship. Once you are matched, don’t just wait for him to open. Instead, initiate a chat based on your common interests, or something that you really liked about his profile. Or you may talk about something that intrigued you about him. The key – keep the messages short, crisp and casual. If you get dull and boring answers, he may not be interested in you. And if you click with each other while chatting, exchange numbers. Talking to him directly could be a potential way to suggest a date’s transition from the virtual to the real world, that is the right time of how to arrange a date on Tinder.

How to ask for a date on Tinder?

Fixing a first-time date on Tinder happens so fast, that sometimes we fail to approach it the right way. So, here our Bonobology experts lay down guidelines on how to ask for a date on Tinder. Almost equated with the first move, suggesting a date is a great way to ascertain if you both want to meet and analyse if this person is promising or not.

Some easy starters that can help you how to suggest a date on Tinder in a casual manner are:

  • So, how do we get started?
  • Can we meet next week while returning from work/music class?
  • So, how about a coffee next week?
  • There is a nice donut joint near your office. Can we go there?

You’ll never really know who you’re agreeing to meet until you do so. So, keep yourself guarded during your first date. Meet him at a public place. Probable good first-date spots could be sitting in a cafe, strolling through a mall or a coffee date at your favourite coffee shop.

How to behave on a Tinder date?

First Tinder dates are always filled with nervousness and anxiety. Since it is your first meeting with the guy, throw out the burden of any expectations. Don’t build up too much about this date in your mind. This will keep you more relaxed and help you behave naturally. Be who you are and open your mind. Try getting to know him more, gain his perspective and be on your guard. Since you will be meeting him in a public place, it is potentially safe to talk for a limited time. Be open to new conversations. But think before you talk. Don’t try to be aggressive while putting across your opinions in front of him. Also, try not to fiddle with your phone and text your friends. This will express your disinterest in the conversation. Utilise that limited meeting time to analyse his body language and his interactions with you.

How to close a date on Tinder?

Some people still see Tinder as a casual hook-up app, ending in one-night stands. But our experts believe that a woman has a call to close a date. If she is guarded and confident in her body language, the blind date can be gracefully closed, sans any drama or awkward moments. Be ready to make a move out of the dating venue. Put about an arm’s length of distance between you and your date for a confident handshake. Even if the meeting was boring, thank him for taking the time to come out for the meeting.

How to be safe on a Tinder Date?

Your confident body language and prior safety tips while boy-browsing on Tinder will help you be on guard and safe on an actual date. However, there is an advisory to be followed on how to be safe on a Tinder Date while meeting a guy for the first time.

  • As mentioned before, do keep tabs on his social media accounts to find out if he just had a breakup, or is into a flamboyant lifestyle
  • Be in control of your own ride. You can’t trust a man you have not met till date to drop you home. Ask a friend to pick you up or book a cab from your smartphone for a convenient bail-out
  • Try fixing the meeting during the daytime at public spots to ensure easy closure to the date
  • Keep a friend informed about your whereabouts while on a date and have her in your vicinity
  • If things seem like they are going wrong, excuse yourself for a moment, dial your friend and ask him/her to come and accompany you to close the date faster

With all these how-to’s in place, Tinder Dating can be a fast, fun and friendly way to meet new individuals. If you also had your share of Tinder dating stories, then we would like to know how it sailed through. Was it a disaster in the making or did you actually end up meeting an interesting guy? Do share your personal Tinder stories on our relationship blog section and who knows? You could be one of our awesome ‘Bonobology Star Bloggers’.

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