How to fight right in divorce

Osama Suhail
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Divorce is a product of inability of spouses to live together for reasons that each party attributes to the other. Only a few couples resolve the entire issue amicably by mutual consent divorce.

Those who fight in court have no option but to trade charges. Divorce will be granted only if wrongdoing by the other spouse is proved. Despite the requirement of law, we fundamentally believe that divorce cases can be fought with more grace than making it a spectacular ground of mud slinging. We can do it by following some simple practices.

Pay for child support voluntarily

Divorce and child support

Generally, in the initial days of contested divorce, the fight is about claims of maintenance. If there is a child, then some amount necessary for the child’s growth should be paid. You are fighting against each other. Surely parents are not fighting against their child/children!

Child access

Child access after divorce

It’s equally important for the custodial parent to grant access to the child to the non-custodial parent. Once again, the child is not a matter of dispute. It’s understandable that the custodial spouse has certain apprehensions and inhibitions. Those apprehensions need to be addressed and removed. This is easier than done. But this is definitely the right way to deal with it.

The child must not be used as a pawn

Divorce and children

Eventually, irrespective of the result and outcome of proceedings, there will be irreparable damage to the child. In your fight about who is more right than the other, don’t use your child as a weapon.

Fight on legal points

Divorce with dignity

And let that job be done by your lawyer. They are supposed to do it. It’s better for you. Many unnecessary interruptions or shouting during proceedings in court and levelling allegations against each other is not good. It does not help your case. You have already stated your stand in your petition. On the contrary, it goes against you in terms of conduct and behaviour. Judges and lawyers make strong mental note of such behaviour. Avoid shouting! This only gives you some internal relief.

Honour orders

Honour court orders

Once any order passed by any court attains finality, it must be complied with. Don’t make order sheets dirty against you by noncompliance. Yes, it may make you happy to frustrate your spouse on that day. But it does not help your legal fight.

Be open to solutions

Divorce and solutions

Always fight with might, with sound principles and disposition. Don’t waiver in quality litigation. But always be ready and open to solutions. Sometimes the end result can be achieved earlier if we are open to solutions. We will get what we are asking for by being open to solutions.

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