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Is it safe to buy jewellery online?

online jewellery shopping

Thanks to the Internet, lifestyles of people have improved in many ways. Shopping is one area which has been influenced a lot by the Internet. Gone are the days when you had to physically visit a store to buy something. Nowadays, you can shop for different items, whether clothes or jewellery from several online stores from the comfort and convenience of your home. And this makes it all the more wonderful, doesn’t it?

While buying jewellery online, you will be confused because of the vast variety of jewellery pieces of differing price, style and quality. However, you will also feel uncertain about spending huge amounts of money without actually seeing or touching a particular jewellery product. Yes, online jewellery shopping has safety issues. Thus you have to take necessary precautions to save yourself from online frauds.

Advantages of buying jewellery online

  • Online jewellery stores are open for service 24X7
  • You can access online jewellery shops from any place whatsoever, making jewellery shopping very easy
  • Latest, trendy, fashionable and even rare jewellery collection is available on the stores online in comparison to local jewellery stores
  • You can get to know about the quality and authenticity of the jewellery sold by online stores by going through their customer testimonials and reviews on different independent websites
  • By comparing the prices offered by different jewellery stores you can get hold of your favourite jewellery piece at a reasonable price

Is it safe to buy jewellery online? The important Dos and Don’ts

No doubt purchasing online jewellery is an extremely tricky business and if you fail to be attentive while shopping online, things can go wrong. So here is a checklist of dos and don’ts of online jewellery buying.

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Dos when buying jewellery online

  1. Do carry out thorough research before shopping: Search engines can be utilised to know about popular jewellery stores and you can ask your friends or relatives to suggest online jewellery stores. Then accordingly a list of such stores can be prepared
  2. Do go through the official websites of the online stores: This is important, because it will give you a clue as to whether the website has a user-friendly interface or not. You will also be able to judge the consistency and trustworthiness of the stores by visiting the websites
  3. Do check the return policy of different jewellery stores: It is your responsibility as an online shopper to check the return policy of the jewellery stores that you are interested in, as this will help narrow down the choices. Gemporia offers a guarantee of 30 days for jewellery items purchased. You can simply call them and get your return number and send the goods along with the return form to the company for replacements or refunds. On the other hand, Caratlane provides not only 30 days for exchange, but even lifetime exchange and upgrade policy along with another option, buyback
  4. Do read customer testimonials of online jewellery websites: Customer reviews uploaded on the websites of jewellery stores are essential indicators of the reliability of those stores. So do not forget to read them when you are browsing through potential online jewellery stores. Customer testimonials of Bluestone indicate the fact that it has GIS certification and excellent customer service which resolves the customer issues swiftly and smoothly. Another store which boasts of cordial and helpful customer executives is Caratlane
  5. Do opt for jewellery stores which offer a ‘Try at home’ option: Usually people avoid purchasing jewellery online, because they are unsure about how a particular jewellery piece will look on them. But if the jewellery stores offer a ‘Try at home’ option for customers, then this issue is sorted. You just have to fix a date, time and place to meet the jewellery consultant, pick the designs you would like to give a try and then buy them if you like them after the trial. This option has made Caratlane and Bluestone famous among online shoppers. Gemporia does not offer such an option
  6. Do check the shipping policy of the online websites selling jewellery: Shipping and delivery policy of websites may vary and you must select that jewellery store which has the fastest delivery system. Gemporia delivers products within two to six working days, while Bluestone ships the ‘make to order’ products within 10 working days and those ‘available in stock’ within 48 hours. Caratlane provides free shipping; however, the recipient must have an appropriate government ID while receiving the product
  7. Do check the site ‘https:’: Make sure that the address of the website you are shopping with begins with an ‘https://’ and the colour in the bar is green. This ensures that the site have SSL (secure sockets layer) encryption installed. Also, never give your credit/debit or banking details to anyone over the phone or e-mail
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Don’ts when buying jewellry online

  1. Don’t forget to compare prices offered by different stores: While buying jewellery from online stores, you can actually examine the price difference of the same product on different stores to buy it at the cheapest price
  2. Don’t ignore the ‘About Us’ section on the websites: ‘About us’ section on jewellery stores is generally overlooked by online shoppers because of the attractive display of jewellery pieces on the website pages. But this is not the right thing, as the section helps you understand the way jewellery deals are done by the online store. Whether it is Gemporia, Bluestone or Caratlane, all websites have this section, as it helps the customer make a wise decision
  3. Don’t disregard the privacy policy of online websites: Always make it a point to go through the privacy policy of the jewellery websites in order to reassure yourself that a particular website is trustworthy. Both Bluestone and Caratlane have updated detailed privacy policy on their official websites, whereas Gemporia lacks such information on its website
  4. Don’t take a hasty decision: The essence of online jewellery shopping is patience. So when you decide to buy some jewellery online, make sure you have ample time in hand to browse through different options. Do not commit the mistake of taking a hasty decision and regretting it later

Jewellery is a huge investment and it is normal to feel cautious and apprehensive when purchasing jewellery from online stores. But why not avail the profitable jewellery deals online and get the best out of the money invested? So give online shopping for jewellery a try and you will surely not be disappointed by it.

Happy shopping, people!

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