101 Best Pick-Up Lines For Guys

pickup lines for guys
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Being a glib talker not only requires great confidence, but also some enthralling one-liners. Women swoon over fascinating personalities but they also fancy some great wit and effort in the conversation. Pick-up lines for guys are like a helpful script that can help you win the woman you want to charm. 

To help you on the front, we’ve put together 101 pick-up lines that will come to your rescue whenever you find yourself struggling to break the ice.

101 Best Pick-Up Lines For Guys To Make Flirting Smooth and Effortless

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Being fun and flirty is sort of like an art. With the right words for the right situation, you can easily seem seductive and turn your night into a romantic and sexy affair! From sexy pick up lines for men to clever, catchy and romantic ones, there is no dearth of conversation starters that you can use to make her sit up and take notice.

But you need to make sure that you can pull off these clever pick-up lines. Saying, “I think you are suffering from a lack of vitamin me meaning I” can sound corny and cheesy if you don’t have the right sass for it.

To amp up your flirting game, keep these 101 pick-up lines handy, and use the ones that best suit your style, and of course, the context:  

1. You might just get arrested. It is illegal to look this good 

If you want to compliment your woman on her good looks, this is the one to try. This is one of the clever pick-up lines you cannot go wrong with.

2. I need to complain to Spotify. You should have been my hottest single this week

One of the best pickup lines for healthy flirting is this one. Use this musical pun to get the courting started. 

3. Are you French? Because Eiffel for you

There is nothing more romantic than mentioning the grand city of love in your pick-up line. Also, that pun on the words ‘I fell’ is super smart, and will definitely earn you some brownie points for intelligence.

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4. Girl, it’s a miracle that Galileo never found you. If he did he would say the earth revolves around you

To be super flirty, this is one of the best pick-up lines for guys. A little cheesy, a little fun – use this one to make her smile!

5. Hey, are you a Marvel villain? Because you are an abomination

For the Marvel nerd in you or in her, this is one of the pick-up lines to start a conversation. If you both like Marvel movies, you can really get talking about the same after this one!

6. If I can rearrange the alphabets, I’ll put U and I together 

How adorable and romantic! One of the cheesy pick-up lines – this one will definitely make her think about you. 

7. Do you work with bees? Because you are definitely a keeper

A subtle compliment with a flirty twist, this is one of the pick-up lines for guys that will make your woman feel wanted. This one’s also a keeper if you’re looking to diffuse tension with humor.

8. Do you play soccer? Because I think I’m gonna score tonight

Are you a guy looking for bold pick-up lines to say to a guy? Take note! If you’re feeling audacious and confident, this is a great way to assert it. With a seductive undertone, this pick-up line will work wonders. 

9. If I had a penny for every time you entered my mind I’d have only one. Because you never leave

This pick-up line has an air of old school romance to it. If your woman is a little traditional in her approach to romance, she will love this one. 

10. “Would you grab my arm? So I can tell my friends I’ve been touched by an angel” 

Swoon in with a fabulous compliment by using this pick-up line. Make her feel beautiful and lovely by using this one in the right situation. Undoubtedly, one of my favorites in this collection of 101 pick-up lines.

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11. Is your name Plank? Cause every minute with you feels like a lifetime

One of the best pick-up lines for flirting no matter how exaggerated is this! It’s funny, cute and might hint that you work out! All these things should work in your favor. 

12. “If you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple” 

Yum! This is a good way to tell a woman that she’s super fine, and can also imply that you think she’s yummy. Wondering what is the if you were a fruit, you’d be a fineapple meaning? Well, this pick-up line is subtly dirty but also rather sweet at the same time, which means it hits the right notes of naughty flirting. 

13. Do you have a name? Or can I call you mine? 

One of the most popular pick-up lines to start a conversation is this one. Whether you’re at a bar, a party or even a cafe, you can approach a woman with this line to get your intentions across. This is also one of the catchy lines to impress a guy. No matter what you sexual preference, you just can’t go wrong with this one!

14. Are you a keyboard? Because you are totally my type!

My heart screams ‘Cute!’ after reading this one. One of the most fail-proof among these 101 pick-up lines for guys, it can work in any situation.

15. I may not be Christian but I’ll still get on my knees for you

This pick-up line completely implies that you are ready to fall for her! Not just on your knees, but you are ready to give her your undivided attention.

16. Hey girl, are you made from Selenium and Xenon? Cuz u look SeXe

One of the cheesy pick-up lines, this might make her chuckle, laugh but most importantly feel sexy too! If you’ve been on the lookout for sexy pick-up lines for men, you definitely can’t miss this one.

17. Are you my homework? Cause I’m not doing you but I definitely should be

A little savage, this pick-up line will let her know that you are totally turned on by her. 

18. Is heaven your quarantine zone? Because you look like an angel

Cute compliments all the way, melt her heart with this pick-up line! 

19. If you and I were socks we’d make a great pair

This one shows you are ready to put both feet into this. It’s among the clever pick-up lines that leaves very little room for the other person to turn down your advances. If they’re even remotely interested, they’d respond to this.

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20. I like to drink tea every day. Will you be my hot-tea? 

A pun on the word ‘hottie’, this is a quirky pick-up line for guys that effortless conveys that you find her hot and irresistible.  

21. You’re like a battery. You revive my soul whenever we touch

One of the more cheesy pick-up lines, this is sure to make her blush!  

22. Girl you will satisfy all my cravings! You are one hell of a snack

This pick-up line has a seductive meaning but is shrouded in rather innocent words. Let her know how much you want her with this one.

23. Hey girl, are you made of copper and tellurium? Because you are so CuTe

For online dating, this pick-up line is a great conversation opener.

24. Baby, I’m the Ronaldo of lovers, you’ll see

This is one of those clever pick-up lines that lets you build yourself up. This line is more about you than it is about her. 

25. You’re like morning coffee. You are so hot but I still want to put you in my mouth

With this seductive pick-up line, she’ll know how badly you want her. However, this one can backfire just as easily too. So make sure that you use it in the right way and at the right time. Perhaps, when you’ve both already established a certain comfort level and you want to hint at taking things to the next level.  

26. Is your name Wifi? Because I can really feel a connection here

101 pick-up lines
This line will definitely make her cheeks red, and her heart melt

Show her that you are ready to connect and form a deeper bond, with this pick-up line. 

27. If looks could kill, you’d be an atom bomb 

A play on words, this will tell her that you are completely smitten! This is one of the best pick-up lines for guys because it’s so cheesy that it’s actually cute.

28. Do you have a few minutes for me to completely charm you?

A good conversation starter, this first sentence will let her know that you are ready to impress. 

29. Allow me to fall for you tonight 

One of the more direct pick-up lines for guys, this one should make her heart beat faster. A great way to build up the anticipation. 

30. My life without you is like a broken pencil – simply pointless

Life without you is like a broken pencil – pointless meaning is hard to miss. You’re telling her that your life is meaningless without her. This is a cute pick-up line that was often used in the past. Remind her of childhood romances with this one. 

31. Do you have a map? Because I’m lost in your eyes 

To let her know that her eyes are one of her best features, this pick-up line will make her feel a sweeter connection with you. 

32. My pants are made of boyfriend material

This pick-up line will imply that you are ready to commit and make her yours. This is one of the best pick-up lines for guys that works at any stage of your relationship, whether you’re still courting her or trying to take things to the next level by being exclusive.

33. Your shirt looks like it’s girlfriend material

To show her that you are ready to make her your girlfriend, this pick-up line for guys is a must use.

34. Be the 6 to my 9 

A dirty pick-up line, this will rev up any sexual tensions between you two.

35. I took a photography course once and I really can picture us together 

This pickup line screams adorable! If you’re looking for catchy lines to impress a guy, make sure you don’t miss out on this one.

36. Is your name Coca-Cola? Cause you seem Soda-licious 

With a pun on the word soda, make her feel delectable with this pick-up line. 

37. You seem like the Queen of hearts here to trump my hand

This will let her know that she is the Queen with the upper hand on your cards and your heart. A great way to make her feel important and wanted.

38. My week has been really off but being with you has turned me on

One of the more seductive pick-up lines, this will already tickle her erogenous zones. If you’re looking for some action at the end of a casual date, this might help your cause. 

39. Your lips look a little lonely. Care to be with mine?

This is one of the pick-up lines for guys which will make you appear more seductive and ready to do the dirty dance. 

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40. You are the showstopper tonight 

To comment on her beauty and charm, use this pick-up line to show her that you have eyes only for her. Everyone else pales in comparison to her.

41. No matter which way the coin-toss goes, I’ll give you head or tail

This will tell her that you are in the mood for getting down and dirty. Sexual undertones come off as very appealing, sexy and fun! Unarguably, one of the sexy pick-up lines for men that can bring the sexual undercurrent to the fore.

42. If being in love was illegal, would you be my partner in crime? 

To get the love train going, use this pick-up line to show her that she is the only one for you. Make her your partner in crime, fun and love.

43. What would it take for you to drunk dial me? 

Women only drunk dial men that they are super into or actually care about. This pick-up line will imply how much you want to be that man for her. 

pick-up lines for flirting
Charm her at dinner with this line

44. Let us fall madly in bed together

Madly in love? Change that sentence up and show her how much you want to satisfy her in bed. This is among the sexy pick-up lines for men that will make her heart skip a beat

45. I’m new around here. Can you point me in the direction of your bedroom?

To be direct and dirty about what you want to do to her, use this pick-up line to charm her completely and get her turned on. This can also be one of the bold pick-up lines to say to a guy to express your intent clearly and unambiguously.

46. Is there an airport around here? Because my heart is set to take off 

Sweep her off her feet with this pick-up line and transport her to la-la land with you.

47. Babe, are you an artist? Cause you are drawing my attention! 

To show her that she has your undivided attention, tell her the above line. This is one of the smooth pick-up lines for guys that rarely fails to hit the nail on its head.

48. I’m afraid you’ll lose your license because you have driven me crazy 

This funny pick-up line will make her think that you are absolutely adorable. 

49. Hi, are you Jamaican? Coz ja-makin-me-crazy!

A play on the word – Jamaican, this pick-up line is sure to make her think you’re creative! Also, since it’ll take her at least a couple of seconds to wrap her head around what you just said, it’s sure to inspire intrigue.

50. I’ll be yours until 2 and 2 is 3

Who said math problems cannot be cute and fun? This pick-up line will tell her that you are ready to be with her for the long haul. 

51. On a scale of 1-10, you are a solid 11 

To let her know that you have been blown away by her and she has been beyond your expectations, use this pick-up line. Simple, straightforward and effective. 

52. Did we take a class together in high school? Cause I can feel some Chemistry here

Science can be hot too! Talk about your intuitive sizzling chemistry to grab and hold her attention. 

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53. As a triangle, you’d be acute one

Call her cute with this play on triangle shapes. This one will make her ponder for a second and definitely leave her intrigued by your smartness. 

54. If you like water, you already like 70% of me

One of the classic pick-up lines for guys. Water is universal and loved by everyone, use it to your advantage. 

55. You’re so electric, you have completely stunned me 

Tell her that you are stunned by her personality by referring to her as an electric woman! It’s a charming pick-up line that almost always has the desired effect.

56. I bet you $20 you’re gonna turn me down

A joke of a bet, this will make her think for a second and realize that to win the bet, she will also win you! 

57. “What do you think of love at first swipe?” 

One of the best pick-up lines for Tinder or other dating apps, ask her what she thinks of love at first swipe. This is the modern-age equivalent of love-at-first-sight. 

58. You might be suffering from lack of vitamin me

“I think you are suffering from a lack of vitamin me meaning I.” This pick-up line is so corny that it’s cute. Make her want you by telling her that she has been deprived of you so far.  

56. I’ll be back in a moment, my mom told me to call her when I’d found the woman of my dreams 

This cute pick-up line is sure to make her blush away. This is one of the smooth pickup lines for guys. 

57. If you were a pair of Nike sneakers, I would be in and outta you all day

Top-of-the-line among the sexy pick-up lines for men. This can be a great turn on when used at the right moment. 

58. Call me Rick Astley because I’ll never give you up and never let you down 

With this musical pick-up line, make a reference to this old bop to keep her impressed and interested. Everyone loves a good ol’ love song. 

59. Can you lend me a sweet kiss? I swear to give it back 

An interesting joke, this will surely have her at a loss for words. Especially, if she wants to kiss you as much as you want to kiss her.

clever pick-up lines
She will not know what to say after this one

60. Don’t your feet hurt after running through my mind all day?

Ah, a line that never gets old. This is one of the pick-up lines for guys that work like a total charm every single time.  

61. You are on my menu tonight 

To let her know that you want to devour her passionately, use this pick-up line and get ready to get dinner started.

62. Are you my phone? Because I’ve been staring at you too much

This is a great pick-up line to show her that you are smitten, engrossed and unflinching in your attraction toward her or him. This is one of those clever pick-up lines that work equally well on both genders and works in almost any situation.

63. Are you a German? Because I’m ready to be Ger-Man! 

Ger-Man sounds like “Your man” and she will definitely want you to be it after this one. 

64. Your eyes are so beautiful you made me forget my pick-up line 

To tell her that you are so enchanted and mesmerized, use this effortless pick-up line. It does not require much thinking but works just as well as any of the best pick-up lines you may have up your sleeve. 

65. I think I dropped my jaw when you walked into the room

Her air is so seductive and appealing that as soon as she walked in you couldn’t help but gasp heavily! If that doesn’t count as among the sexy pick-up lines for men, what would! 

66. I’m a skilled thief and I am here to steal your heart 

To start your theft of her heart, begin with this line. She will be prepared for the ride you are about to take her on! 

67. You remind me of candy bars. Half sweet and half nuts!

This pick-up line is absolutely adorable if you want to be cute to her. Give her a little nudge and wait for her to smirk after this one. 

68. If we were cats, I would spend all my 9 lives with you 

Aww! This cheesy pick-up line will make her want you to spend every moment with you too. Certainly, a great way to set the tone for what she can expect from you and being with you.

69. Is your father a florist? Because you have made my life rosy 

A compliment for her and her father – this pick-up line will add a fresh scent to your romance. Clever pick-up lines like these can lay the groundwork for a wholesome partnership in the future.  

70. I’m not much of a hoarder but I’d keep you forever 

This is a wonderful way to tell her that you are ready and looking forward to keeping her and having her all to yourself. Again, a great pick-up line for guys who want to show a readiness for commitment.

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71. I’m not exactly drunk but I am completely intoxicated by you 

Love is a kind of intoxication, isn’t it? Her beauty has enthralled you to a point that she’s like a drug to you. Let her know that with this frontrunner for the top-slot in the best 101 pick-up lines for guys.  

72. Are you a banana? Cause I think you’re a-peel-ing 

A fruit pun always sounds lovable and quirky. Tell her how appealing you think she is by mentioning a banana peel to make it all the more amusing! 

73. I like you a latte!

To ask a woman out for coffee on text, you can try this pick-up line. Kill two birds with one stone by telling her how much you like her, and suggesting a latte date! 

74. I look at you the way I look at chocolate cake 

You cannot go wrong with a chocolate cake reference, ever! Almost every person likes some form of chocolate and she’s gonna be able to relate to you on this one.  

75. Are your pants on sale? Because they will be 100% off in no time 

The hottest one from successful pick-up lines for guys! This one is a trifle cheesy but could work wonders when used at the right moment. 

76. You’re just like Netflix because I can watch you for hours

This is one of the smooth pick-up lines for guys. A Netflix reference always wins hearts. Go one step further and suggest a Netflix and chill date. 

best pick-up lines for guys
Watch some Netflix together and see where that takes things

78. Are you a planet? Because you look like a heavenly body 

Astronomers would be proud of you for using this one. One of the smart pick-up lines for guys is this! A little cheesy on the side, but mostly smart. 

79. Roses are Red, Violets are blue, I’m not that cute but man look at you!

Self-deprecating humor can actually, in some cases, become a good flirting tactic. Put her on a slight pedestal and admire her gorgeousness. 

80. Girl are you made of Potassium? Cause you make me go bananas

Here is a food science joke for the nerds in you. Go bananas with this one and use it as much as you can! 

81. You’re the reason for the sparkle in my eye

A touching and romantic way of flirting, use this for the more serious and solemn moments between you and your woman. A little caress on the shoulder and you are good to go. 

82. Your hotness is sweating out the devil in me

 This raunchy joke will work wonders if your woman enjoys a good sexual tease. One of the smooth pick-up lines for guys, try it after a night out to see where things might go. 

83. Do you want to get some soup? Because I’m ready to spoon 

Spooning is a great form of cuddling and is not too sexual either. Suggesting spooning during flirting is a safe zone and you can do it with this fun wordplay. This counts among the sexy pick-up lines for men without in-your-face sexual overtones.

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84. Can I be your 90 degree angle? I want to be just right for you! 

And you will be if she is impressed after this math joke. Bring a wide smile on her face by using this pick-up line.

85. You’re just like a camera because every time I see you, I smile

This endearing pick-up line will make your woman’s heart melt. Use it with a naughty smile – and you will have charmed her to no end.   

smooth pick-up lines for guys
She will sure be impressed after this one

86. I want to buy you a coffee because you Mocha me happy

Ask her out on a coffee date in the most enchanting manner by using this witticism. She will not be able to refuse such a cute offer. That’s exactly what makes it one of the best pick-up lines for guys.

87. You’re like a bank loan because you’ve got my interest!

If you’re in finance, this joke will look even better on you. Keep her engaged by sparking up this joke about interest to convey your interest in her. 

88. Can I get you some Hershey’s and kisses?

The chocolate Hershey’s kisses are undeniable and so will be your kiss for her. A double offer that she will not be able to resist! This might just unlock avenues to try different types of kisses with her.

89. I’m not a transplant surgeon but I would give you my heart 

Lay your heart out on the table with this intelligent play of words. One of the smart pick-up lines for guys, this one works like a charm. 

90. I’d gaze at you in a museum cause you truly are a work of art 

To show a woman that you are truly mesmerized by her, you can use this smooth pick-up line. Perhaps you can get talking about some art after it too! 

91. If kisses were snowflakes, beware my blizzard

Shower your woman with love by promising her a blizzard of kisses. Everyone likes to be showered by some endearment and this is something she will surely enjoy.  

92. You’re shining so bright, you should be among the stars tonight 

Treat her like a star by telling her that she illuminates your world like the shimmering night. Do it under the night sky to elevate the element of romance in this pick-up line to a whole new level. 

93. Do you like Skittles? My lips taste just like them! 

This fun and flirty pick-up line is a good tease to get her to like you. It’s a little seductive but also has a sense of childlike innocence that doesn’t make it sound too raunchy. 

94. I’m here now. What were your other two wishes?

This is one of the smooth pick-up lines for guys that just ooze confidence. Most women like self-assured men who know what they want, and this line sends out that message loud and clear. 

95. Are you a beaver? Cause daaaaam!

A play on the word ‘Dam’, this pick-up line is much more creative than just saying ‘Damn, you look good tonight.’

96. I’m gonna soon need CPR because you are taking my breath away 

One of the best pick-up lines for flirting because a woman loves to be told how seductive she is. 

sexy pick-up lines for men
She is going to feel really wanted with this pickup line

97. The only thing hotter on my dinner table than you is Tabasco

By implying dinner, the sexual undertone becomes evident in this pick-up line and will help you determine whether she is sexually into you or not. 

98. You’re just like a microwave oven because you are melting away my heart 

Who knew a kitchen appliance could help you flirt? Appear creative with this pick-up line to tell her what’s in your heart. 

99. My doctor said I’m deficient in Vitamin U

Use this quirky, edgy pick-up line to show her that you want her and so much more of her.

100. Your body is 70% water and daddy is thirsty

Use this sexy pick-up line to build a good rapport and sexual tension between you and her.  

101. I thought happiness started with an H but mine starts with U! 

Rounding off the 101 pick-up lines is this cheesy one to tell her that she is the source of your happiness. To build upon cheerful emotions and smiles, use this pickup line to make her happy! 

With these best pick-up lines for guys at your disposal, you can transform your flirting and dating game almost instantly. Factor in the context, circumstances and your equation with the other person before deciding which one would work best.

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