18 Early Dating Signs He Likes You

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Updated On: January 22, 2024
early dating signs he likes you

If you’re trying to find out some early dating signs he likes you, you’re at an interesting stage in your dating journey. In all likelihood, you’ve just started dating this guy and the butterflies in your stomach are making you feel excited and on cloud nine all the time. At least, that’s what most people think. But that’s not all, is it? Of course, you look forward to his texts, you smile at his jokes, and your heart skips a beat every time he asks you out.

But, there’s more to your story. Does he really like you? And if yes, does he want to be in a relationship with you? Is he Mr. Right? And deep down, is he also wondering if you’re the right person for him? How do you find these answers and what are the signs to look out for? Let’s dive in and find out.

18 Early Dating Signs He Likes You

You’re wondering if the guy you have just started dating is really into you or if a guy secretly loves you. This can make you feel anxious, stressed, and confused. Now I’m here to tell you that you can finally say goodbye to all your worries because there are some early dating signs he likes you and even some signs he likes you on your first date itself. We’re here to decode them for you. Read on to know for sure how that special someone really feels about you:

1. He compliments you often

If the guy you have just started dating pays you sweet compliments now and then, take it as a sign you’re tugging at his heartstrings. Try to understand if these compliments are genuine. If yes, chances are that he’s falling in love with you and looking for little ways to appreciate you. Here are a few examples:

  • He says, “I love how cute you sound when you’re sleepy”, during late-night phone calls
  • He texts, “I’m really proud of the work that you do, you’re so great at it”, the moment you post about a career achievement
  • He tells you, “That dress looks so amazing”, on your lunch date
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2. He listens attentively when you talk

If a guy likes you, he will listen to you talk about your day, your hobbies, or anything that you want to share. In fact, he will often ask you, “Hey, how was your day? Tell me all about it!” This interest in your stories and your daily life shows that he cares about you and you’re not just another girl he’s going on dates with. You’re special, and that’s why your words matter to him so much.

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3. He wants to cuddle after sex

I know what you’re thinking. Most people want to cuddle after sex, talk a bit and create a warm atmosphere. But, if the guy you’re dating only wants to go out for a while and have sex with you, he would behave differently.

Matt, a journalist in his early twenties says, “If I’m really into a girl, I love to cuddle with her. I love the kind of tenderness it creates and it makes me feel more satisfied. I think cuddling with the person you deeply care about can help to build this safe and warm space and it’s simply ecstatic.” So, if you’re dating a guy who spends a lot of time cuddling and makes sure there’s tenderness, intimacy, and care, he’s probably looking for something long-term with you.

4. He makes plans for your dates

This is undoubtedly one of the most significant early dating signs he likes you. In fact, he likes you more than you think. He plans your dates differently. And sometimes elaborately. And he knows you like that. And here are a few things he’d definitely avoid:

  • Texting you at three in the night, “Wanna catch up tomorrow?”
  • Vaguely saying, “Do you want to do something later this week?”
  • Ending the date with, “I’ll text you sometime again, I guess.”

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5. He remembers small details

You’ve just gone out with him on three dates. And he has called you to say, “I know it’s your dog’s birthday today. I hope the big guy has a great time!” You’re wondering if he’s got a sharp memory. Yes, he’s probably got a sharp memory and he’s also a man who likes you a lot. That’s why he doesn’t forget your birthday, your dog’s birthday, or what happened at your first school camp.

6. He wants to meet your friends and family

If a guy likes you
He would want to know the people you’re close to

If you’re dating a guy and he really likes you, he would want to know the people you’re close to. He’d like to introduce himself and spend some time with them. It doesn’t always have to be a planned meet-up. Maybe after a date, you say you have to pick up your brother from his sports practice and this guy wants to come along and say hi. He does this because he knows it’ll strengthen your relationship, and of course, give him a chance to spend more time with you.

7. He won’t waste your time

If you have just started dating a guy and he shows up on time, it means he respects you. If you both agreed to meet at a cafe, he will show up early or at least on time. He will make sure that you do not keep waiting for him. If he’s stuck in traffic, he will always inform you. This shows that he is serious about you and is also a sincere person.

8. He wants to know more about you

If you’re looking for signs he likes you on your first date, this is something to pay attention to. Imagine you’re on the first date with this guy and he seems really interested in knowing you. He may do this by asking questions about where you’ve grown up, what’s your opinion on a recent film, or what you think about the food at the restaurant you’re at.

This is a genuine indicator that he wants to connect on a deeper level. In such a case, you can also ask him questions to get to know him better and see if he’s the kind of person you’d like to be in a relationship with.

9. He is caring toward you on bad days

When you’ve just started to date a guy, notice how he responds on your bad days. For example, if he finds out you’re down with a fever, does he just wish you a speedy recovery and hangs up? If so, it means that he’s just dating and he’s not that serious about you.

If a guy likes you
He will be concerned about your well-being.

On the other hand, if he really likes you, he will be concerned about your well-being. He’ll check up on you every few hours, drop texts or make phone calls, asking, “Are you feeling better? Is there anything I can do to help?” If he’s doing that or sending flowers the next morning with a tiny note, it shows how deeply he likes you and cares about your well-being. This is one of the early signs a man is into you.

10. He uses words like ‘dating’ and ‘love’

The early dating signs he likes you could be hidden in his choice of words. Instead of asking if you’d like to “chill together” or “hang out” or simply meet him, he’d say he wants to take you out on a date. He may express how fond he is of you or how he loves the person you are. This shows that he’s not just fooling around and is comfortable saying that you both are dating each other.

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11. He pays heed to your suggestions

Imagine you told a guy on the second date that he would look really handsome in black. On the third date, he turns up in a black shirt. Or you’ve recommended a TV series and he tells you what he loved about it on the next date. This shows that he not only likes you but also respects your opinion and suggestions. That’s always one of the relationship green flags as long as it doesn’t lead to any kind of obsessive behavior where he’s only wearing black or only talking about that TV series on every date.

12. He often holds your hand or hugs you

Physical touch is certainly one of the early dating signs he likes you. If he playfully touches your hair during a fun date, holds your hand while walking down the road, or hugs you before saying goodbye at the end of a date, he’s grown to like your presence in his life.

Early Signs A Man Is Into You
Holds your hand while walking down the road

As long as you feel comfortable and excited to reciprocate this, it works wonders, especially if your love language is physical touch. It can spice things up, reassure you when necessary and bring a lot of warmth and intimacy into the relationship. However, if he tries to get too close during the first few dates and it makes you uncomfortable, that’s a clear red flag irrespective of whether he likes you.

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13. He will make extra eye contact

We all remember that scene where Rachel tells Phoebe that Ross and she had a little thing. Phoebe gets all excited and asks, “Oh my god, I love things, what happened?” Rachel replies, “Well, first he told me he liked how I looked, and then we had a little…eye contact!” Phoebe teases her, “Eye contact? I hope you were using protection!”

Well, that’s how strong eye contact can be. If you have started dating a guy and he makes a lot of eye contact with you, stares at you, or looks into your eyes, he’s trying to send you a message through his eyes.

Relationship coach and founder of Spark Matchmaking, Michelle Fraley says, “Eye contact is an intimate and vulnerable act, so intense eye contact can be very meaningful. Deep eye contact, or holding your gaze for at least four seconds, may indicate feelings of love.”

14. He is dropping hints that he’s into you

A guy who likes you may drop hints that he wants to be in a relationship with you. He is happy dating you and now that he knows you’re really special, he wants to take things to the next level. Asking romantic questions during truth-and-dare, laughingly proposing the idea of you both dating each other, and sending special gifts are some of the signs a guy likes you.

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15. He checks your social media

After the date is over, if a guy comes home and texts you on social media, it means you’re still on his mind. He’s wondering how you felt during the date and if you’d like to be with him again. A man who likes you and loves you may also check your Instagram stories, drop comments on your posts and engage with you on personal chat. This is an early sign a man is into you and he spends a lot of time thinking about you.

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16. When he talks about the future, you’re in it

If you’re looking for signs a guy likes you, you must notice the way he talks about the future. Do you get a sense that he struggles with a fear of commitment? Or does he make an effort to let you know he wants to build a future with you?

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean that he’ll start picking the names of your future children on the very first date. But during the early dating phase, this guy may mention a restaurant he’s been to and then say that he’ll definitely take you there someday. Or he may remember a nice Christmas movie and tell you how he’d love to watch it with you on Christmas eve. This means he loves the idea of you being a part of his future because he has started to like you.

17. He opens up to you

One of the clearest early signs a man is into you is that he begins opening up to you. Instead of keeping his feelings bottled up, if he shares his childhood memories or moments of vulnerability with you, it means he trusts you. He wants to share these things with you because you’re special to him and he values you.

18. He tries to make you smile

Remember the famous scene from the 2011 romantic comedy No Strings Attached? The one where Ashton Kutcher turned up with vegetables that looked like a bunch of flowers because Natalie Portman asked him not to bring any flowers?

If a guy constantly finds little ways to make you smile as Ashton did, he likes you more than you think. He goes the extra mile and sometimes does silly things to make your day. If you like him back, this is a great sign that you should make an effort to take things forward. After all, you couldn’t find a better partner than the one who makes you really happy even on uneventful days.

Key Pointers

  • During the early dating phase, you may get a lot of butterflies in the stomach but also feel anxious if you keep wondering if a guy likes you
  • It helps to keep an eye out for some interesting early dating signs he likes you
  • If the guy makes a lot of eye contact, compliments you often, goes the extra mile to make you happy, and talks about his future with you in it, there is a high chance that he is ready to take your relationship to the next level

Now that you have a fair idea of how to understand this guy’s feelings for you, you’re probably wondering what to do next. If you really like him, you may consider addressing the elephant in the room and have the “where’s this going” conversation. Or simply, let him know that you’d be interested in taking the relationship to the next level.

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