Dating A Girl Who Loves Tequila: 5 Things To Know

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Updated On: November 17, 2023
Tequila Day

You’ve met someone amazing, and watched in wonder as she asks for a tequila while many of her peers swig beer or vodka-tonics. Congratulations, you’re dating one helluva woman, one who loves tequila, and you’re in for an amazing ride. On World Tequila Day, we rounded up some things you should know about tequila and relationships, and about girls who love tequila.

5 Things To Know When Dating A Girl Who Loves Tequila

We’re of the opinion that your choice of liquor says plenty about who you are – sort of like a boozy version of the zodiac. So, when it comes to tequila and relationships, it’s almost like matching up sun signs in love. Here’s what you need to know when dating a girl who loves tequila.

1. She takes the rough with the smooth

Not all tequila is the same. We have the cheaper versions that we made shots of in our 20s, when it was all we could afford. And then, when the bank balance got a little heftier, we reached out for the smoother, costlier ones. Your girl knows this, and she’s okay with shooters that burn your throat, as well as the smooth glide of a Jose Cuervo. She’s not fussy, though she may have preferences. But she’s seen both sides of life (and the bar) and she can handle it!

2. She knows her own mind

Don’t mess with a woman who knows her tequila, because she definitely also knows her own mind. She ‘s probably had to bear with curious stares and comments every time she orders her drink because tequila isn’t considered very ‘feminine.’ But she knows what she wants and she’s not afraid to step up and ask for it. Feminine, be damned, if tequila gives her a warm belly hug, she’s going for it. And she wants the same in her relationships.

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3. She’s an independent spirit

Yes, she is! If you’re expecting a girl who loves tequila to run with the herd, you’re in for a surprise. She lives her life like she drinks her margarita or her neat tequila – full-bodied and on her own terms. When in love, she’ll give it her all or nothing, with little regard for caution. Can you handle it?

4. She doesn’t mind getting sloppy

Tequila Day Meme

Anyone who learnt to drink with tequila has probably had a few nights they can’t remember. Or a few nights they remember and wince at! There’s been some questionable choices, some dance moves no one wants to see, and photographs would be huge social media mistakes. But your tequila girl thinks getting a little messy is good fun! She’s not going to hide and pretend she’s perfect. So she’s limped home a few times having lost her shoes and woken up with no memory of the night before. Hallelujah, she says!

5. She likes a good time

Oh boy, have you found yourself a fun partner! She’s up for pretty much anything, and she probably doesn’t take herself too seriously. Want to go paintballing? She’s game. Want to sit on a rock and stare at nothing? Okay then! It’s 2-for-1 margarita night at a brand-new bar? She’s probably already there, debating what flavor to order. There’s not much she says no to, and she’ll take you alone for the ride. And like tequila, you’ll mostly love it, except for a few moments when you’re vaguely nauseous and there’s a buzzing in your brain.

Dating a girl who loves tequila
Your tequila girl knows her own mind

Your tequila girl is sometimes a shot, sometimes a chaser. She could be the salt on your wrist, or occasionally, the lemon. She goes straight to your head and hits your blood stream, and before you know it, you’re a goner and you can’t get enough of her. We raise a toast, and our hats, to you!

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