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does he love me quiz

So, you’ve been dating for a while. He seems dreamy and everything is going great. You’re in love and you know it but you’re left wondering if he feels the same way. Does this sound familiar? Many of us have wrestled with the age-old question: “does he actually love me?”

We’re here to clear your confusion with this ‘Does He Love Me Test’. Crafted by a relationship counsellor who has helped many couples and understands how to spot all the signs, it will help you figure out your relationship dynamics. No more wasting petals off of flowers wondering, “does he love me or not?”. Your answer is 10 simple yet insightful questions away.

This quiz can help clear your confusion and empower you to move forward with more clarity about your relationship. So, take a deep breath and embark on this journey of discovery. Remember, there are no right or wrong answers. Even if the results tell you he doesn’t love you, it doesn’t mean he won’t in the future. It simply means your love needs more time to bloom and so you need to water it with effort, communication, and a deep understanding of each other’s needs.

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1. How does he express affection towards you?

  •    a) He frequently tells me he loves me and shows affection through gestures.
  •    b) He shows occasional affection but isn’t very vocal about his feelings.
  •    c) He rarely expresses affection or says “I love you.”

2. How does he prioritise your needs and wants in the relationship?

  •    a) He considers my needs and wants as important as his own.
  •    b) He tries to accommodate my needs but sometimes prioritises his own.
  •    c) He often ignores my needs and prioritises his own desires.

3. How does he communicate with you during difficult times or conflicts?

  •    a) He listens attentively, offers support, and works towards resolution.
  •    b) He tries to avoid conflicts or becomes defensive during discussions.
  •    c) He dismisses my concerns and doesn’t engage in productive communication.

4. How does he behave around your friends and family?

  •    a) He actively engages with them, shows interest, and tries to build relationships.
  •    b) He’s polite but somewhat reserved or distant.
  •    c) He shows little interest in getting to know them or spending time with them.

5. How does he handle making future plans with you?

  •    a) He includes me in his long-term plans and discusses our future together.
  •    b) He makes short-term plans but is hesitant about discussing the future.
  •    c) He avoids making future plans or seems uncertain about the relationship’s direction.

6. How does he react to your achievements or successes?

  •    a) He celebrates my successes and expresses genuine happiness for me.
  •    b) He acknowledges my achievements but doesn’t show much enthusiasm.
  •    c) He seems indifferent or uninterested in my accomplishments.

7. How does he respond to your emotional needs or vulnerability?

  •    a) He offers support, empathy, and reassurance when I’m feeling vulnerable.
  •    b) He’s uncomfortable with emotional displays but tries to be supportive.
  •    c) He dismisses or invalidates my emotions and struggles to offer support.

8. How does he priorities spending time with you?

  •    a) He makes spending quality time together a priority in his schedule.
  •    b) He spends time with me when it’s convenient but doesn’t priorities’ it.
  •    c) He often cancels plans or makes excuses to avoid spending time together.

9. How does he talk about your future together?

  •    a) He talks about our future together with enthusiasm and commitment.
  •    b) He’s hesitant or vague when discussing our future together.
  •    c) He avoids discussing the future or seems uninterested in long-term commitment.

10. How does he make you feel about yourself and the relationship?

  •     a) He makes me feel loved, valued, and secure in the relationship.
  •     b) He occasionally makes me doubt his feelings or the stability of the relationship.
  •     c) He often makes me feel insecure or unloved in the relationship.

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