When You Meet The Right Person You Know It – 11 Things That Happen

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when you meet the right person you know it
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‘When you meet the right person you know it’ – this old adage is not some feel-good advice from fictional movies but an actual reality. The fluttering of butterflies and the world seeming rosier than ever are all symptoms of the same. Love and meeting ‘the one’ can make you feel all kinds of happy feelings that you will not want to let go of. 

Ted’s obsession with meeting the right person lasted a good number of years in the show How I Met Your Mother until he finally saw her for the first time. Ted Mosby’s story is truly the reflection of the ‘when you meet the right person you know it’ theory because when he finally met Tracy, his life changed completely.

It is true and Ted taught us this. When you meet the right person you just know and little did Ted know, that a woman holding a yellow umbrella was going to be the love of his life. While real life is not exactly as romantic as reel life, there is a lot that you can still relate to. 

How Will You Know When You Meet The Right Person? 11 Things That Will Happen

Meeting ‘the one’ can feel like a cosmic affair that the heavens planned for you. Or, it can just feel like falling in love with your best friend in the whole world without expecting it. But the best part about the whole process is when it really hits you that he or she is the one. Unfortunately, violins do not start playing in the background, they’ll only be playing in your mind.

Meeting the right person at the right time feels natural. No conversations will ever seem forced, no interactions will feel awkward. You’ll lose track of time while talking to this person and the inhibitions you have go out the window. You’ll have an innate sense that this person isn’t here to judge you, they’re here to truly be with you.

A right person right time connection feels like a gift from the gods. From the very first conversation you have with them, your instant connection will be apparent. When you meet the right person you know it in ways that make you feel lighter and it’s almost as if time stops still. Other than those, there are some other early signs that you’ve met the one that you should probably look out for too. 

If you want to make sure you don’t end up ignoring all the signs, you’ve got to know about them first. Pay attention to these 11 things that happen when you meet the right person:

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1. Conversation comes easily 

There is never a lull in your conversation when you have found the one. Or even if there is, the silence is oddly comforting. You can talk about everything from UFOs to plumbing with ease and not feel weird about it at all. When you know he is the one, picking up on each other’s conversational cues is no big deal for you.

If you’re wondering how to know if you found the right person, try and think about how your conversations go with this person. You won’t be desperately trying to think of things to say, you won’t be worried if s/he thinks you’re awkward or not. Every conversation will be effortless, comfortable and easy.

You won’t be thinking about how to keep the conversation going. That’s what happens when you end up meeting the right person at the right time. Before you can even realize or process it, you two have started having the best conversations.

2. You love to hear them out

Right person right time
You’ll love hearing them talk

You may not agree with everything the other person has to say but still love to hear them out. When you meet the right person you know it because you can disagree on a lot but still love each other for it. Love is not about being agreeable at all times rather about accepting each other’s differences willingly. 

Whether you have different political inclinations or one of you just hates artichokes on their pizza, none of your differences appear to be deal-breakers. One of the early signs you’ve met the one is when you can easily work around the differences in your opinions, and not let that change how you feel for them.  

So if you’re wondering what happens when you meet the right person, you won’t end up arguing about petty things. Instead, you’ll appreciate the differences and realize that the differences are what make your dynamic special.

3. You finish each other’s senten-

This does sound a little too cheesy so do not take this too literally. But when you meet the right person you know it if you two are completely in tune with each other. While you will still need to work on the relationship for it two succeed, you’re definitely off to a good start. 

You two have already understood each other’s ways and are happy to work around them. This means you won’t have to worry about unnecessary relationship arguments because you both understand each other’s habits, space and personality. If you’re ever wondering how to know if you found the right person, look out for when they put into words exactly what you were thinking at a given moment. You’ll both be so synchronized that you’ll probably be thinking the exact same things. If that doesn’t scream out an intense connection to you, we don’t know what will!

4. The sex is more intimate 

It does not have to be mind-blowing, rough or out of this world per se but what matters is that it will feel different somehow. One of the signs he thinks you might be the one is if he makes love to you in a way that he cannot to another. Your physical intimacy will not just be good but it will also make you feel secure. 

You’ll feel an instant connection that you probably have not felt before. The passionate embraces will be accompanied by a lot more than just lust, there will be an almost palpable desire to be with this person and share this connection with them. When you’re in a ‘right person right time’ situation, the connection often translates in the bedroom as well. It will give you a higher sense of an emotional connection and a better sense of self-worth and happiness. 

When you meet the right person you know it infographic

5. You light up around them 

One of the signs you’ve met the right person is if they can make the most mundane days seem worthwhile to you. Love is all about finding someone that can make it all easier when the tough gets going. Plus, if you’re meeting the right person after a breakup, you’ll be able to appreciate this all the more.

A rainy Monday afternoon can be instantly transformed with one phone call from him/her. Or all your self-doubt is wiped away when they tell you that they care for you when you’re crying away in the bathroom. Just a smile from them and your feel-good hormones are instantly all over the place. 

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6. You pick up on hints easily 

Is she uncomfortable at a party? Does he have something on his mind this morning? Is she stressed about work? One of the early signs you’ve met the one is when these hints come to you naturally. You are so in tune with your partner’s moods that you always know what’s up with them. 

Being an expert on their feelings, you do not have to think too hard or worry too much about what they might be feeling. You already know what’s up. Your sixth sense about their feelings makes you confident in your assumptions. Most importantly, you know just the way to cheer up your girlfriend to make her feel better. When you meet someone who’s good for you, the answer to what happens when you meet the right person will become apparent.

7. You are unable to keep secrets 

You are such an open book around each other that keeping anything from them just feels unnatural to you. Moreover, their intuition is so strong that they’ll know in a flash anyway, so there really is no point hiding anything from them.

Amanda once tried to bottle up something that was bothering her and Matt knew she was off the moment she entered the house. She kept quiet for a couple of hours. But the moment Matt asked her what was up, she started crying and blurted out everything that was on her mind. Matt knew she was trying to put on a show to be strong but she actually needed to express herself. 

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8. They are your best friend first 

When you meet the right person you know it, as it feels like you’ve found your best friend in the whole wide world. They are someone you can easily open up to and show all your vulnerabilities without the fear of being judged. 

You feel like you have known each other a long time as if you were riding bicycles as kids just yesterday. Every moment is special with them and you never get bored in their presence. They quickly become the closest person to you. One that knows you in and out. Who knows, you might just end up marrying your best friend.

9. They are the first person on your mind when something goes wrong 

A fight with his mother or a tough blow at work, one of the signs he thinks you might be the one is if he always wants to call you and share the mishaps of his day. This does not have to mean that he is codependent or needy

This just means that he trusts you more than anyone else. He does not need you to solve his problems for him but just wants you to hold his hand and listen. This kind of closeness or love is hard to come by. So, treat it as a sign that you have already met the one. 

10. There is a comfort in the silence 

If you two are meant for each other, you will feel no need to spice up even the most eventless and boring day. Sometimes, boring days are inevitable, and if you can enjoy that in someone’s company who you love, there is truly nothing like it. If you’re meeting the right person after a breakup, this may feel weird to you at first since the silence in the previous relationship only meant animosity. Here, it means you’re both completely harmonious with each other.

Reading alongside each other or spending a whole afternoon quietly in the park, the power of silence wraps you and it comforts you when you are with the right person. There is no pressure on you two ever and the silence just makes you feel calmer. 

falling in love

11. They feel like the last puzzle piece 

Life is a puzzle, isn’t it? Surviving the right job, making things work with your parents and enjoying a good social life are all little pieces we work so hard to align. One of the signs you’ve met the right person is when suddenly an incomplete puzzle starts to feel complete. 

No matter how many problems come by or how many issues there are to solve, your puzzle still feels oddly done and it gives you the confidence to take on life. You know she’s the right person when everything seems to fall into place even when it isn’t. 

So have you found the one? When you meet the right person you just know. These signs show themselves to you in tacit ways but your heart understands and accepts them. Don’t rush into finding them. Time has its own way of presenting who is right for you. Be patient and they will come by and transform your life when you least expect it. 

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