160 Ultimate What If Questions About Love For Couples

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Updated On: February 28, 2024
what if questions about love

Would you still love me if I were a worm? Would you leave me if your ex wants you back? What if I tell you I’m into handcuffs and blindfolds? Would you explore that? What if one of us gets a dream job in a different city? Would that mean the end of our relationship? Even if you’re in a happy and healthy relationship, these what-if questions about love may excite or scare you.

If you’re crushing on someone or you just got into a new relationship, these relationship scenario questions can also help you get a better insight into your partner and the nature of your relationship. Admit it: you can’t help but ponder over these once in a while. If only you could find a way to just ask them upfront and put all your dilemmas to rest!

Well, what if all these questions on your mind could be made into a thought-provoking and fun game? Bonus? Through these hypothetical questions to ask your boyfriend or girlfriend about different things, you will get to know your long-term partner, your relationship, your crush, and yourself on a deeper level. Not just that, this game can be an effective problem-solving tool for the challenges you are facing in your relationship, as these questions help you open up and find solutions together. So, without any further ado, let’s look at how this works!

What Are What-If Questions?

Well, this is simple and pure fun. Just ask your partner a question beginning with “What if” about different couple scenarios and follow it up with a prompt. For instance, what if we live underwater? Which marine animal couple would we be? Or, what if you were given a chance to take your role model out for dinner? Let your partner ponder over these hypothetical questions and give you an answer. Take turns and explore the fun.

Now, when and where can you ask these questions? Use them as conversation starters or as a game round. You may ask these what-if questions about love anywhere, perhaps during a romantic night in the bedroom or even at a party with your close friends. Ask them in person or through text messages. Just make sure your partner is comfortable answering them and enjoy the game!

160 Ultimate What-If Questions About Love For Couples

My friend, Lizzie, 25, an artist from Phoenix, says, “Oh my god, I love asking my boyfriend these what-if questions about different things. And he enjoys them wholeheartedly. We often bring this game up when we spend quality time at home and end up laughing so hard. It cheers us up. The best part is, it gives me a view of Jake’s imaginative side. His ideas, feelings, and future plans. It has brought us so much closer.”

Likewise, my coworker Angelina tells me, “My girlfriend and I started dating six months ago. Of course, these relationship scenario questions pop up in my head sometimes. But I never really thought this could be such a wonderful way of getting to know your partner. It sounds super exciting. I’m trying to think of a list of things Trish and I could ask each other.”

If you too are wondering the same, we’ve got an amazing list of what-if questions for couples right here. Explore the different sections and have fun with these hypothetical questions to ask your girlfriend or boyfriend!

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What If Questions About Ex

Have you ever wondered about your partner’s ex? How often do young adults in romantic relationships communicate with their exes? What goes on people’s minds when they decide to stay in touch with their ex, be it willingly or skeptically? What does it say about their present relationship? Interestingly, Lindsay Rodriguez and her colleagues surveyed 260 people to determine this. These 260 young adults had been with their current partners for at least over a month and had previous relationships that lasted at least three months. Guess what the researchers found out?

40% of them kept in touch with an ex. Most people did not speak to their ex too often, but 13% of them had contact with their ex several times a week. Now, who is more likely to stay in touch with an ex? The more serious the current relationship, the less likely participants were to have contact with an ex.

Now that you know how common this is, the what-if questions about ex become all the more relevant. If you are wondering, “What questions should I ask my boyfriend or partner?”, we have prepared a list of questions that will give you comfort, clarity, and peace. Just make sure you ask them without making your loved ones feel cornered or defensive.

What questions should I ask my boyfriend or partner
What if we were stuck in a room for a few seconds and I kissed you?

1. What if an ex texted you at midnight and said they wanted to meet you in person?
2. What if an ex you deeply loved said they wanted to be in a relationship with you again?
3. What if you found out that I met my ex for a lunch date?
4. What if your ex becomes famous overnight?
5. What if your ex is in serious trouble and needs your help?
6. What if your ex wants you to stop seeing me for a valid reason?
7. What if my ex asked you to stop dating me?
8. What if your ex is in town and wants to stay at your place for just a day for convenience?
9. What if you found out my ex is a celebrity?
10. What if you realize you’re still not over your ex?
11. What if you had to date an ex for a year and you both got a million dollars for it?
12. What if you find out that I have been cheating on you with my ex?
13. What if your most recent ex starts dating someone?
14. What if our exes start dating each other?
15. What if we bumped into our exes at the same time at a restaurant?

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16. What if your ex tells me that you’ve cheated on them?
17. What if you find out you and your ex are about to have a child together?
18. What if your ex suddenly shows up at your door?
19. What if my ex gives you a thousand dollars and asks you to leave me?
20. What if your parents like your ex better than they like me? 21. What if I asked you out when you were still dating your ex?
22. What if you find out that I’m friends with your ex?
23. What if I accidentally call you by my ex’s name?
24. What if your ex invites you to their wedding?
25. What if your ex wants to stay friends with you?
26. What if you find out your ex is in jail?
27. What if I invite my ex to our anniversary party?
28. What if we break up and I start dating one of my exes?
29. What if your ex says you both got married secretly?
30. What if you could change something about your relationship with your ex?
31. What if you realized you were the toxic one with your ex?
32. What if we were exes and met suddenly after ten years?

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What If Questions To Ask Your Crush

Remember when Chandler asks Monica a what-if question while chilling at the beach? What if there was a nuclear holocaust and Chandler was the only man left in the world? Would she go out with him? When it comes to a crush, we can’t always be very obvious with the what-if questions about love. It’s always surrounded by a layer of subtlety to mask our true feelings and intentions. If you are up for asking some cute what-if questions to your crush, this list will help you understand whether they feel the same way or want different things in life:

1. What if you could kiss only one person for the rest of your life? Who would it be and why?
2. What if you found out that a close friend has a huge crush on you?
3. What if someone wrote you a love letter?
4. What if you have to take someone out on a dinner date tomorrow? Who would you call?
5. What if you want to have a friend with benefits?
6. What if the world was ending tomorrow? What is that one thing we would do?
7. What if you find out that I’m moving to a different country?
8. What if someone wants to send you a romantic gift? What would you like to receive?
9. What if we were stranded on a deserted island for a couple of nights, just you and I?
10. What if you could change something about friendship?
11. What if your lover bought you flowers? Which flowers would you like?
12. What if we were stuck in a room for a few seconds and I kissed you?
13. What if you and I were the only people in a small cozy library?
14. What if we adopted a pet together? Would you rather have a dog or a cat?
15. What if you get a chance to go on a perfect vacation with only one person? Who would you want to go with?

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16. What if you could kiss me right now? Would you go for it?
17. What if we had a fight and stopped talking to each other? 18. What if we were dating each other? What do you think would be the best parts of our relationship?
19. What if I give you different couple scenarios? Who would you imagine yourself within those scenarios?
20. What if you had a chance to take someone special to the moon?
21. What if someone asked me out right now in front of you?
22. What if we met on a blind date? What do you think would happen?
23. What if someone wants to be in a meaningful, long-term relationship with you?
24. What if someone asked you to describe your type?
25. What if we won a romantic holiday where only you and I can go?
26. What if I was your ex and I still had a crush on you?
27. What if you went to our friend’s wedding as my plus one?
28. What if you got a couple’s game night coupon? Who would you bring?
29. What if we were in a hotel room in Paris right now?
30. What if we were a celebrity couple? Who do you think we’d be?
31. What if someone like me fell in love with you?
32. What if you get three wishes and one of them is about choosing your perfect partner? Who would you wish for?

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What If Questions About The Future Of Your Relationship

Remember when Holly Fax from the famous TV show, The Office, was determined to not let her work life ruin her love life and said to her boyfriend, Michael, “What if I said it wasn’t up to them?” Michael asks, “Who?” She answers, “The company. Nobody knows our future, but it’s not gonna be decided by the company.” With just this what-if question, Holly and Michael changed their fate. In the show, they tied the knot soon and shaped their future just the way they wanted to.

If you are wondering, “What questions should I ask my boyfriend (or partner) to know more about the future of our relationship?,” go ahead and ask some deep what-if questions about love. You won’t regret it. Here’s a list of couple scenarios to help you along the way:

1. What if I got afflicted by a serious disease? Would you still want to be with me?
2. What if we could date only each other for the rest of our lives?
3. What if one of us wants to take a break from our relationship?
4. What if we find out now that we’re pregnant?
5. What if we get to live in our dream house? Would you move in with me?
6. What if one of us has a really busy day at work on our anniversary?
7. What if our relationship is going through a rough patch?
8. What if we need to cut down on monthly expenses at some point?
9. What if I lose a valuable gift you gave me?
10. What if I say you can either have me or your loved ones in your life?
11. What if you make a hurtful comment and realize it after a day?
12. What if I end up being thirty minutes late on one of our Friday date nights?
13. What if I cheated on you after being together for thirty years?
14. What if we are in a long-distance relationship because of our jobs?
15. What if we disagree on naming our first child?
16. What if I don’t feel too comfortable around one of your friends?
17. What if one of us falls out of love with the other?
18. What if we grow old with each other?

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19. What if we feel really bored on a Sunday night and want to do something fun?
20. What if we have a silly fight just before going to bed?
21. What if we grow a garden together?
22. What if I get fired from my job all of a sudden?
23. What if I earn a lot more money than you?
24. What if one of us wins a jackpot at the lottery on a date night?
25. What if you’re wearing your favorite shirt and I accidentally throw up on you?
26. What if my parents don’t seem to like you?
27. What if your parents are really rude to me?
28. What if we could have the same job or at least work in the same building?
29. What if a fortune-teller told you that being in a relationship with me would bring you bad luck?
30. What if our relationship required us to share the same space 24/7?
31. What if you want to have a child but I don’t?
32. What if we could see each other ten years from now? What do you think our life would be like?

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Spicy What-If Questions For Couples

Maybe you’ve just started dating and thinking about some hypothetical questions to ask your boyfriend to explore the naughty bits of your relationship. Maybe you’re chilling with your friend with benefits and want to spice things up. Maybe you’ve been married for decades and you want that first date mystery back into your relationship. Unravel the hottest desires of you and your partner through these spicy what-if questions for couples:

1. What if you wanted to secretly turn me on in front of our parents?
2. What if I told you I’m into threesomes?
3. What if you were dating me and got a chance to hook up with a celebrity crush for a day?
4. What if you wanted to spice things up on my birthday?
5. What if I was just in my underwear right now?
6. What if you found out I had acted in a porn film years ago?
7. What if I wanted to try edible underwear?
8. What if someone walks into the room accidentally while you’re intimate with me?
9. What if you have a strong fetish but you’re hesitant to share it with me?
10. What if we try roleplay? Which one would you choose?
11. What if you find a secret sex toy in my drawer?
12. What if you have to choose between morning sex and evening sex and stick to it for the rest of your life?
13. What if you get turned on during a serious fight with your partner?
14. What if you had to choose only one part of my body where you can kiss me for the next month?
15. What if we could enact a hot scene from any movie of your choice?
16. What if you had to choose between hugging me and kissing me?
17. What if you could pick my dress for our anniversary night?

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18. What if you could have sex at any location? Which place would you pick?
19. What if you had to think about only one thing while you masturbated for the rest of your life?
20. What if you could hook up with your favorite celebrity but had to do it in a dirty stinking washroom?
21. What if you were in charge of packing for an exotic vacation with me? What are the things you’d carry?
22. What if you had to pick a song to set the mood in bed?
23. What if you could select any food or ingredient to use during foreplay?
24. What if you could fantasize about someone else while we’re doing it?
25. What if we were strangers and you tried a cheesy pickup line on me at a pub? What would it be?
26. What if you had to pick between car sex and shower sex?
27. What if you had to send me a naughty picture right now?
28. What if you could be any animal when we’re having sex?
29. What if I was down with a fever but felt super horny?
30. What if I accidentally moaned someone else’s name when we’re making out?
31. What if you could have sex on a plane or inside an empty train compartment? Which one would you prefer?
32. What if you could turn me on with just three words?

On Romance

What If Questions To See How Much They Love You

What if I desire slow-paced living and all you want is an adventurous life? Such hypothetical questions to ask your girlfriend can give you some great insights into your partner’s perspective on relationships and their feelings for you. No matter how long you have been with each other or how deep your love is, you can always learn more about your partner to establish a deeper connection, and it’s just a few ‘what-if questions about love’ away.

So, the next time you’re looking for a conversation booster or want to understand how your partner really feels about you, and you keep asking yourself “What questions should I ask my boyfriend or partner about love?”, these relationship scenario questions might come in handy:

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1. What if you got an opportunity of a lifetime but had to leave me behind?
2. What if you had the superpower to fulfill one of my dreams?
3. What if we started dating and, three months later, I found out I was pregnant with my ex’s child?
4. What if you woke up tomorrow and heard that I had died in a car accident?
5. What if you forgot our anniversary and I got really mad at you?
6. What if I ask you to gift me one book that changed your life? Which one would you pick?
7. What if you had to send me a fixed goodnight message every day? What would you write?
8. What if I had dated someone famous and they shared an embarrassing story about me on TV?
9. What if your childhood sweetheart came back to profess their love for you?
10. What if you just found out that I had an illegitimate child?
11. What if you could change one thing about me?
12. What if you got a time machine to go back and revisit one of our dates? Which one would you pick?
13. What if you could alter the way we met each other?
14. What if we cheated on each other? What do you think would happen?
15. What if we can’t be together unless you get over your biggest fear?
16. What if I asked you to kill someone for me?
17. What if you cheated on me for a night?
18. What if we broke up tomorrow?

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19. What if you realize you don’t love me?
20. What if we could date or see someone else for 24 hours? Who would you want to date?
21. What if I misunderstood you and left one day?
22. What if your parents don’t show interest in me?
23. What if the love of your life gets lost?
24. What if another person asked me out on a date? How would you feel?
25. What if a close friend of mine asks you out?
26. What if I asked you to move in with me?
27. What if I had only one day left to live?
28. What if I started dating someone else? Would you get over it quickly, or would it take you a long time to move on?
29. What if I get arrested and have to spend a year in jail?
30. What if I get cold feet on the day of our wedding?
31. What if I want us to get a couple’s tattoo?
32. What if you could live forever with me? Would you be able to commit to it?

Self-disclosure leads to deeper intimacy and loving relationships. When you and your partner share more of your inner thoughts, you allow yourselves to be vulnerable and feel closer to each other. This makes your bonding stronger than ever. At the same time, it works wonders in terms of personal development, as you discover different aspects of your own personality. We hope this quick round of what-if questions about love fills your relationship with giggles, clarity, joy, and some wonders you had never expected.

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