Girlfriend left me due to a misunderstanding, am depressed

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Hello Madam, I am suffering from depression tendency since last month because my girl friend has pulled away from me due to some misunderstandings. I tried a lot to talk to her and fix the issues but the problem is that she is not agreeing to talk to me. She doesn’t even respond to my text messages. I really don’t know what to do. Please help! 



A break up can be very disheartening. You’ve mentioned you girlfriend has pulled back and is not speaking with you since a month. Is that accurate?

I suggest you continue your efforts of communication with her. While you do this understand, that misunderstanding creates confusion and mixed feelings and thoughts of all kinds. Give her the time to process the information and your apologies etc.

Even if both are poles apart, mutual understanding and effort is essential for any relationship to thrive.

Also, remember not all relationships work out. Give yourself the time to process the likelihood of this one not working.

If you still find yourself deeply emotionally upset and unable to handle the situation, seek help from a Psychotherapist who can guide and assist you. Since the information you have provided is extremely limited this is the only suggestion I can provide. If you feel the need for further assistance I encourage you to write back.

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