100 Love Status And Quotes For WhatsApp

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Updated On: October 8, 2022
Love Relationship Status and Quotes for WhatsApp
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What’s your love relationship status on WhatsApp? Admit it, we are all obsessed with sharing the goings on of our lives on social media. We tend to put up cute love statuses for WhatsApp to show how smitten we are. Anyone would just melt to see these adorable love quotes and your partner is no exception.

As the super emotional Lin-Manuel Miranda puts it, “Love is love.” There is no better feeling in the world than to know that you are in love with someone. People come and go but what remains is the beautiful feeling of having loved a person, even without reciprocation. But when you are in a perfectly happy place in a good relationship, it becomes difficult to hold those emotions in.

It’s a true relationship goal to find a person who you love to such an extent that it brings out your inner poet and makes you want to put your feelings in flowery, soul-stirring words. If that lucky-in-love person is you, we bring to you oodles of inspiration to curate that perfect love status for WhatsApp.

100 Love Relationship Status For WhatsApp

Poets and writers and painters have tried to commemorate the feeling of love for ages. Luckily, you don’t have to be an artist to conjure up your feelings in a sentence for your special someone. We have it all sorted for you. You can now find the most perfect love quotes for WhatsApp or other social media platforms, no matter what your mood or state of mind is. Here, you have a solid 100 love relationship statuses for WhatsApp at your disposal:

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Beautiful love status for WhatsApp

Relationship Status for WhatsApp
In a committed relationship, it’s essential to feel unconditionally accepted, flaws and all
  1. Love in its truest form is undefined

2. Our forever starts now. Let’s make it worthwhile

3. You don’t really need someone to complete you. You only need someone to accept you completely

4. True love is like wine. It becomes finer and stronger as it ages

5. I want to capture all the moments we share because these will become memories of a lifetime

6. Real relationships are built when you don’t give up on each other even in the eye of the storm

7. Love has the power to bring out the best in people. It only takes the right person to prove that

8. You will know you have found your one true love when being with them feels like coming home after a long day

9. Love doesn’t need to be perfect. It just needs to be true

10. Love is knowing someone is there for you no matter what; it’s a promise forever

Love status for WhatsApp for him from her

Cute Relationship Status
You know you’re smitten when they make you smile with just one look

11. Before I met you, I never knew what it’s like to look at someone and smile for no reason

12. I no longer need to wish on a star. With you by my side, I have found everything

13. Good relationships don’t need terms and conditions but trust, loyalty, and respect. Just like ours

14. Do you have some super power? Because I can’t seem to get you out of my mind

15. I don’t wait for a prince on a white horse anymore. My fairy tale begins and ends with you

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16. All I want is to wake up next to you for the rest of my life

17. I don’t think I have ever been so consumed with someone’s thoughts every waking moment. You know I love you, right?

18. I can’t wait for the next time you hold me in your arms and never let me go

19. There’s someone who loves you unconditionally. Just FYI!

20. Hey handsome, thanks for making my day happier and brighter!

Love status for WhatsApp for her from him

Love Relationship Status
The involuntary act of falling in love <3

21. Happiness is seeing your text in my inbox

22. I didn’t choose you, my heart did

23. Just so you know, you have my heart, my soul, and my mind. I am yours and only yours

24. Sending bundles of hugs and kisses for the prettiest girl I have ever met

25. I might call the cops on you. You stole my heart and never gave it back

26. I was about to give up on love before you came and changed my life forever

27. As long as I have you by my side, I am the happiest man on earth!

28. Sweetie, thank you for making my heart smile and my eyes shine

29. Knowing that I would come back home to you makes the toil of the day easier

30. Did I tell you that you are the only girl who makes my heart skip a bit every time I see you?

Motivational love status for WhatsApp

inspiration in love status for WhatsApp
Appreciating the qualities of a healthy relationship is a good exercise in a long-term relationship

31. True love isn’t about being inseparable; it’s about being connected even when you are apart

32. You make me want to become a better person, a better lover; for that, I am forever grateful

33. Our love will help us get through every pain and survive the darkest times together

34. A happy relationship grows with love and honesty. We are lucky to have that

35. Fights are not really a bad thing. But I want us to fight together for a better relationship, not with each other

36. You say that you are looking for a home. Honey, I am it. You can lean on my shoulder and find solace here

37. As long as we share the same skies and breathe the same air, we will love each other till the end

38. We can sit with each other in silence and speak without uttering a single word. That for me is love 🙂

39. They say, “It’s not about the happy ending; it’s about the story.” And I choose ours because it’s my all-time favorite

40. We can paint the town red and take the world by storm if you stand by my side

Clever love status for WhatsApp

Love quotes
Nothing makes someone happier than the promise of a lifetime of love

41. I might be indecisive but I have never been surer of anyone in my life than you

42. Let’s flip a coin. Heads, I hug you. Tails, you kiss me

43. I didn’t plan to fall in love with you. It’s just that you didn’t leave me much choice

44. The moon must be so jealous cause you are way more radiant

45. I dove into your eyes and now I am sinking deeper. I forgot I can’t swim

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46. I loved you yesterday. I love you more now. I will love you forever

47. I love someone madly, deeply, hopelessly

48. Who needs to watch romantic films when the real romance is going on here between us?

49. Hey there, WhatsApp is using me to tell the world that I am in love

50. Kiss. Snuggle. Love. Repeat.

Funny love status for WhatsApp

More on love and romance

51. I made my priority list today. You made it to the top. Congratulations!

52. Honey, you have my whole heart. Please handle it with care 🙂

53. I am sending you a ghost hug. You can’t feel it but it’s there

54. Boo, can I get an “I am never letting you go” kind of cuddle?

55. You are the Marshmallow to my Lilypad

56. If I kiss you, will you stop talking?

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57. You are the one I want to annoy for the rest of our lives. No backsies!

58. There’s only one thing I love more other than mac and cheese with cut-up hot dogs and it’s you!

59. I wouldn’t even use the next 2 wishes; I got you, I am all set

60. I was the hottest person in this room until you walked in. That’s not fair!

Romantic love status for WhatsApp

romantic status for WhatsApp
The timeless classics are finally making sense, aren’t they?

61. I smile because I know you will be there to care about me and support me till the end

62. You make me feel love in my bones

63. Getting drenched in the rain and a lingering kiss on your lips is all I want

64. Love doesn’t always have to make sense. It entitles you to be a little impulsive, irrational, and adventurous

65. Going to bed knowing someone has chosen you and keeps choosing you over everything else is bliss

66. I wish I could make you see how you fill my heart with the warmth of a bright summer day

67. There is no place I would rather be than by your side you

68. If we don’t talk or see each other every day, it doesn’t mean I don’t miss you like hell

69. You didn’t leave me with a choice other than falling for you the moment we met

70. My feelings for you seem to resemble great romantic novels

Love status for WhatsApp for couples

love quotes for WhatsApp
Show your partner how much you love waking up next to them

71. I woke up this morning and felt the sunshine brighter. And the reason is you

72. I know it’s going to be a great day because I started it with you

73. You are my inspiration in love, my muse, my soulmate

74. Now that I know how it feels like to be loved back, I could never let it go

75. They say, change is the only constant. But I think, it’s my love for you

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76. Aren’t we wonderful together? I wouldn’t trade it for the world

77. These days I wake up with a big smile on my face, all thanks to you, my love

78. You make me feel more complete than I could ever imagine

79. A day spent without you is a day wasted

80. Our happy ending is written in the stars

“I love you” status for WhatsApp

Love Relationship WhatsApp Status
It’s true, luck does play a role in finding and sustaining love

81. The best feeling in the world is having you by my side

82. I am lucky to be in love with you

83. I didn’t think it was possible to love someone more and more every day, but now I do

84. I love you because you make me laugh on the saddest days

85. In you, I have found my soulmate.

86. Falling in love with you has been my greatest blessing

87. Your love feels like rain drops on a hot summer day

88. I had no idea love could be so powerful before I fell head over heels for you

89. I love the way you don’t lie or hide anything from me, ever

90. I am in love with your smile, your wit, that pensive look on your face, your silly pranks – all of it

Short love status for WhatsApp

best relationship status to let bae know how you truly feel
It’s two people who are working together and committed to seeing the relationship succeed

91. It’s the start of forever for us. Here’s to us!

92. You and I make a wonderful we

93. Love will find a way to reach us every day

94. I don’t need a reason to love you

95. Love is hugs and kisses in the middle of a fight

96. Did I tell you, you are the one for me?

97. As long as we are together, making memories, I am happy!

98. My love for you will never fade in this lifetime or any other

99. No love quote can ever define my feelings for you

100. Since you walked into my life, you’re making it worthwhile

This lowdown on the best relationship statuses will make your expressions of love for your significant other effortless. Use them generously to win your partner’s heart over and over again.

The article was originally published in 2018  and has been updated in 2022

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