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The COVID-19 pandemic and ensuing lockdowns have caused a major shift in relationship dynamics. Either you and your sweetheart are in different cities or countries and forced to make do with a virtual relationship or you’ve been stuck in the same house with your entire family for far too long and are completely bored of one another.

Either way, your relationship could use an added dose of excitement. With limited avenues to get together and explore new things, you’ve got to make the best of the resources that are readily at your disposal. What could be a more accessible source of endless opportunities than your phone! Why not take your relationship excitement a notch higher with games you can play over text.

And, trust us when we say there are some fun texting games to play with each other. What, you thought texts were boring? Read on!

30 Texting Games To Play And Have Fun

We’ve rounded up 30 fun texting games to play with anyone of significance, be it a friend, a partner, a family member, or anyone else you’re close to. Some are flirty, so reserve those for that cutie you’ve been dying to talk to. Others are just good fun and a way to stay connected with your family and friends and spice up dry conversations.

These funny texting games will keep you occupied for hours. So, charge up your phone. The game mode is on! Here are 30 texting games to add a little spice to life:

1. Truth Or Dare

Who says Truth Or Dare can only be played in person? This is one hell of a texting game to play and have fun! You can play it virtually by giving a dare to your partner or friend and asking them to send you a picture/video of them completing a dare. Make it interesting by asking them to put up funny statuses, click a selfie with your pet, sing a song and upload the video, put on lipstick and send you a pout.

Whereas, the truth can be asked over text and voice notes as well. If you like, you can turn it into a flirty texting game as well. There’s no end of flirty dares, after all! You just need to put your imagination to good use and you can keep going back and forth, challenging one another to spill truths or complete dares for hours on end.

Texting games to play - Truth or Dare
Truth Or Dare can be both fun and flirty

2. Picture stories

This is one fun texting game to play. Our gallery is like a garden of memories. So many incidents and moments blooming and it’s nice to share a few with your partner. You may exchange long-forgotten pictures which are buried deep down in your gallery and share memories related to them.

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Who knows what long, deep conversations these picture-sharing games will bring up. You will be texting for hours and hours before you know it’s dinner time or past bedtime and now you need to take a break. This can truly turn out to be one of the most engrossing games to play on text. Go ahead, share, play and have fun!

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3. Rapid fire

Of the several games you can play over text, this one can truly keep you hooked, thanks to its potential to bring out some scandalous revelations and hilarious moments. Get your texting game on by starting a heated rapid-fire round with your friend or partner. The rules are that you send a word, and they respond with the first word that comes to their mind in response.

This is one fun texting game to play and have a ball of a time. You get 5 seconds to type and send the word. If you lose, well, you owe the winner something. You can make it interesting if you are playing with your girlfriend or boyfriend by engaging in a series of sexy words and seeing where the game leads you. Who knows, you may get a peek into your partner’s kinkier side.

4. The Spelling Bee

Speaking of texting games online, here is a classic you just cannot go wrong with – The Spelling Bee. At times it can be annoying to get all our spellings right and we all know spell-check doesn’t come to your rescue every time. In that case, there is another texting game to play where why not mess up the spelling even more and play with linguistics a bit? Find different ways to spell letters and words. For example, Spell ‘W’ as ‘Dublue’. You can play it with anyone – friends, partners, elders.

Game mode on - Spelling Bee
Get your spell-check on with The Spelling Bee

5. Atlas

This texting game was a favorite game with 90s kids. Simply name a country. Whichever letter that country ends with, is the starting letter of the next country. Test your knowledge to see who can name the most countries. One heck of a texting game to play, isn’t it?

Play it with your husband and make a list of second honeymoon spots out of it. Or you can even play it with your friends and make a list of places you want to visit.

6. Emoji game

This is a very creative texting game to play with your friends, wife, or literally anyone! We barely use any emojis apart from mainstream smileys in our everyday texting. But if we go on browsing the emojis we have, there are hundreds of them. Why not use different kinds of emojis to form a sentence then?

For example, 🌧🐈‍⬛🐕 It’s raining cats and dogs, 💰❌🌳 Money doesn’t grow on trees, 🔥⏰Fire alarm, 🦷🧚‍♀️ Tooth Fairy, etc. Add a little naughty twist to it, and this can turn into one of the most exciting texting games to play with your gf.

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7. Partnership quiz

If you want to know where your relationship stands with your girlfriend or boyfriend, this is THE texting game to play. Along with relationship insight, it has the added benefit of being a fun texting game, too. Ask your loved one 20 odd questions about yourself to find out how well they know you. And allow your partner to do the same to you. Relationship questions give you a fresh perspective on your partner. Who knows, you might even learn something new.

8. Kiss, marry, kill

This flirty texting game is always played on celebrity talk shows. The rules are simple. You give the person three names of a person whom they know and let them decide who they will kiss, marry and kill. You can even take names of people you know well. And get to know what kind of relationships they share with their friends or family members. And of course, you can get flirty here by giving your partner or crush difficult choices.

Fun texting games - Kiss, Marry, Kill
Kiss, Marry, Kill is a hilarious game for a dull day

9. Would you rather?

This fun texting game puts your partner in a dilemma by giving them two difficult choices and asking them to pick only one. It’s a fun texting game to play as you may get to know a person’s thinking process by playing this game. You can also turn it into a flirty texting game by asking questions about romantic interests, fetishes, fantasies and more, and simply enjoy an intimate conversation that could lead anywhere. You could even make it a little edgy by asking them to choose between their family and a lover. Who knows where it could lead!

10. Who is it?

This would be a fun texting game to play if played in groups. You ask a question describing the traits or characteristics of a person and the readers get to guess who you are talking about. Play with your friends and enjoy a chill time. With the right set of people, this can turn out to be one of the most fun games to play over text.

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11. Never Have I Ever

Normally played with alcohol, this game can be fun without it too. The rules of this funny texting game are simple. Everyone has a drink in their hand, using water in this instance is a great way to stay hydrated. One person then tells the group something that they have never done and whoever in that group has done it, takes a sip of their drink.

This is a fun texting game to play with your friends to get to know each other better. Want to turn it into one of those naughty games you can play over text with your SO? All you need is a lowdown on the right Never Have I Ever questions.

12. Let’s strip

This flirty texting game will light up your night! Select a category about which you and your partner will ask each other 20 random questions. The one who answers wrong needs to take off a piece of clothing, one at a time.

It’s fun because, by the end of the game, one of you is completely nude. Some might say there are no losers in this game. It’s a great idea to play this game with your husband or wife.

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13. The Riddler

The good news is that you do not have to be a Batman fan for this one. To play this texting game, all you need to do is find some interesting riddles to ask your partner and see if they can guess the correct answer. This is a really fun, brain-teaser of a game when you try making your own riddles. Try playing it with your girl.

Making riddles is easy, you simply choose an object and describe its characteristics without fully disclosing what it is. For example, it flies high in the sky and never rests, it can take any shape it deems the best: Answer: Clouds.

14. Fandom

One of the most engaging texting games online, you can play anywhere. We all follow one or another fandom of pop culture. Be it Harry Potter, F.R.I.E.N.D.S or Marvel characters. Ask your partner random questions from one of your favorite fandoms (movies, books, TV shows) which you both enjoy together.

Let’s see who is the biggest fan! This can prove to be a long and ongoing texting game to play with a girlfriend or boyfriend. Ask them different questions like: What is the name of Harry Potter’s owl? What does Joey never share? Whoever loses has to get the winner an ice cream!

15. The Name Game

Texting games to play - The Name Game
Kill boredom with the Name Game

There is a limit to how much boredom in a relationship you can take. If you’ve crossed that threshold and are now looking for games you can play over text to induce some much-needed excitement in your life, then this fun texting game will come to your rescue. You can play it with anyone, be it your friend, girlfriend, or boyfriend.

Simply exchange random things or place names with your partner. Whatever the last letter of the first word is, that should be the starting letter for your next word. Simple, and not requiring a lot of energy, this is a fun game to play on those dull, tiring days.

16. Story writing

This one is an interesting texting game to play with your husband! Ever tried making a story with random words? Well, now is the time to do it. Each one of you writes a random statement one after the other and tries to make a story out of it. Let your creativity flow! This is can turn out to be one of those rare 2 person texting games that helps you explore a hitherto unseen side to your partner and vice versa

17. Unpopular opinions

Everyone is opinionated but not all opinions are accepted in every social circle. Why not use that to get innovative with games to play over text. Now’s the time to let it all out. You can share your unpopular opinions with your partner one at a time. Get all your rage out there!

You should definitely give it a try if you are playing with a girl or a boy you would like to date. You can get to know more about them as a person and who knows, this fun texting game might bring you two closer.

18. Let’s sing

There is a hidden singing voice in everyone. Yes, even you. Now’s the time to let it out. Simply text lyrics to your wife and she has to send you a voice note back singing those lines. This texting game will be fun if you create your own lyrics or give them a tongue twister to sing. Maybe even create a little romance with some mushy love song lyrics.

19. Questions and questions

Ever answered a question with another question? Well, here’s your chance. This is a rather fun texting game to play with your partner or crush where you reply to a question with another question. This could lead to a series of cute back-and-forth questions.

For example:
She: “What are you doing?”
He: “What do you think I’m doing?”

Try making a stream of conversation with some interesting questions and this could turn out to be one of the most amusing games to play on text.

20. Rap God

Sing away boredom with the Rap God texting game
Make your own personal song with Rap God

Time to tap into your inner rapper and poet. Simply select a word or a statement and your partner has to rhyme with it. Then you have to continue the rhyme. This goes on until both of you have created an interesting rap, which you can make into your own personal song.

Fun tip: Try to keep your sentences short – 3-4 words maximum.

21. Fantasy Team

This one is a rather interesting texting game to play. Time to dwell in a fantasy world and imagine scenarios. Create a completely abstract scenario like a zombie apocalypse and then go on making a team of celebrities or fictional creatures who will assist you in your team. Whoever comes up with the strongest team wins!

22. The Abbreviation Game

This is a fun way to keep up with the latest acronyms in the texting world. We all know what OMG and LOL mean but what TL, DR (Too long; didn’t read) or NBD (no big deal) etc. You and your partner can ask each other about them and figure out how ‘with it’ you are. You can even make up your personal abbreviations. Playing such games you can play over text also gives you a chance to come up with your own love language or inside jokes.

23. Word Scramble

This is a fun texting game to play, especially for wordsmiths. You simply select a word with many letters. Then, break it down and form as many words as you can with the initial letters.

For example, your word is ‘Unquestionably’. Now you have a time limit of one minute and you have to make as many words from the given term as you can. The one who makes more words wins.

24. Guess the song

The bathroom isn’t the only place to hum. You may hum a song on a voice note and ask your partner or friend to guess it. No cheating! You aren’t allowed to use any words. You can make this more interesting by continuing to hum further or even better, reply to your partner’s hum with another hum!

Play it with your boyfriend or husband and keep your songs mellow and romantic. This is among the games to play over text where you have a lot of room to experiment and truly take things to the next level.

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25. What movie/series

This is a fun texting game to play with your gang. You all have movies you watch together. Every movie and series has a trademark. All you need to do is name it and the person will know which one you are talking about. For example, utter the words “My precious” and all fans of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ will know it. The same goes for, “We Were On a Break!” I’ll let you guess this one.

Of all the guessing games to play on text, this one can keep you hooked for hours together, provided you’re playing it with someone who shares your interest and passion in the same genres.

Guess the movie/series is a fun texting game
Play What Movie/Series with your gang

26. Category fan

This is a fun texting game to play in groups with friends. A player simply names a category and you name as many things as you can think of under that category. For instance, if the category is ‘fruits’, you can list mango, orange, pineapple, etc. Whoever can list most items in different categories, wins. You can even select categories such as cars, bikes, Chinese food, ice cream flavors, etc.

27. Take a trip

You can play this game with your husband or wife or friends. All you need to do is type, “I am going to _______ and I’m taking ______.” Both of you have to finish the sentence by filling in the blanks with words. Start with the letter ‘A’ and go through all the alphabets until you get to ‘Z’.

Here is a tip! Make this texting game fun by making your answers humorous. The end results will be hilarious if you have, “I’m going to a zoo and I’m taking my zebra.”

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28. Gun to your head

This is one of the funniest texting games to play. You ask your friends silly, crazy or funny situations about what they would do if a gun was pointed at their head. For example, ‘Gun to your head, which politician would you like to punch?’ There is only one rule: You have to answer the question! You can make it as scandalous and raunchy as you like, depending on your comfort level with the people you’re playing with.

29. What’s my location?

To play this texting game, all you need to do is think of different surroundings and different areas. Think of the rich ambiance of a place from your visits – a reception area, hotel lobby, cafeteria, daycare, etc.

Then you give hints to your friends (there are swings, bells at the ceiling, a chalkboard, etc) and your friend gas to guess which location you are talking about. Is it a garden, a temple, or a classroom? This isn’t the easiest texting game to play, but it is really rewarding when you guess it right.

30. Tell The Truth

Fun texting game to play - Tell The Truth
Ready for some truth? Play Tell The Truth

You can play this fun texting game with your partner and make it as flirty and delicious as you wish. Start this game by setting a punishment well beforehand for the players who decline to answer, like sending everyone 5 bucks on Google Pay or Venmo, or some silly dare they have to fulfill.

Now, ask a person among your group a personal question. The person has no choice but to answer or else they face punishment. A very straightforward game that never fails to make the group laugh. Personal questions are also a great window into a friend or partner’s psyche so, play on!

So, still think texting is boring? We hope we convinced you otherwise. If nothing else, this will improve your texting skills hugely, while also keeping you majorly entertained. We think that’s enough productivity during a lockdown.

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