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Romance Confession: My Affair With an Older Woman

Age-gapped love affairs can be an exciting one if the compatibility is good

I grew up being attracted to elder women. As a teenager my first sensuous contact (not intercourse) was with a woman perhaps 20 years my senior. And before you judge her – I did the wooing and I worked out the circumstances. I was the kind who was always game for an age-gap love affair. I have always know what it’s like to date an older woman but this lady took me by surprise.

Older women have always fascinated me

Age-gapped love affairs can have its share of ups and downs
I was attracted to an older woman Image Source

We sat next to each other

Fast forward a few years, on a hopping flight that I mostly slept through, I met this marvellous lady – let’s call her Ginny! I learnt about her ‘profession’, told her about my ‘job’!

Had a great conversation around some intricacies of her work – gave her my visiting card and offered her, her favourite coffee – if she ever visited my work town!

Age-gapped love affairs begin with comfortable conversations between the two people
Comfortable Conversations Image Source

My age-gapped love affair had just taken off

Fast forward a few months, I learnt a few more things:

  • That day on flight as I slept for 90% of the air time I was dripping oodles of saliva and occasionally snoring
  • Some people can be impressed with the contrast of personality a person can demonstrate (a boyish sleeping mess to someone who hands off his visiting card in style)
  • She liked vodka more than coffee

To summarise, she did make a business trip tow my town, we did meet and headed to a bar rather than a coffee shop. I learnt a few more things:

  • She was a woman of substance
  • She had supported her siblings and remained single in the process of settling them
  • She was 11 years my senior
  • She could drink like a fish
  • I couldn’t handle the amount of alcohol I consumed that day, just giving her company

And then I got drunk…

So, the speech slurred, vision hazed and all of a sudden Ginny seemed irresistible.

Age-gapped love affairs are a subject to talk openly

I realised it was time to take a break from the drinking and allow myself some time to digest some of what I had poured in. From the comparatively serene open-air section of the bar I walked waywardly into the really loud music indoor section, straight to the bar counter. I asked for water. Drank what he gave me, filled the glass with ice and came back sucking on some ice to where Ginny was!

Age-gapped love affairs blossom over interesting conversations and drinks
Chat over drinks Image Source

I realized a few things the next day.

  • A short break, a short walk, a glass of water and some ice cubes don’t shake the high off
  • People look at you amused, when you are sucking on ice cubes and not walking straight

Back to the fresh air, and a smile welcoming me back – I heard her say something that I didn’t listen to. Instead I announced in a matter of fact fashion, “I want to kiss you!”

I remember the exact reaction on her face and as I read it then it was a mix of:

  • Yes – I want it too
  • But you are a kid and it will never work out
  • This should not happen

Maintaining eye contact she asked in a rather grave tone, “Why?”

And in all my drunken innocence I insisted or explained, “This is what I want at this moment.”

I probably wanted to add that it was her choice and I was only stating my side of it, but before I could say another word, the smile came back, the expression said “What the heck!” and the lips met!

And then we kissed

Now, a kiss has always been a big deal for me. It is sacred (more than the act itself). And this kiss was wonderful. When you feel passion you do not feel that you are in an age-gap love affair or you are kissing an older woman. It is only the kiss that matters.

Age-gapped love affairs bring reluctance initially
That magical kiss Image Source

What unfolded that evening was us scandalising several folks in the elevator as we passed the ice cubes from one mouth to the other. What it led to subsequently was a very short but passionate affair which is its own tale of sexual unrest and crushed ego, a potential steamy affair marred by lack of sexual knowledge (mine) and the age difference which made an alliance rather implausible. I learnt what it was like to date an older woman and the consequences of an age-gap love affair.


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    1. I couldn’t handle the amount of alcohol I consumed that day, just giving her company…you know so many men have told me this! I mean in respect to older women thy have been with. There is something about a confident woman. Have you seen the movie Cheri?

    2. Dating an older woman is a whole other world than dating a younger girl. As women age, they lose the high drama mentality and take life at a calmer pace. Isn’t it? And yes, few guys like this thing about women and fall for older women. No big deal!

      Love has no age bar, no age limit!

    3. Well..if only we could understand the nuances of the Freudian stand on Oedipal complex, we would not be feeling so blown away by the idea. And a lady of substance is always arousing. Period.
      P.S. I hope you would have done a bit more with your charm and effort to save you a bit longer.

    4. Is not it great. Actually one of the best things rather the best thing that I have came across today on Internet! and he way of expression made it so lively as her reaction when he proposed her… THUMBS UP

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