Affair and Cheating

What I learned from my affair with a married man

From pleasing a man sexually to never trusting a cheater, here are some of the lessons she learnt from her affair with a married man
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(As told to Anney Sam)

I had an affair with a married man when I was 17

My first sexual experience was at 17 and let me declare that no one coerced me; it was a very deliberate decision on my part. At 17 I was quite mature and could hold a conversation with a 37-year-old teacher with impunity. And so, when it did happen – it was a gradual seduction of the mind that ended in bed with this gorgeous married man. He was a huge influencer for me and these are the things I learnt from him.

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  1. It is surprising to know that at the age of 17?? But, then maturity counts more than age. Is not it?
    And of course commitment is something that is a virtue and it does not change from people to people or situation to situation, Dishonest with one is dishonest with all

  2. From where I see it, at that tender age when a girl is highly unsure about her own body, and yet to discover the many myriads of her self, it is very easy to get drawn towards the man who easily projected himself to be secure, emotionally, intellectually and sexually. As we know, such an involvement would not lead to any destination. But then the girl chose to draw her own share of learnings from this involvement, which she can implement in her life. ( Though the matter of success of her lessons depends upon the choices she makes) And about the man, he is clearly polyamorus. And being polyamorus and deceitful is not the same thing. We need to analyse the deeper and more complex nuances involved in such personalities.

  3. who is talking to whom? Backlog?
    Sandip, now at 58, i do believe the girl was manipulated very subtly by the married man. So i do agree. Bad decisions are made by bad circumstances.

  4. Do not blame the man you are also the culprit,and please don’t shout about cheating you moron…..first think good then blame others…….and main things go to hell.

  5. To err is human. But the married man here doesnt seem like making a mistake. Its obvious that he was cheating his wife as a choice. As per me he is nothing but a selfish manipulative person who took advantage of curiosity of a 17 year old. He also made sure that the girl be friendly with his wife so that she will never try to break their marriage.

    Perhaps this would be the stepping stone of other bad decisions that the girl made in future.

  6. You sound like a severely depraved and deprived man. I wish the unverse grants you a woman who can meet your mind and bodily needs through oral pleasure.

  7. Relationship between a teacher and a disciple is of unwavering trust and mutual respect. There is no difference between parents children and guru sisya . Using derogatory remarks will only satisfy my anger here but you deserve a place in hell. No good men deserve women like you. Pathetic and disgusting. We are slowly losing faith in every relationships because of you.

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