Men, here are 7 ways for you to be better in bed

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Updated On: October 26, 2023

How men can be better and last longer in bed

It took you a lot of guts to ask the woman out. You’ve loved going out on those wonderful dates. The exchange of innocuous touches, suggestive glances, and sexual jokes has left you with this incredible urge to be with her. And the date ends with her asking you to come over for some lemonade. “This is it,” you think to yourself. You’re as pumped as anyone could be. Two minutes later, you find yourself lying on the bedsheet, relaxed, and entirely exhausted with an unsatisfied woman for company.

If you’ve ever been in a situation like that, you’re in the right place. The average Indian male lasts for about 3 to 5 minutes in bed. If you don’t believe this, ask your female friends and they’ll nod along! If the figures have dropped your jaw and raised your eyebrows, we’re here to let you know that it doesn’t have to be that way. While it may seem difficult to mess up something as instinctive as sex, there are a lot of things that we men have no regard for. Sex is much, much more than how big your trunk is. So, put it back in the bag, and take note. The best sex of your life is just a few tips away.

Don’t be nervous

Picture this: you’re sleeping with this woman for the first time; you’re as horny as you could be; the adrenaline rush is going nuts. She pulls your pants down and out springs the softest penis that no amount of stimulation can revive. If this has never happened to you, chances are that it will – at least once in your life. Make deep breaths, cuddling, and foreplay your best friends. This too shall pass!

How men can be better in bed
Don’t be nervous

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You ever heard someone saying how it’s not about the destination, but about the journey? Orgasms are, by default, amazing. What matters is how you get to the orgasm. If penetrative sex is all that sex means to you, you, my friend, have a lot to learn. Learn what gets her ticking, take your time in teasing her, and ease your way into her pants to have your woman screaming for more.

Learn what gets her ticking, take your time in teasing her, and ease your way into her pants to have your woman screaming for more.

Don’t rush it

We get it. You’re prey to the primal urge to get inside her and do your thing. Believe us when we say that you need to control this. Forget the lies that pornography feeds you and be easy with your thrusts. Let her decide what pace works for her and stick to that rhythm. Focus on hitting her G-spot with every thrust. You’ll thank us when you find yourself lasting longer and driving your partner insane.

Quit smoking and drinking

Those nasty little sticks continue to destroy lives and alcohol is not much better. But let’s be honest: when have the statutory warnings ever worked, right? However, a survey reports that more people quit smoking and drinking in order to fix their bed game than they do for healthier lives! What’s stopping you, again?

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Working out actually works

Working out actually works to stay on bed longer
Working out actually works

Grab your gym shoes and hit the weights. We’re getting tree trunks for legs and a nice, muscular butt! Working out can dramatically improve how you fare in bed. Nail those leg raises and slays those squats. Strong glutes and a firm core will ensure that you keep thrusting without getting your legs sore. Train your pelvic floor muscles for far greater control over ejaculations. Working out also builds your endurance for subsequent rounds, which usually tend to be longer!

Pick the thicker condom

Pick the thicker condom
Pick the thicker condom

In case you’re part of the “Don’t worry, babe. I’ll pull out” clan, you need to be a bit more responsible. Perhaps the fact that condoms can help you please her more – and for longer – will convince you! The thicker a condom is, the less sensitive your penis will be. While this may seem like a drawback, a thicker condom helps you last longer and keep hitting her sweet spot!

Practise desensitising

Fear not. We’re not suggesting that you completely cut down on the pleasure, but desensitising your penis can help you last longer in bed. If you’re uncircumcised and your thing stings, it probably doesn’t see the light of day – or your pants, for that matter. Gently practise touching your head every day for better, longer sex.

Masturbating without ejaculation is another trick to master! Right before the moment of ejaculation, squeeze the base, and practise restraining yourself. While the urge can be really difficult to disregard, mastering this method guarantees long, incredible sex!

There you go. Most of these tips take practice, but you know what? Like money, you’ve got to invest time to get time. Run along, now! The best sex of your life is yet to be had!

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