8 Ways To Make An Angry Wife Happy

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Angry Wife

They say, “Behind every angry woman stands a man, who has absolutely no idea what he did wrong.” Wives get angry with you for various reasons and more than half the time the husbands don’t know why. Well, we can’t blame poor husbands every time as wives are moody at times, which makes them turn pretty short-tempered. And an angry wife can mean the whole house goes upside down!

If your wife is always angry and negative, you need to understand the different triggers that make her angry.Perhaps she has anger issues that has caused turbulence in your married life. Anger can also lead to a depressed and negative wife. It is important to revive your wife’s happiness and bring back the lost happiness in your house. And you should know by heart how to make an angry wife happy.
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Why Is Your Wife Always Angry And Negative?

Anger and unhappiness comes with unmet expectations. Your wife may be having certain expectations from you which you haven’t been able to fulfill. Sometimes negativity is also a sign of a depressed wife.

Ever wondered why your wife brings up previous fights in your present ones? It is because those issues haven’t been totally resolved.And you must have been thinking that your wife hates you. Many times unresolved issues crop up in your wife’s mind and makes her even more frustrated. This leads to anger and resentment in your wife. If your wife is always angry and negative, it means that there’s something on her mind that is troubling her and will continue to frustrate her until it’s resolved.

8 Ways To Make An Angry Wife Happy

If your wife is mad at you, everything in the marriage seems to fall apart. You feel that your house doesn’t have the happiness and light that it used to have. What to do when wife is upset? Why is my wife mad at me? How do I deal with an angry wife? These are some questions you ask yourself when your wife is mad at you. You want to calm her down and make her happy again but don’t know how to do so. Don’t worry, there’s nothing that can’t be fixed. Here are 8 ways on how to calm an angry wife.

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1. Apologize for your mistake

Wives are mad at their husbands for a longer period because their husbands don’t apologize for their mistake. It is important that when there is a fight, one person keeps his/her ego aside and tries to fix things. If you are the one who has committed the mistake, you should apologize sincerely to your wife at the first chance you get.

Sometimes things as a simple, “I’m sorry honey, please forgive me” is enough to fix things and make your wife feel happy again.

2. Try to calm her down

It is important to calm your wife down when she is mad at you. If you don’t attempt to calm your wife down when she is mad, it will vex her even more. Do not get to saying hurtful things or attempt to blame-shifting. Instead, try talking to her or holding her tightly when she lashes out at you.
Stories on wivesAt this time make it a point not to retaliate or say something that aggravates her even more. This is the time to show her that you still care for her even if she is shouting at you. She will eventually give into your efforts and calm down.

Try to calm her down

Try to calm her down Image Source

If your wife is angry with you, be the bigger person and keep your ego aside. Stay calm and try to calm her down. Once she is calm, talk to her and work on resolving the issue.

3. Listen to her side

When your wife is angry at you, she turns into a nagging wife. A nagging wife may keep complaining a lot but this may not be without reason. Listen to what complaints or issues she has with you. Perhaps you come home late everyday, or have been lying a lot. Perhaps there are some chores she wishes you take care of.

Make her pour her heart out and try to understand her perspective. Listening to her side of the story will also help you realize your mistake.

4. Don’t let your ego come in between

Many a times when married couples fight, the issue becomes even worse because both partners aren’t willing to let go of their ego. Both partners in their mind feel that they are right and in doing so hamper their relationship. And gradually, fights become bigger than the relationship.

5. Surprise her

An angry wife won’t be angry for long when she starts seeing that you are making efforts to win back her love. You know all the things that will make her heart melt and now is the chance to use those things to win your wife back. Give her surprises and thoughtful gifts like sending her flowers, cooking for her or sending her chocolates spelling ‘I’m sorry’. Her heart will melt in no time and her anger will disappear.

Surprise her to win her heart

Surprise her to win her heart Image Source

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6. Flirt with her

Did you think about flirting with your spouse? Strangely flirting actually helps in calming your angry wife. Flirting with a touch of humour and apology does wonders in making your angry wife calm down. Imagine a scenario where your wife says that she doesn’t want to talk to you. So you as a husband should not start ignoring her, instead, in response you can say, “But I can’t stay without my wife not talking to me. I may die. Oh no! I’m dying already, please come back to your crappy good for nothing husband.”

The cheesier it sounds, the more effective it is. Your wife will begin to smile and you’ll know that it’s working.

7. Show compassion

If your wife’s anger and frustration is coming out of nowhere, it might not be your fault. There must be something else on her mind that she is not ready to share. Do not get frustrated with her behaviour or pull away because you may be all that she has. If she avoids intimacy or shows signs of drifting away, do not lash at her for being a bad wife. At this point, show compassion to her and let her know that you are there for her no matter what. When your wife feels ready to talk, she will come forward and share her feelings with you.

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8. Show her that you’re improving yourself

If you’ve made a mistake, don’t just apologize to your wife for the sake of it. If your wife sees you committing the same mistake again, it could hurt her even more and she could start pulling away from you. Saying sorry is not enough unless you are making efforts to work on the problem. After promising her that you won’t commit the same mistake again, show her that you are working on improving yourself for her sake. When she sees your genuine efforts, she will feel happier.

Remember, anger mostly crops up from hurt and expectations. Your wife may be angry at you for valid reasons and this is an indication that you hurt her in some way. You being the husband, need to work towards calming her down and bringing her back to her normal self again. If after many attempts, you aren’t able to pin point the reason for her negative behaviour, seek a third opinion. Having a fresh perspective might help you resolve your wife’s anger issues.

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