11 Physical Signs He Is Cheating On You

physical signs hes cheating
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There might not be lipstick stains on his shirt but if lately, you have been feeling that your partner is being unfaithful, you can get to the bottom of it by looking out for the evident physical signs he’s cheating. It is said that women have a strong sixth sense, which helps them gauge when something is off. Whether it is in their daily life or in romantic relationships, they can sense when things are going south.

The first sign of a man cheating can make you feel like the ground beneath your feet has shifted and collapsed. While there are a variety of reasons behind infidelity, such as low self-esteem, a search for affirmation, emotional and/or physical unhappiness, in addition to pure lust or love for another person, an unfaithful spouse may be catastrophic for any relationship.

Brace yourself for impact before you go looking for telling physical or body language signs he is cheating. After all, being able to trust your spouse is at the heart of building a healthy, successful, and long-lasting relationship. But you can’t nurture the element of trust in your relationship when you can’t shake off niggling doubts about your partner’s infidelity. If that’s where you’re at, keep an eye out for these 11 physical signs he is cheating on you, which we have curated with the insights from counselor Manjari Saboo (Masters in Applied Psychology and Post-Graduate Diploma in Family Therapy and Child Care Counseling), founder of Maitree Counselling, an initiative dedicated to the emotional well-being of families and children.

11 Physical Signs He Is Cheating On You

Assume that you have a gut feeling that the guy you are with is cheating. You can’t quite put a finger on it nor can you snoop on him for signs he’s cheating on his phone. But, there is something which is quite not right. It is your subconscious mind catching the physical signs he’s cheating but unable to comprehend. 

The marvelous thing about the human body is that the central nervous system gets activated when there is a threat around and starts sending signals to the body.

When there are physical signs he’s cheating, your body will perceive them. You might feel uneasy, anxious, or develop a headache. However, this is just a way for your body to tell you that if you suspect your partner may be cheating, then he most likely is. There are body language signs he’s cheating which you might not be able to figure out but your subconscious does. Here are 11 physical signs to watch out for. Consider this your cheat sheet:

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1. Reduced PDA 

Were you one of those couples who couldn’t go without holding each other’s hand or planting a peck on each other’s cheeks every 15 minutes? Well, if you have gone from cringe-worthy PDA to talking like strangers, it could be one of the physical signs he’s cheating. Observe the behavioral shift in your partner’s way of expressing love. Don’t jump to the conclusion he is cheating if the PDA has stopped from your end too.

However, if he is the one who has suddenly become cold and distant, it could be one of the weird signs he’s cheating. He does not feel the need to show you affection because he is probably showing it to someone else.

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According to Manjari, “If you are walking hand-in-hand in a public space or showing affection toward each other at a get-together and he suddenly becomes distant and cold, it is because his special friend is present in the surroundings and he wants to keep a distance from you. It is one of the physical signs he’s cheating” 

2. He has become a new man 

warning signs of an unfaithful man
Is he too concerned with his physical appearance? It could be a sign

Another telltale physical sign he’s cheating is the sudden and complete transformation of your man. Has the man who didn’t take a shower for 2 days in a row suddenly developed a grooming routine? Or has he joined a gym out of the blue? Sure, such a transformation could mean that he is finally prioritizing self-care but it could just as easily be a sign of a man cheating.

Even more so, if he is also interested in watching and exploring new things he never did before. It might sound like a weird sign he’s cheating but the entry of a new person equals exposure to new things. He might be trying to get interested in what the other woman likes and find common ground.

 If you are still not convinced and think this is a weird sign he’s cheating, let me ask you this, when was the last time your man paid real attention to his appearance, made an effort to be well dressed at all times, and started exploring new interests? Yep, you are guessing it right; when he was trying to woo you!

3. They brush off a conversation by laughing 

Avoiding a serious conversation, regardless of the topic, is usually an indication that the other person is uneasy. When you tell your partner you’re having a bad day and they smile, that’s not a normal reaction from a loving partner. It is one of the physical signs he’s cheating.

Manjari adds, “Forgetting to give important messages, avoiding intimate talks, and dodging work in the house are a cause for concern. These are physical signs of cheating because they demonstrate the sudden lack of interest in the relationship.” 

Of course, avoiding a conversation entails more than simply smiling and chuckling when trying to bring up a serious topic. Do they seem to be concentrating on anything else? Are they always on their phone? If he is more interested in staring at his screen than talking to you, it could be a sign he’s cheating online, or could also be one of the signs he’s cheating on his phone, and all that time is spent staring at the screen in anticipation of a message.

4. You observe negative cluster cues 

Cluster cues, according to Psychology Today, are a group of body language actions that might indicate positive or negative feelings. When you try to go closer, your spouse may move away, touch their back, scratch their eyes, or cross their arms, all of which are negative cluster signs. 

 A single one of these signs may not be significant, but a cluster of them can indicate that your partner is avoiding you and could throw light on body language signs he’s cheating. To explain in simpler terms, your partner’s body language toward you has become negative. They flinch when you touch them, they don’t pay attention when you show affection, and always sit face away from you.

Body language is an important factor. When a person likes another person, their body language is more positive. So if you suspect your partner might be cheating, pay more attention to his body language because it can present evident physical signs he is cheating.

5. There is no conversation between you 

weird signs hes cheating
His phone getting more attention than you could be a sign he is cheating

Not paying attention when you are talking is one thing. But not talking to each other at all, well, that could be one of the warning signs of an unfaithful man. His behavior will be the polar opposite of what it used to be when he was interested in you. Maybe you’ve noticed that he’s lost interest in what you did during the day, or he doesn’t say “I love you”, or doesn’t want to kiss or hug you any longer.

Instead, all his focus is on his phone or his laptop. This could be one of the most telling signs he’s cheating online. Yes, he could also be nervous or worried about something, which could be the innocent explanation for a change in his behavior.

However, if he starts to show less interest in how you’re feeling, it’s usually a sign that he’s getting his emotional fix elsewhere. When talking ends in a relationship, it’s usually taken as a major relationship red flag.

“Communication helps you forge a deeper connection with your partner. It instills faith in you that even when there’s no one you can turn to, your partner will be right next to you. However, when the communication stops, the connection also becomes weak. This applies to both verbal and non-verbal communication,” says Manjari.

6. Their behavior in bed has become more demanding 

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Another way your man may unwittingly reveal a physical sign he’s cheating is by turning up the heat under the covers. It is a huge body language indication of infidelity when a man begins overcompensating on the sexual front. You might assume your partner is more into you if they suddenly act lustier toward you. He could be researching new sex techniques/positions and deciding to try them out.

However, it could be one of the signs of a man cheating if it happens more than once and out of nowhere. Try to analyze the context. Your significant other’s newfound sexual confidence may be causing them to try new positions or tactics because someone in another bed is teaching him these new moves.

7. They are in a constant state of stress 

Heavy is the head that wears the crown of infidelity. If you notice that your man has been more stressed of late, it could be one of the physical signs he’s cheating. When you observe consistent tension and no other outlying variables, that might be a body language sign he’s cheating.

 If you find your generally easygoing partner is suddenly acting stressed out, biting their nails, drinking excessively, or even obsessing over things, they may be concealing a dark secret. Affairs can place a considerable burden on the one attempting to keep them hidden.

 They may be upset and unsure about what to do or they may be attempting to push you away. If he is texting another girl, he’d be constantly worried about you getting a peek at their exchanges. The excessive effort he puts in hiding his electronic devices is also one of the signs he’s cheating online.

physical signs hes cheating

8. He begins to avoid eye contact 

This is a strong physical sign he’s cheating. People who can look others in the eyes and lie are more likely to have psychopathic tendencies, therefore, it’s critical to recognize the difference and recognize when something isn’t right.

 If he is trying to hide something from you, he will not look at you while talking. For example, if you ask him who he was talking to and he just looks at the TV screen and replies “no one”, it could be a sign he’s cheating on his phone.

Eye contact is an important component of a conversation. People feel more connected when they are looking into your eyes and they are also more honest. If a person tries to avoid eye contact, it either means they are lying or trying to hide something,” says Manjari. 

 However, this is also one of the weirdest signs he’s cheating so be sure of your suspicion. You don’t want to confront your partner without good reason. But if they’re consistently displaying the same suspicious behavior, you should bring it up with him when you’re both calm and in a good mood.

9. He is jumping into the shower all the time

I already know that is an extremely weird sign he’s cheating but hear me out. Of course, it is normal for a man to take a shower. He wants to be hygienic. But, if he jumps into the shower the minute he comes home and this is not something he did before, it is a physical sign he’s cheating. Why, you ask? Well, how else do you get rid of another woman’s smell?

If he is being unfaithful and having an affair, he won’t come home and hug you or be next to you until he has washed off the smell of his dirty deeds. It is one of the possible physical signs he’s cheating.

I’m not saying that you should scrutinize your man for this behavior, but if you have been observing other body language signs he’s cheating and also notice the sudden spate in the frequency of his showers, it might be a red flag.

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10. He gives you too much attention 

This is on the opposite end of the spectrum of physical signs he is cheating by not giving you any attention. When the cheating guilt kicks in, he might go above and beyond to show you how emotionally invested he is in you.

 Perhaps he buys you gifts unexpectedly or starts helping look after the children more than normal. He may even start doing more around the house, ironing, washing, or those niggly DIY jobs that have been left unfinished for months. Before you jump to the conclusion that he is out and about with another woman, ask yourself, have you been going through a rough patch recently? Your fella could have decided to make more of an effort to get things back on track – positive thinking is important in relationships.

However, if the sudden attention stems from nowhere, you might be correct if you suspect your partner of cheating. The logical explanation is that he’s feeling guilty and wants to make up for the fact that he’s having an affair. This sort of thing often happens in the early stages of an affair, when a man is fighting his primal needs and ethical values. 

Infographic: warning signs of an unfaithful man
Here are 11 physical signs he is cheating on you

11. He does not cuddle after sex 

Another drastic shift in your intimacy is when your man does not want to cuddle. Now, it is a common notion that men do not like to cuddle. Let’s throw that notion back where it came from, imaginary land, and focus on the facts. Couples in a healthy romantic relationship have a habit to cuddle and feel the warmth of each other’s bodies after sex.

So, if your post-sex cuddles were once an integral part of your intimate moments but your man suddenly does not seem to want them, it could be one of the physical signs he’s cheating.

According to Manjari, “When you are filled with guilt, you avoid being around the person you have wronged. Cuddling is an intimate act, so when a man is cheating, he tries to avoid cuddling to avoid the intimacy and guilt which comes after.”

Infidelity is a serious concern in many modern-day relationships. Sometimes, the partner is so good at hiding his or her affair that it is impossible to know for years. However, no one deserves to be in a relationship like that. The physical signs he’s cheating can help you get a whiff of his transgressions no matter how good he is at covering his tracks. So, if you suspect your partner is cheating, pay closer attention to his body language. If you recognize more than 5 of these 11 signs, it is time to sit your partner down and have a talk.

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