No more a ‘backup’: Here’s how to make sure you come first

Simona Terron
Woman leaving man

So, you just got done reading our article What if you’re just the ‘backup’ plan? And it turns out you are indeed someone’s second choice. If you’re tired of being a ‘just in case’ relationship or having someone treat you like a ‘definite maybe’, read on to know what to do next. Because it’s time to take charge of this aspect of your life.

If you are tired of being a backup dancer in the ballroom of romance, here’s a 6-step guide for you to fix the situation:

1. Risk-assessment

As is often the case, love is a gamble. There’s no guarantee that we reap what we sow, and chances are, we can invest everything we have in one person, only to have them change their mind about how they feel about us. But that’s where the thrill lies and the challenge of getting it right is what makes it all so exciting.

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