Affair and Cheating

It was not just about the sex

An affair has, along with euphoria and a sense of liberation, also made this lady rediscover just how beautiful she is…
Hands In Bed

(As told to Ritu Goyal Harish)

“Marriage…mangalsutra…morality – everything has its own place. It occupied a prime position in my life for over two decades. And then I fell! Hard. At my fortieth, everyone proclaimed cheekily, ‘Women get naughty at four-zero-forty!’ Like most other things, this memory too was packed away to a desolate corner of the brain.

woman texting
‘a bit of harmless flirting with a 31 year old’ Image Source

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  1. As a recently betrayed man, I fell this is a senseless level of pleasing self. I wonder what stopped you from bringing the magic into your marriage. It shows your inability to see the good in yourself as such. Learn to see the good in you, even if you are not successful career wise or in marriage.

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