25 Love Relationship Status & Quotes For WhatsApp

Love Relationship Status and Quotes for WhatsApp

What’s your love relationship status on WhatsApp? Admit it, we are all obsessed with telling people everything about our lives on social media. And when it’s love, it ain’t real till it’s up as a status. We tend to put up cute relationship statuses for WhatsApp to show how smitten we are. Anyone would just love these cute statuses and your guy is no exception.

As the super emotional Lin-Manuel Miranda puts it, love is love. There is no better feeling in the world than to know that you are in love with someone. People come and go but what remains is the beautiful feeling of having loved a person, even without reciprocation.

Then to have found a person who you love to an extent that it brings out your inner poet and makes you want to put your feelings in flowery, soul-stirring words is something only the luckiest will have ever experienced. If that lucky-in-love person is you, we bring to you oodles of inspiration to curate that perfect love relationship status or 25.

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25 Love Relationship Status On WhatsApp

Poets and writers and painters have tried to commemorate the feeling of love for ages. Luckily, you don’t have to be an artist to conjure up your feelings in a sentence for your man. We have it all sorted for you.

You can now find that perfect relationship status for WhatsApp or even other social media platforms, no matter what your mood or state of mind. Just go ahead and share these 25 love relationship statuses on WhatsApp:

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1. The morning quote

This love status for WhatsApp will make his day and even his night too.

Reason of sun's brightness

2.Starting the day

This is a wee bit mushy but you do need a bit of mush on your love status on WhatsApp. Don’t you?

started day with you. cute statuses on whatsapp

3. About forever

Reading this cute status message anyone will go “Aww”!

forever for us. cute statuses on whatsapp

4.What I have been missing

This love message on WhatsApp could be a bit elaborate but conveys your feelings nevertheless.

Missing you. cute statuses on whatsapp
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5.Can’t be more sure

This makes your message of commitment all the more worthwhile.  Some cute statuses pack all the punch.

sure in life

6.Making it worthwhile

This is the cutest WhatsApp status message possible.

Forever worthwhile

7. Romance is all you need

Yes, the movies help you reinvent romance and if you tell him that in cute status then nothing like it.

romantic movies

8. Love is being lucky

Yes, saying this in your WhatsApp status to your man is the cutest thing to do.

I am lucky

9. Good relationship

Flaunt how proud you’re of building a good relationship with your partner.

Flaunt how proud you’re of building a good relationship
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10. A relationship goals status

A relationship goals status that you can both draw strength from. 

relationship goals status

11. A promise of forever

This mushy love relationship status will make your partner all warm and fuzzy.

This mushy love relationship status will make your partner all warm and fuzzy

12. Inspiration in love

Love relationship inspirational quotes like this can renew your faith in each other.

Love relationship inspirational quotes like this can renew your faith in each other

13. Wonderful together

Simple yet one of the best relationship statuses to let bae know how you truly feel. 

Simple yet one of the best relationship status to let bae know how you truly feel

14. Making memories 

A cute relationship status that will always hit the right notes. 

Making memories

15. Words to live by

One of the best relationship life quotes that will see you through some of the tough times.

Words to live by

16. Happy place

Such lovely relationship quotes will tell your partner how much you love and cherish them.

Such lovely relationship quotes will tell your partner how much you love and cherish them.
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17. A message of hope

The best relationship status to use when your relationship is going through a rough patch. 

The best relationship status to use when your relationship is going through a rough patch

18. Love and contentment

Yet another relationship goals status that says how content you’re with your partner.

Love and contentment

19. Defining expectations

If you’re grateful for a good relationship with your SO, tell them so. Over and over again. 

Defining expectations

20. A philosophical twist

This philosophical quote is just the right love relationship status for WhatsApp, irrespective of your relationship status. 

A philosophical twist

21. Mushy much

The perfect relationship status for WhatsApp when you want to tell that someone special what they mean to you.

Mushy much
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22. Small joys 

The relationship status for WhatsApp to celebrate the small joys of togetherness. 

Small joys

23. All heart

This love relationship status will definitely make your partner’s heart skip a beat.

All heart

24. Love actually 

This is one of the relationship life quotes that celebrate what real love must feel like. 

Love actually

25. Distance doesn’t matter

A relationship status that perfectly captures the essence of mature, evolved love. 

Distance doesn’t matter

This lowdown on the best relationship statuses will make your expressions of love for your significant other effortless. Use them generously to win your partner’s heart over and over again.

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