12 Signs It’s Time To Stop Pursuing The Girl You Like And Back Off

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you should stop pursuing the girl and understand it is a no

Understanding women is a study still in progress and perhaps will forever be. Sometimes it is difficult to figure out what is going on in their minds and at times they just tell you straight up. You keep pursuing her in the hope that one day you will have a happy ending, but some things are just not meant to be. For you, she might be ‘the one’, but for her, you might never be anything more than a friend. You might want to choose to remain in denial but do you want to spend months, or even years going after someone who will never reciprocate your feelings? Not really! You should know when to stop pursuing a girl.

You might keep pursuing her thinking that by doing so she will acknowledge your gestures and fall for you. Sorry to break your dream, but chasing her when she is not interested will only give her a creep and stalker alert! You will just be doing things to piss her off and you will end up in her blocked contacts. You need to stop chasing her and leave her alone. Read this article to know that it’s time to back off and move on with your life. It’s time to stop trying with a girl.

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12 Signs You Should Stop Pursuing The Girl You Like

Pursuing someone doesn’t guarantee a relationship. While pursuing a girl, you look at things from your perspective and cling on to the hope that someday she will feel the same. But you need to accept the fact that it could never happen. You might feel that by continuing to chase her she may ultimately fall for you – but it doesn’t always work like this- unless we are in a movie. In your head, you might think that she is playing hard to get, but she might just not be interested. We bring you 12 signs to help you understand it better why you should stop pursuing a girl.

1. You’re not her type

You are Mr Handsome, Mr Rich and Mr Perfect all combined. Every girl crushes over you, except HER. It’s simple. You’re not her type.

Every girl has a type. No matter how perfect you might be, she will not show any interest in you, because you don’t fit into her idea of a perfect man. In such cases, whether you are crazy about her or not doesn’t matter, because she knows beforehand that it’s not going to work. So stop chasing her and move on.

you should stop pursuing the girl and understand it is a no

Stop chasing her Image source

2. Her texts are always formal

Whenever you text her, her answers will always be to the point. You won’t get a warm and friendly feeling from her messages. At times she may not even reply to your messages. It might be because she is formal by nature or because she doesn’t want to lead you on to something. It is her way of saying that she isn’t interested in you.

You might keep pursuing her thinking that by doing so she will acknowledge your gestures and fall for you. Sorry to break your dream, but such gestures will only give her a creep and stalker alert!

3. She is always busy

How many times has she told you that she is busy? You try to make plans to meet up or hang out but she always has an excuse ready. Even if you try to make plans according to her schedule, something comes up at the last moment. You check her social media profiles only to see how much fun she had at a friend’s party.
She may have forgotten to mention that she was busy only for you.

4. She wants an emotional relationship with you

An emotional relationship is a relationship between two people that only involves sharing of emotional baggage with one another. She ignores the fact that you like her and calls you only when she has an emotional imbalance. She becomes needy and clingy when her life is a mess and forgets that you even exist in her life after she has got her shit together. She is using you as her rebound to get over her bad phases.

Don’t be her rebound. Man up.

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5. Her phone is always busy

Some people’s jobs might require being on call all day, but what about her phone being busy even after work hours? If her phone is always busy, it is because she could be seeing someone else or might be interested in him. You could just be a backup for her if things turn sour with the guy she likes.

Or, she just wants you to pursue her answering machine.

you should stop pursuing the girl and understand it is a no

Always Busy Image source

6. She is still getting over a breakup

It takes longer for some people to get over a bad breakup. Such people are still battling their emotions and are not ready to jump into another relationship. In the midst of it, if you start pursuing her, she won’t be able to feel the same. It is best to leave her alone because instead of acknowledging your love she might feel frustrated or even guilty for not being able to move on.

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7. She is too nice to say no

Some people just don’t know how to handle a situation when a guy confesses his liking or love for them. She might initially say yes because she doesn’t want to lose you and that is where she makes the biggest mistake. She might be too nice to say no, but you should be smart enough to understand it. If she is still uncomfortable and distant after everything, then you should take the hint and talk to her yourself.

8. It’s not going anywhere

You have confessed your feelings for her, but she hasn’t given you any reaction. You ask her about it but she tends to find a way to avoid it. Your friendship is at a standstill. You don’t know whether your relationship with her is moving forward or backwards. She is neither saying yes nor no and that is what is killing you the most. But you should know when to stop pursuing the girl.

9. She creates an emotional barrier

She avoids any conversation where there is a chance of you both creating an emotional bond. Any topic that involves her personal life or conflicts is something she doesn’t want to discuss with you. Take it as a sign that she wants to keep you away from her personal space and life because she doesn’t want you to be a part of it.

10. You are always introduced as a friend

Whenever you both go out and meet people, you are introduced to them as a friend. Her close friends may not have ever heard about you. She considers you as a friend and may never become anything more than that. Be prepared to be friend-zoned for life. Initially, you might think it to be okay, but eventually, you will blame her for wasting your time.

Let me ask you. Did she ever say that you could be anything more?

you should stop pursuing the girl and understand it is a no

Sees you as a friend Image source


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11. You are picking up the wrong signals

You are so lost in your fantasy that everything she does seems like a green signal to you. Even an accidental brushing of hands will make you think that she is doing it on purpose. You think that every action of hers is a reaction to your feelings, but it is just you who is hyping everything. In such cases, it is better to confront her and ask her bluntly.

It is better to rip the Band-Aid off before things get too serious and you realise that you were wrong from the start.

12. She says ‘No’

Our life is not a Bollywood movie where a girl’s ‘no’ can be interpreted as a ‘yes’. When she says no, it doesn’t mean a yes or a maybe. It means no and you have to get that into your head. You know that you need to back off. If she has any feelings for you, she will tell you to stay, but if she doesn’t, it’s time for you to move on, buddy.

We know that it is hard to give up on a girl, especially when you have strong feelings for her. But if it is not going to work, then it is pointless going after her. You are only wasting your time when you could find someone who could be into you. She is not the one putting her life at a standstill for you; you are the one doing it. Move on, live your life and the right person will come your way when the time is right.


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