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How I made myself a home again after my separation

Once you've made the decision to separate from your spouse, how do you tackle the practical aspects of dividing up your possessions and setting up a new home?
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We never intended for our marriage to end

After I got married, I entered my (then) new home as a bride after a much-delayed late night flight in April 2007. No one gets married thinking there’s an expiry date to it, and like all brides, I believed the old filmi adage “Yahaan meri doli aayi, aur is ghar se ab meri arthi hi uthegi”. I lived in that home for 10 years – set it up, maintained it, hosted family and friends, my sister-in-law’s mehendi and grandfather-in-law’s chautha, cooked umpteen meals in that kitchen and ate on that dining table, played music and held parties. That home was once a happy place.

However, over time it became one full of tension and silence. We slowly drifted apart, as we both wanted different things in life. We tried to compromise on our respective dreams for the other, but it only made us bitter, angry and more frustrated with each other. Small silly issues became huge fights, with silence reigning in the house thereafter for days. After we finally decided to separate, I decided to be the one to move out, but it took me a few months to find a place which fit my budget and my requirements.

Silence made the distance greater

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  1. Indeed! The last lines are WELL WRITTEN. The part which deals with the division of things among the two was seriously distressing but the ending covered it all. 🙂 🙂

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