Imran Khan’s homosexuality controversy: Hoax or half-truth?

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Updated On: July 19, 2022

The man who set a million women’s hearts aflutter now accused of homosexuality

Reham Khan, Imran’s Khan’s ex-wife, has accused him of having a homosexual relationship with Pakistani actor Hamza Ali Abbasi, and Murad Saeed, a member of his political party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf.

While most of the Pakistani youth are rooting for Imran to be the next PM, this news adds controversy to Imran’s candidature. Let’s look back at Imran’s past relationships with women.

Zeenat Aman

He was making headlines in the newspapers with his bowling skills and she was bowling people over with her beauty and sensuality. They met at a party and sparks flew instantly. The relationship was long and serious and marriage was discussed at length. They were like the perfect couple. What was the problem? Well, he wanted her to give up her citizenship in India and she couldn’t do it, not so soon. As lovers, we feel bad that the romance got over for something so trivial, but as Indians, we thank our stars, or we would have missed out on the gem Zeenat is.

The relationship was long and serious and marriage was discussed at length.
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Benazir Bhutto

She was young and glamorous and he was the perfect heartthrob. For reasons unknown, they parted ways. All this even though Imran’s mother was talking marriage this time. I mean, how many women are lucky to have their mothers-in-law on their side, right?

Sita White

This is when Imran became a father for the first time. He had a beautiful daughter with this half Hindu and half Christian girl Sita White, and their daughter was called Tyrian. The separation was painful though. After a series of court cases, the court ruled Imran is the biological father. Imran himself only admitted it years later. We still wonder why they broke up though, but then with big careers come big secrets. After Sita, Imran concentrated on his career and stayed away from women for a while. His hard work paid off and Pakistan won the World Cup in 1992.

Imran met Jemima Goldsmith and they were an instant hit.
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This was when Imran was an international star and women all over the world were skipping heartbeats when he came on screen. A year later in 1993, Imran met Jemima Goldsmith and they were an instant hit. Jemima had no qualms about converting to Islam and shift to Pakistan. They got married in 1995 and Jemima Goldsmith became Jemima Khan. They had 2 children and a happy marriage. After about 9 years though, they parted ways for reasons still unknown. It is said though the Jemima couldn’t cope or that she couldn’t adapt to life as a Muslim. Their families are still close though and both have great affection for each other. Makes us wonder, what if Imran had shifted to Paris with Jemima, would it have worked? If it would have, why didn’t he?

Imran’s second wife was Reham Khan, also our accuser in this case. Their marriage ended on a bad note and Reham also accused Imran of slow poisoning her, besides being homosexual.
What if Imran is bisexual and not homosexual, given the number of women in his life and children from them? Is bisexuality still frowned upon, when the LGBTQ community is increasing and more and more people are coming out in support? Is this just a political stunt or is it just a vengeful act?
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